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Project Description

Cosmos by OpenGenus Foundation is an offline crowd-sourced collection of every algorithm and data structure one will ever encounter in daily usage. This provides solutions in over 30 languages spanning C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Go and others and has received contributions from over 700 contributors. There are various scopes of categories ranging from search algorithms to artificial intelligence algorithms. There are, currently, 5 active maintainers involved in the review process and is in active depelopment process.

This is a very important project as we use this as a datastore for creating revolutionary applications like a code search engine, code compiler API service, VS code plugin, an offline search engine and others. The success of Cosmos directly impacts the success of its sister projects.

Additionally, mentors for this projects include:
1. Ernest Chang (iattempt)
2. Abdous Kamel (abdouskamel)
3. Arnav Borborah (arnavb)

To get involved in our community, start contributing to the project and join our Slack workspace.

Project's Requirements

Being proficient in any language is sufficient to become a core contributor at OpenGenus Foundation. Having experience in various algorithms and data structures is helpful but is not a necessity. This can be gained in the process.

The contribution process is simple yet powerful. Therefore, students coming from a wide range of experience, culture, education and passion are warmly welcomed.

Few skills which are good to have but are not necessary:

  • Implementation experience in a coding language such as C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python or others
  • Experience in fields like algorithms, data structure, artificial intelligence, cellular automaton and others.
  • Experience in implementing test suites
  • Experience in writing detailed notes for algorithms

The skills are general and usually, most students attending university have such experience. If you do not have such a background, do not worry. We will help you through the entire process and you will have lots of fun along with essential learning which will help you even after RSoC.

Tasks And Features

Tasks for students include:

  1. Implement test files for available codes in Cosmos. We are in the process of constructing a concrete test framework for Cosmos with associated inputs and outputs.

  2. Implement new algorithms in important domains such as Cellular Automaton, Computational Biology and others depending on the interest of the student. As such, some of our contributors are assigned categories such as numerical analysis to improve and lead them. This is a major task upon which you may work on which involves self-learning and applying.

  3. Create documentation API for Cosmos. This includes creating notes for algorithms of the various categories. This is very important as our end goal is to reduce the search time of the user and provide an offline interface. Students must create the notes in a specific format to be used by our external applications.

The contribution process will be divided into the different categories at a time and will proceed in an incremental way to manage the diversity better. Students will be working with developers working on sister projects as Cosmos serves as a datastore.

It is recommended that students should select a particular path such as cellular automation, computational biology or others in which they will work on during the timeline.

Students can suggest new ideas and paths and can work on those as well.


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BasmaMauad, Tuesday, February 27, 22:11 UTC

dear sir ,
me and my partner are keen on this project , we have knowledge in python ,C/C++,CSS,java script ,Html,angular and having a good knowledge in algorithms and data structure . we are keen in learning anything new .We love the project's idea and it will enrich our knowledge .Looking forward to your message.

Aditya Chatterjee, Tuesday, February 27, 19:05 UTC

Hopefully, we have answered all queries through email and our Slack workspace. Enjoy contributing to OpenGenus. Best of luck everyone.

ankita2001, Thursday, February 22, 06:22 UTC

How to join the project?

Vandana, Sunday, February 18, 08:00 UTC

Hello Sir! My partner and I are interested in this project. We believe we have the required skills (proficient in C/C++ and competent in Java and Python. We are also familiar with Machine Learning algorithms). The project idea seems really interesting and has real world utility and we would love to contribute. We look forward to your reply!
Thank you

nonotreally, Tuesday, February 13, 13:15 UTC

I am keen to join this project to implement my gained knowledge in Python,Java, C++, C ,Html-css, and machine learning and help the project to go up with creative ideas .This will help me to enrich my knowledge in above fields and improve my skills in algorithm and data structures. Keen to implement my skills in development of this exciting and flourishing project.

Best regards

Sakshi Shukla, Saturday, February 10, 18:10 UTC

Dear Sir,
Namrata and I are looking really forward to take up this project. We both are quite inclined towards machine learning and we have some great ideas to implement on. We have acquired a good knowledge of machine learning, python and data structures. We loved the idea of the project and to take this up on the priority basis. We look forward to your reply!

Aditi Pawaskar, Thursday, February 8, 08:08 UTC

Dear Sir,

My teammate Anushri and I would like to collaborate on this project. We are Computer Science Engineering students fluent in Python, Java, C and C++ particularly keen on topics of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We also have some cool ideas that we would be glad to implement,if given the opportunity. We found this project very interesting and would like to work on it under your guidance.We would also like to discuss about the project deliverables and tasks.

Looking forward to your positive reply.

Anu Bansal, Tuesday, February 6, 15:06 UTC

Hi Aditya,

I and my teammate Gursimran want to work on this project as it seems so interesting.We have knowledge of Python, Java and C++ languages.We are beginners in Ruby, AI and Deep Learning.We two are really keen to learn and be a part of this exciting project.

GursimranHeer, Tuesday, February 6, 15:01 UTC

Hi Aditya,

I and my teammate Anu want to work on this project as it seems so interesting.We have knowledge of Python, Java and C++ languages.We are beginners in Ruby, AI and Deep Learning.We two are really keen to learn and be a part of this exciting project.

yati1998, Tuesday, February 6, 13:49 UTC

I and my teammate pallavi das want to work on this project. we have sufficient knowledge on algorithms and multiple languages , so i think it could add value to the project...awaiting for your reply

Varshika Choudhary, Tuesday, February 6, 13:24 UTC

Hi Aditya,
I would like to contribute in this project. Acquiring a deep knowledge of machine learning and python this project suits my skill set and would like to add value to the project.
Looking forward to your reply.

odojoachim, Sunday, February 4, 21:40 UTC

Hi Aditya,

We (I- interest in data science/statistical physics, major in Mathematics and Statistics and my teammate major in Economics- interest in data science) would be extremely happy to do the project. We would love to apply for the project as our primary choice. We proved several times already that we are ready for a huge commitment to complete the challenge.

Looking forward to your message.

Rupal-IIITD, Saturday, February 3, 20:44 UTC

Hi Aditya.

I liked the idea of the project. Found the concept very interesting. nd most importantly, it resonates with my interests and skill set. I want to apply for this project as our primary choice. I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss in detail. We would like to discuss about the project deliverables, tasks to get started on, and other quesries related to our proposal.

Kindly get back to us ASAP.

Deepika Upadhyay, Friday, February 2, 14:08 UTC

I would love to contribute to this project ! Loved the idea and I am willing to strengthen every skill required in the course