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Project Description

Bahmni is supporting the delivery of healthcare in a lot of communities around the world. It is for example being used in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Uganda (see list of implementations ) and more implementations are in progress. Bahmni allows healthcare providers like nurses and doctors to register patients, manage visits to a hospital or clinic, record vital signs (like temperature readings, blood pressure, ...), order and view laboratory tests (like blood samples), enroll patients into treatment programs and much more (read the great post Visual Journey of Bahmni to see how Bahmni is used in a rural hospital for more details).

Your job will be to develop a user interface that enables registration clerks to register persons in Bahmni, add relationships and convert persons to patients (for more details refer to section Tasks and Features). Currently, Bahmni does not have a module for “Person Management” and everyone must be registered as a “patient”. This functionality is desperately needed since it would greatly improve the existing workflow of registration clerks, improve information available on families and open up opportunities for improving care like entering an attendant like a mother accompanying a child for an operation where accommodation needs to be organised.

About your mentor: I have been a contributor to OpenMRS (the medical record system which is one of the open source components Bahmni is built on) since the beginning of 2015, have been a mentor during one Google Summer of Code and worked with students (school/university) on OpenMRS. I am fortunate to work in a very supportive environment at Thoughtworks and would like to share what I have learned from others with you and also support the great mission Bahmni is on.

If you are not yet convinced that this is a project worth working on :) check out some of these articles:

If you want to see what Bahmni is capable of try out the online demo:

For more information have a look at:

Please write us if you want to join us in supporting better healthcare for the underserved. The Bahmni community would be happy to have you.

Anyone interested in working on the project, there is no need to post comments below. Please directly reach out to the community as described below, this way you will get a quicker response

Please join the community at (the Bahmni community also uses the OpenMRS forum to chat) and have a look/post questions in the thread where you will see infos on issues you could already get started with

Project's Requirements

You should be comfortable using or learn how to use the version control system git. This is how we collaborate within Bahmni.

You need to have some Javascript knowledge as this project is primarily focussed on front-end development using the Javascript library react. You do not necessarily need to have used react before.

How do I know if my Javascript knowledge is enough to work on this project?

You should be confident in the basic concepts of Javascript. You should easily be able to complete these courses

You should also be familiar with basic map, filter, reduce operations and more advanced concepts of Javascript. You should be able to complete the ‘Basic’ exercises of this course

You will be working with APIs to for example to create a person, so it is good to be comfortable working with asynchronous code and Promise

Knowledge of Java is a plus as this is the language in which the backend is written. This would allow you to extend the backend API to support conversion of a person to a patient.

You do not need to have knowledge of the healthcare domain. APIs to create a person and a patient already exist. There are also react-based form controls which are used in to create patient related forms and will need to be repurposed to create the person entry forms.

I want to work on the project, what now?
You can start by introducing yourself to the community and ask for guidance on what issue you could work on to familiarize yourself with Bahmni

And read through these guides to set up your development environment

Free learning resources:
These are free online resources we find helpful and we encourage you to have a look at them, especially in areas you think you can improve before taking on the project

Tasks And Features

Create an independent Bahmni module that allows users

  • to search for a person (not patient)
  • to register one or more persons and their relationship to each other
  • to capture and view information/observations about the person
  • to convert a person to a patient and select a patient identifier
  • (optional) to create a household survey. Users should be able to enter a household with its family members socioeconomic data (for example gross income, place/type of work, contribution to household income (per person), difficulty in finding work and reason, assets in the household (TV, radio, mobile phones etc)) and later select one person in the family for treatment, converting that person into a patient.


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Sanduni Chamika, Tuesday, February 27, 17:26 UTC

I'm Sanduni from team //TODO: ACHIEVE!. We(me and my teammate Vishmi) went through the RGSoC 2018 projects for the past weeks and we selected "Bhamni" as the most suitable project for us to be a part of the RGSoC 2018 with the technological knowledge and experience we have.We both have experiences on working with Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Specially We have worked with some front-end and back-end frameworks like Angular and Spring Boot. My teammate worked with some APIs also. (Examples - Google Map API (JavaScript) and Gmail API). Both of us are new to React, so we think it’s a golden opportunity to learn React and do a project using it. So we already started learning React. We are really love to work on openMRS projects. We have practical knowledge and experiences working with Healthcare sector, me as a Red Cross member and my teamamte as a Girl Guide. We have worked for so many Healthcare Volunteer Projects. Then we discuss about the project with our coaches and decided that "Bahmni" is the best project for us. Though we are beginners we are a strong team as me and my teammate are hard working and fast learning undergraduates and good team players and also we are under the guidance of 4 well experienced and young coaches a well experienced web master with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education history, a GSoC 2017 contributor who is now in his inetrnship at WSO2, and the 2 students who represented Sri Lanka at RGSoC 2017.

We are eagerly looking forward to working on the project "Bahmni"

Thanks and kind regards!
Sanduni Chamika

Arunika Yadav, Monday, February 26, 19:55 UTC

Can anybody please help me get started.I am Arunika and with my team mate Harshika,I want to get started to contribute to the community.We somewhat know all the languages required to take the project to the next level but finding it difficult somewhat to connect to the OPENMRS community.

Ivo Ulrich, Wednesday, February 14, 08:09 UTC


interested in applying?

Ivo Ulrich, Sunday, February 11, 12:04 UTC

Hi and welcome Saloni and Paarmita, happy you are interested! Please follow my suggestion below

Anyone interested in working on the project, there is no need to comment here. Please directly reach out to the community as described below, this way you will get a quicker response
Please join the community at (the Bahmni community also uses the OpenMRS forum to chat) and have a look/post questions in the thread where you will see infos on issues you could already get started with

Paarmita Bhargava, Saturday, February 10, 13:20 UTC

Saloni and I love to work on the project. We have experience with Ruby on Rails and are familiar with the codebase and application development.We also have appreciable knowledge in HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap(front end)and git.We are learning React and willing to learn more new things.
Please guide us on how we can contribute to the same. :)

Ivo Ulrich, Friday, February 9, 16:37 UTC

Hi Tanisha and Krupa, thanks for reaching out and happy you are also interested in the project!

Please join the community at (the Bahmni community also uses the OpenMRS forum to chat) there is a thread where you will see infos on issues you could already get started with

Tanisha Mittal, Thursday, February 8, 15:08 UTC

Hello, I am Tanisha. My team mate Krupa and me are interested in working on this project as this project truly resonates our goal of ultimately developing a platform to help people in our society. I have already worked on a number of projects to hep chronic pain patients using VR and have developed a project to help physically disabled people train to use prosthetics.
We are already learning React and wish to definitely assist on this project. We are quite experienced in using HTML,CSS and JavaScript and have built websites as a part of our college curriculum.

So we would definitely like to be a part of this wonderful project and would like to know if we can already contribute in some way or the other. Thank you.

Ivo Ulrich, Tuesday, February 6, 17:44 UTC

Hi yati1998, the Bahmni module you would develop does not yet have a git repository. It would be great if you or others interested in the project would introduce yourselves to the community at (the Bahmni community also uses the OpenMRS forum to chat). We can than discuss with the community if there are issues you could already get started with.

yati1998, Monday, February 5, 11:04 UTC

I and my team mate pallavi das is interested to contribute to this project. there are 75 repositories ,can anyone help out exactly which repository we need too contribute to??

yati1998, Monday, February 5, 09:11 UTC

I want to work on this project..can i??