if me - mental health communication app

MentorJulia Nguyen (julianguyen)
Project Websitehttp://if-me.org
Project Repositoryhttps://teams.railsgirlssummerofcode.org/
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsRuby Rails Ruby on Rails Rails 5 React Flow Postgres HTML SCSS CSS jQuery TDD Git
Applications (1st Choice)7 (6 submitted | 1 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)4 (4 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/ifmeorg/ifme/blob/master/code_of_conduct.md
LicenseGNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0)

Project Description

if me is a mental health communication app that allows people to share their mental health experiences in a safe and private space with loved ones. We are a free, not-for-profit open source software project which utilizes Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, jQuery, HTML, and SCSS.

Julia Nguyen started the project in 2014 as an undergraduate student studying computer science at the University of Waterloo. During this time, Julia started writing and giving talks about her struggles with OCD, depression, and anxiety.

The idea for if me came from her experiences being a Vietnamese-Canadian struggling with mental illness and having conversations about it with her family. The main focus of our project is to increase conversations in communities lacking mental health education, including minority, immigrant, and English as a Second Language (ESL) communities. Our site is translated into multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese. We plan to continue to expand our translations.
Through a commitment to constantly improve contributor outreach and documentation, we have become a welcoming, inclusive, and beginner-friendly open source project. Diversity and inclusion in open source also include welcoming non-technical contributors. We have contributors who help with user testing, social media, and our blog.

As an organizer of Write/Speak/Code SF, Julia founded a series of recurring events called Open Source Hours for women and non-binary folks to contribute to beginner-friendly open source software projects committed to diversity and inclusion. We’ve featured the AMP Project, Hoodie, Brave, CodeBuddies, and of course, if me.

if me wouldn’t be if me without the incredible communities that help us reach more contributors, including Model View Culture, WoCinTechChat, CodeMontage, CodeNewbie, Hacker Hours, OS4W, Contributor Covenant, OpenHatch, Write/Speak/Code, MH Prompt, OSMI, Everybody Has A Brain, Brown Sisters Speak, and Tessera Collective.

In 2017, we were part of Rails Girls Summer of Code and mentored a team of two amazing mothers from Melbourne, Australia. It was such an amazing experience! Sophie McDonald and Jenny Nam got exposure to Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, unit and acceptance testing, pair programming, and test-driven development. It was an incredible experience to watch their progress and growth. Their coaches and supervisors Adam Rice, Tim Moore, Simon Hildebrandt, Adel Smee, and Vi Nguyen were incredible mentors. Sophie and Jenny added much needed test coverage for internationalization and our front-end JS, refactored many of our core Ruby code, and worked on a new feature called Secret Moments, which allow users to generate and share private links to their Moments posts to anyone. Overall, RGSoC was such a fantastic experience and we are so proud of Sophie and Jenny. We’re excited at the prospect of participating in more RGSoC events!

You can read more about their experiences:
* https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/blog/2017-07-17-ifpairelseunknown
* https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/blog/2017-09-8-ifpairelseunknown-final-month
* https://twitter.com/ifpairelse
* https://ifpairelseunknown.github.io/

Project's Requirements

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is preferred
  • Exposure to the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern
  • Willingness to learn Ruby on Rails and React
  • Interest in test-driven development and writing unit, integration, and acceptance tests
  • Interest in full-stack web development
  • Interest in accessibility best practices
  • Learning how to conduct pull request reviews
  • Passion for mental health and mission-driven software

Tasks And Features

Our technology stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, jQuery, HTML, and SCSS. These are our README and CONTRIBUTING documents. We use Github’s internal issues and project tools for project management. Slack is our primary communication tool for all contributors.

Last year, our primary focus was internationalization. We were successfully able to translate our app to several languages and develop a solid process for future languages to be supported and integrated into the app. This year our focus is moving our front-end codebase to React and upgrading the look and feel of our app.

Nishiki Liu is our lead designer and has already done significant work for our redesign (thanks!). We have already created issues to develop new React components. Our new UI components must be accessible and modular. Out of these components, we will be building a new UI library with clear and thorough best practices.

We want to also write tests for these new components and port over existing UI components over to React. This is a great opportunity for folks to develop solid testing, refactoring, and test-driven development skills.

We are always looking to improve our test coverage, especially in the client-side. In addition to that, we are always looking to improve the quality of our Ruby code.

Another major project we want to tackle in 2018 is building out tools for users to block and report users who violate our Code of Conduct. Trust and safety are very important to us given that we are safe space for mental health discussions. This is an exciting opportunity to build out a full-stack feature from the ground up and also conduct usability testing.


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Soniya Vyas, Thursday, March 1, 07:03 UTC

Hi Julia,
I and my partner Shital mule would like to contribute to this project. We both have exposure to the community and know how the opensource culture is. Besides , We are ready to work on the challenges and would like to give the try. Looking forward towards it.
Thanks & Regards
Soniya & Shital

Jinali Wijetunge, Wednesday, February 28, 14:40 UTC

Me and my partner Sandali would like to work on this project. We are open to any challenge and eager to learn new technologies which will enhance the productivity and working of the app. We have done jQuery, HTML, CSS, and SCSS. We would definitely like to be a part of this project and give our helping hands to the the ones in need in someway we can.
Thank you.

Reshu Singh, Monday, February 26, 17:33 UTC

Hi Julia,this project relates to me at UG level facing and tackling OCDs and plus my team "ARStar" is versed with the tech stacks needed to work on this great project initaitive. We would really love to contribute to it. Do guide us. Looking forward to it!

Varshika Choudhary, Friday, February 23, 08:05 UTC

Hi Julia,
Acknowledging the necessity of increasing conversations in communities lacking mental health education, Me, Varshika and my teammate Pranika would like to contribute in the development of this app. We are well versed with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, HTML/SCSS, git/github and MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. We are beginners to Ruby on Rails and want to gain profound knowledge and hands-on experience of it. We are eager to learn new technologies and frameworks which will enhance the productivity and working of the app.
Waiting for your response!

aditiav, Monday, February 19, 13:35 UTC

Hi Julia,
I am Aditi V and my team mate Maria Laura would like to show our interest in taking this project. We have done HTML & CSS courses. Currently I am working as a web editor while we recently took the Ruby on Rails workshop. We are keen to increase our knowledge in this area further. Your project will give us a chance to broaden our understanding in Ruby on Rails .
Aditi V & Maria L

Anne Eckersberg, Thursday, February 15, 10:39 UTC

Hi Julia,
Me, Anne and my teammate Neer really like the overall concept of your project, and the idea to make a platform that supports more dialogue and conversation in relation to mental health issues. We have HTML5, CSS and javascript experience. We're in a beginner phase of learning Ruby on Rails, and we're eager to learn more!
We're very interested in working on your project, and we hope to hear from you. Best, Anne & Neer

MittalS211, Monday, February 12, 02:36 UTC

Anshima and I feel deeply about mental health issues, as they are the most neglected illnesses in the society that we live in. Using our technical skills in helping out with this issue is the perfect scenario. We are well-versed in HTML,CSS , Java and Python. We are also familiar with PHP and are currently learning Ruby. We are really interested in furthering our skills through your project and in the process work for an issue we feel so strongly about.
Hoping to hear from you!
Srishty Mittal

Tanisha Mittal, Thursday, February 8, 15:05 UTC

Hello, I am Tanisha. My team mate Krupa and me are interested in working on this project as this project truly resonates our goal of ultimately developing a platform to help people in our society. I have already worked on a number of projects to hep chronic pain patients using VR and have developed a project to help physically disabled people train to use prosthetics.
We are already learning React and wish to definitely assist on this project. We are quite experienced in using HTML,CSS and JavaScript and have built websites as a part of our college curriculum.

So we would definitely like to be a part of this wonderful project and would like to know if we can already contribute in some way or the other. Thank you.

Ananya Singh, Monday, February 5, 17:56 UTC

Hello , I am Ananya! Utsha and I would like to work on this project because I can strongly associate with it. We have worked in the past with Startups and NGO's aimed at helping people struggling with mental-health issues. We identified many problems in the community that could be solved using initiatives such as yours and therefore we would like to contribute towards it . We are proficient in HTML, CSS , Ruby and JavaScript and currently learning MVC framework. We are interested in learning new skills and this project gives us that opportunity.
Being a part of the young crowd we understand that mental health is an essential part of our life but it is still not regarded as an issue in some countries. We appreciate your efforts towards this issue.
Thank You.

Atibhi Agrawal, Saturday, February 3, 12:33 UTC

Hi Julia, Prateksha and I would love to work on this. Both of us are strong mental health crusaders .
I know HTML,CSS,JS,Ruby on Rails and am presently learning react. I am also working on issue #782 right now.
Prateksha knows Ruby on Rails and is going through the react documentation !
We would be really happy if we can contribute something to the mental health community through this project.It would make us happy to officially work on this project during the summer !
Thanks !

KS DIVYA, Thursday, February 1, 03:45 UTC

Hi, I would Like to Work on this Project. I have Previous experience with HTML and CSS, Javascript and a strong willingness to learn Ruby on Rails ans well as React. In addition, I wanted to work on this, as this Project is Driven towards Mental Health, which I find extremely Important as I myself have been struggling a lot with it and its attached Stigma. Hence I believe my Interest both towards OpenSource and Helping/Contributing towards Mental Health will be Fulfilled.
Thank You.