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Project Description

Nextcloud is an open source system for file sync & sharing, calendar, contacts etc. Very similar to what Dropbox or Google Suite are used for. It consists of a server component with apps for Files, Contacts, Calendar, Mail etc., a desktop client, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Project's Requirements

The server part is mainly programmed in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. The Android app is Java and the iOS app in Objective-C. There are a lot of different aspects to work on in Nextcloud so there’s something fitting for everyone. In general, basic experience with the technologies is already enough to get involved. The more the better, but the community will be happy to help. :) We use Git for all version control, discussions and work is done on Github, and English is the main language.

Server apps are already easy to contribute to with basic HTML+CSS skills. We use SCSS but it’s very easy to get into if you know CSS.
For tests we use PHPUnit for PHP and Karma+Jasmine for Javascript.
The separate apps/plugins are built with different technologies on the Javascript side. See more information in parentheses for each app:

The mobile apps:

And other parts like:

Tasks And Features

And also some more advanced topics:

Of course anything that you are missing or see as an issue and would like to work on! Either pick something from the issue tracker or propose something yourself. :)


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Lalanga Ariyasinghe, Wednesday, March 8, 11:38 UTC

Hi Jan-Christoph,
This is an valuable project for me and my teammate. We are working on the features development now. We would like to contribute for this project further more. Hope your help and guidance for next steps.

Jan-Christoph Borchardt, Tuesday, March 7, 11:27 UTC

Hey Janakshi, the best way to check out the code is by looking at some of the starter issues, as mentioned in the »Tasks« section above: :)

Janakshi Dulanga, Sunday, March 5, 19:07 UTC

Hi Jan-Christoph,
This is an interesting project and me and my teammate would like to contribute to this project. Can you guide us on how to proceed further?

Jan-Christoph Borchardt, Tuesday, January 31, 17:41 UTC

Hey Laura, thank you for the note! I updated the section and hope it’s better now. :)

Laura RGSoC, Thursday, January 26, 10:29 UTC

Hey Jan-Christoph, thank you for your submission! We'd be happy to accept Nextcloud as a project for RGSoC 2017. Before we do so, I'd like to ask you if you could clean up the “Project's requirements” section a little bit to have a bit more information regarding what you expect from your team. I understand that nexcloud has a ton of different parts in different languages and that it's a difficult feat, but at least giving an idea of the sort of level or knowledge you expect would be great and incredibly helpful to all the applicants. If you have any questions about that, you can also drop us an email at: Thank you!