MentorKatrina Owen (kytrinyx)
Project Websitehttp://exercism.io
Project Repositoryhttp://github.com/exercism
Suitable for Beginners?no
Applications (1st Choice)4 (4 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)1 (1 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/exercism/exercism.io/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseGNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)

Project Description

Exercism provides a way for people to get from Hello World in a new programming language, to being comfortable with the basic syntax, datatypes, idioms, and standard library of the language.

The site currently supports over 40 programming languages, with more in the works. We've been working on a complete redesign of the site from the ground up (v2), which we hope to have launched before the summer.


If you're submitting pre-work or have questions that you can't ask in the issues that we've opened describing the suggested projects, you can contact us at: katrina.owen@gmail.com

Project's Requirements

It depends on the task you choose, but overall there are no hard requirements about technologies. JavaScript is the most likely language for the bot. Ruby and Go would be good choices for the tooling, since both of those languages are already in use on Exercism.

Tasks And Features

There are two potential tasks:

  1. a bot that helps all the language tracks keep their exercises in sync with the problem specifications https://github.com/exercism/meta/issues/97
  2. stand-alone tooling to help distill historical data about a single Exercism exercise into a feedback guide https://github.com/exercism/meta/issues/98


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Katrina Owen, Monday, February 26, 21:05 UTC

Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to Exercism.

The prework for the RGSoC application is described in the issues
linked to from the application. If anything is unclear about the projects or the requirements, then
please ask questions in the issues.

When you have completed the pre-work, then please email me with the details so I can review it.

If you wish to start contributing outside of RGSoC then please check out the documentation site, which has general contributing information.
https://github.com/exercism/docs/blob/master/contributing-to-language-tracks/README.md. There is also a chat room in https://gitter.im/exercism/dev where other open source contributors hang out, and where you can ask questions, should you get stuck (though I recommend actually trying and getting stuck first, rather than asking for help without having anything specific in mind). Please note that I am not available by email or chat for general contributing questions—all such communication should happen in the issues and PRs on the project's repositories on GitHub.

Siwani Agrawal, Wednesday, February 21, 07:33 UTC

Hey Katrina!
I am Siwani Agrawal from India. I and my teammate Alisha are opensource enthusiasts and are really eager to be part of RGSoC 2018. This is one project that helps people to learn new languages highly motivates me to be a part of it. Me and my teammate are currently in sophomore year of our undergraduate. I am well versed in HTML, Javascript, CSS, Version Control tools and confident enough to be able to prove myself in this project. I am starting with the above-mentioned tasks right away and will be making a PR regarding the same. What would be your preferred way to maintain a line of communication?
Thank you

Ruchi Sheth, Sunday, February 18, 21:45 UTC

Hello Katrina!
My partner, Margaret, and I, Ruchi, would love to contribute to Exercism. We both have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript through some basic websites that we have worked on. We both have proficiency in Python as well. I have also worked on Go a little. We are excited to learn any new technologies, or languages that will needed to make a significant contribution to your project. We're awaiting your positive response.
Thank you!!