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Project Description

Servo is an open source web rendering engine (the thing that powers browsers like Firefox and Chrome) written from the ground up in the new programming language called Rust. Its purpose is to:

Servo's goal is full compatibility with existing web content that follows web standards, with competitive performance and improved security compared to other modern web browsers.

Project's Requirements

  • comfortable using an existing programming language (e.g. any of Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C, etc.)
  • enthusiastic about learning Rust, which will be the implementation language for all changes to Servo
  • unafraid of learning enough JavaScript to understand our automated tests

Tasks And Features

Since Servo is still quite incomplete when it comes to compatibility with existing web content, there are many missing pieces. For example:


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SachiniMadushika, Tuesday, March 7, 11:58 UTC

We would like to contribute to the project " Servo". We would be grateful if we know about how to contact you for further details.

Laura RGSoC, Tuesday, January 31, 22:21 UTC

thank you for submitting your project again, Josh. We're happy to accept it for RGSoC 2017 🎉