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MentorLauren McCarthy and Daniel Shiffman (lmccart)
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Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagsjava javascript html css python beginner accessibility art creative coding
Applications (1st Choice)12 (11 submitted | 1 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)4 (4 submitted | 0 in-progress)
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License GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 2.1 (LGPL-2.1)

Project Description

The Processing Foundation was founded in 2012 after more than a decade of work with the original Processing software. The Foundation’s mission is to promote software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields — and to make these fields accessible to diverse communities. Our goal is to empower people of all interests and backgrounds to learn how to program and make creative work with code, especially those who might not otherwise have access to these tools and resources.

Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a Java-based language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. p5.js is based on the same metaphor, but allows you to create for the web, using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. is also similar to Processing, but uses the Python language.

Project's Requirements

A key goal of the Processing Foundation is to make both learning to program accessible and inclusive as well as contributing to open source accessibility and inclusivity. So while students should have some background in coding before applying for a Summer of Code spot, we would like to emphasize that beginners from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The requirements depend on the particular project a student might be interested in contributing to. Familiarity with Java development is key for Processing. For p5.js, the necessary skills are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Familiarity with git and github workflows is fundamental to our development process, but we're always willing to help students learn new workflows.

The p5.js web editor, a project where we are focusing a lot of energy right now, is built with the React and Redux frameworks.

Note to students applying for this project:

You can contact the mentors and ask questions related to this project in this forum.

Tasks And Features

We develop three primary software projects -- Processing (Java), p5.js (JavaScript), and (Python). The p5.js project is the most active one at the moment and there are a wide range of tasks we need help with from small bug fixes to larger initiatives like WEBGL integration. In addition, we are testing an alpha web editor designed to make the path to learning programming easy and accessible. You can find example of tasks and features at our Fellowship wiki page as well as our Project List.


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Laura RGSoC, Sunday, January 29, 21:32 UTC

Hey Lauren and Dan,

I'm so so happy to see this submission! I think Processing/ and p5.js are really great projects that could be incredibly exciting to work on for the students. Also love the idea of the alpha web editor you're working on. I'm happy to accept your submission for 2017. Welcome on board 🎉