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MentorAditya Chatterjee (AdiChat)
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Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsPython Django HTML CSS JavaScript Git API Social computing
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Project Description

Cosmos Search is a crowdsourced code search engine to search for implementations of various algorithms. The objective is to minimize the time we spend searching and increase the time we spend learning, revolutionize the way we interact with code and flourish discussions as the primary source of learning. This is a sister project of Cosmos. Contributions to Cosmos Search is independent of Cosmos on a basic level.

Cosmos Search is a part of OpenGenus Foundation which is an open-source non-profit organization focussed on enabling people to work offline for a longer stretch, revolutionize the way people interact with code and decentralize the open-source environment. Over 800 people have contributed to our missions and we aim to keep our work as accessible and contributor friendly as possible. We are sponsored by Discourse and GitHub.

Additional mentors for this project include:

  • Vaibhav Shelke (vshelke)
  • David Wu (pl4gue)

Get in touch with us at and join our Slack workspace.

Project's Requirements

Being proficient in any language and framework is sufficient to become a core contributor at OpenGenus Foundation. Having experience in Django is helpful but is not a necessity. This can be gained in the process.

The contribution process is simple yet powerful. Therefore, students coming from a wide range of experience, culture, education and passion are warmly welcomed.

Few skills which are good to have but are not necessary:

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience or willingness to learn/ use Django
  • Interest in implementing unit, integration, and acceptance tests
  • Interest in API design and social computing

At the end, I would like to mention that a passion to contribute to this new generation search engine is good enough to become a core contributor.

Tasks And Features

Tasks for students include:

  • An interesting feature we have been working on is to enable people to search for code based on a description of an algorithm in her/ his native language. Our idea is to represent implementations as a flow chart which will be represented internally as an id. The user's query will be in turn, be used to construct a flow chart which will be matched based on our data store. So, the minimal task is to construct a library to convert a code to the corresponding flowchart. Further development in this path will follow.

  • Recently, several applications have been built over Cosmos, our data store. This has resulted in inflexibility in making major changes in Cosmos. Our proposal to this issue is to build an API around Cosmos which will serve as a Problems API. Third-party applications will make API calls to fetch a particular implementation and other endless possibilities. This will result in effective learning apps for programmers of all level.

  • We believe searching for information can be replaced by fruitful discussions to arrive at conclusions and achieve core result. Keeping that in mind, we focus to shift the focus of search to discussions. We aim to build a framework to arrive at conclusions based on discussions on our Discourse forum and present it as a search result.

  • Other interesting features are user authentication and a custom profile based system to provide personalized learning suggestions and many other features.

Students can suggest new ideas and paths and can work on those as well.


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Riya Bhatia, Wednesday, February 28, 12:47 UTC

Please provide your slack work-space link.

Aditya Chatterjee, Tuesday, February 27, 19:09 UTC

Hopefully, we have answered all queries through email and our Slack workspace. Enjoy contributing to OpenGenus. Best of luck everyone.

Riya Bhatia, Tuesday, February 27, 10:21 UTC

Hello Sir
My partner Deeksha and I, Riya, are interested in working on this project. We are skilled in front-end and backend technologies as well as algorithms. My partner is working in machine learning and we are exploring search engine optimization also. Please let us know how we can contribute to your communitee, we are enthusiastic about this project. Looking forward to a positive response :)

Aneri Mehta, Saturday, February 24, 04:54 UTC

You can always generate .env file manually by running:
"cp .env.example .env"
This worked for me

dorothykiz1, Friday, February 23, 13:02 UTC

In the READ Me file of this project there's apart of copying the .env.example file to the .env file, where can i possibly find that .env file? am trying to run this search engine locally.

Aneri Mehta, Friday, February 23, 10:46 UTC

Hi Aditya,
This is an amazing search engine. I am Aneri and my teammate Stuti would like to contribute to this project. We have knowledge about HTML, CSS, Python and Django.
We are also interested in learning any new technology required for this project.
We look forward to a positive response.

Margaret Sit, Sunday, February 18, 21:38 UTC

Hello Aditya,
My partner Ruchi and I, Margaret, are very interested in contributing to this project. We both have proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML through basic websites we have made. Ruchi has worked with Django and Python. I have prior knowledge in Python as well. We are eager to learn any new skills needed for this project. We are looking forward to working with you.


Sanchita Gujral, Wednesday, February 14, 04:04 UTC

Hi. I'm Sanchita Gujral- an Information Technology junior at Indraprastha University, Delhi(India). My teammate(Preeti Gujral, currently working in NIIT Technologies Ltd) are applying for Rails Girls Summer of code and we're very much interested to work on Cosmos Search. We have a good experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, django and git. We will play with the project and make ourselves familiar with it.
We look forward to a positive response!

Anjali Jaiswal, Friday, February 9, 18:34 UTC

Hello Aditya , me (Anjali) and my teammate (Ankan) are interested in contributing to this project .We have hands on experience in Python ,Django,HTML,CSS and JS and also knowledge of Vue and React.
We would love to work and know more about this project.Your reply is awaited.
Thanks You.

anushri10, Thursday, February 8, 12:44 UTC

Hi Aditya!
My teammate(Aditi) and me(Anushri) are extremely interested to help collaborate with brilliant minds on such an interesting and forward looking technology.
Creating such a platform that can understand algorithms based on a general outline by generating and referring to a flowchart would mean creating a highly sophisticated application that has a high degree of general intelligence, a chapter that all ai enthusiasts, including ourselves are excited to be at the fore front of.
We have taken up a number of projects individually and are fluent in Python, C, C++. We have also designed a few basic webpages using HTML,CSS and javascript. We have mainly used Python's Flask api for such tasks.
Apart from this, under the Newton Baba Fund- a joint venture between the government of UK and India i stood first in creating an android application that can recognise people and automatically mark their attendance, this was done using a custom cnn, opencv and Django was used in the backend.

As you may notice we are keen and extremely excited to be a part of this journey and would love to be given the opportunity to further harness and improve our skills while solving real world problems.
We look forward to a positive response!

Ananya Singh, Monday, February 5, 18:09 UTC

Hello, I am Ananya. Utsha and I are very much interested to work on this project. We have proficiency in HTML, CSS, JS and Django. We are eager to learn new skills and implement them in the real world applications.
We would like to know more about your project and how can we contribute towards it. Awaiting your reply.
Thank You.

Anchal, Sunday, February 4, 13:35 UTC

I want to work on this project, I have prior knowledge of JavaScript,HTML,CSS and I am willing to learn Python and Django.

Akansha Kumari, Thursday, February 1, 18:53 UTC

This project seems interesting to me and has aroused curiosity in me. I have prior knowledge of HTML,CSS,JS and python and now learning Django. So i would like to work on this project.

Aditya Chatterjee, Wednesday, January 24, 00:55 UTC

Hi Kanika and Jeewanjot, thank you for expressing your interest in Cosmos Search. We have answered your queries on email. Feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns.

jeewanjotkaur, Tuesday, January 23, 16:06 UTC

I want to work on this project as it seems so interesting. I have knowledge of Python, JavaScript and have experience of working with HTML, CSS.

Kanika Chhabra, Tuesday, January 23, 14:50 UTC

I would like to work on this project . I have knowledge of the required fields Python , Django , HTML , CSS , JavaScript , Git , API.

Aditya Chatterjee, Sunday, January 21, 17:53 UTC

Hi Arti, thank you for expressing your interest in Cosmos Search. We invite you to join our community where you can meet other community members as well. We will guide you from there.

Arti Laddha, Friday, January 19, 18:30 UTC

I am interested in working on this project. I have a past experience of working with technologies Python ,Django ,HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, API.