AFDC League Management System

MentorPete Holiday (toomuchpete)
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TagsRuby on Rails Docker Bootstrap Javascript CSS Design
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Project Description

This is not just an open source project, but also in active, daily use by the ultimate frisbee community (the AFDC) in Atlanta, Georgia to manage recreational sports league registration and scheduling.

For any questions, you can contact Pete Holiday via email or on the RGSoC slack channel (he's @toomuchpete there)

Project's Requirements

Students should have a basic understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails or a similar language and framework. Alternately, students interested primarily in front-end work (design, CSS, or end-user javascript) should have some basic experience in those areas.

Tasks And Features

Because the AFDC is an all-volunteer organization, there are more feature requests than there are hands to implement them. Tasks for the summer will vary based on student interests and skills, but some examples can be found in the project's Github issue tracker and range from routine bug fixes to large features to really ambitious projects like migrating from MongoDB to MySQL or Postgres.

Students are likely to start their summer with a small task to get started and then move on to larger and more interesting projects.

For example, a student might start with the double payment bug and then move on to updating our BrainTree integration, and close out their summer by re-working our cancellation and refund mechanism.


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Viduni Wickramarachchi, Wednesday, March 8, 03:55 UTC

Hi Pete, I am really interested in this project. Me and my teammate went through the project content and the issues provided as well. We are looking forward to be a part of this project.