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Project Description

coala is a language independent analysis toolkit. It empowers developers to create rules which a project's code should conform to. coala takes care of showing these issues to users in a friendly manner, is versatile and can be used in any environment. Patches to automatically fix code will be managed too.

coala has a set of official bears (plugins) to provide an out-of-the-box analysis functionality for many popular languages in addition to some generically applicable algorithms.

A list of all available bears can be found here and all supported languages here.

Newcomers can get started here.

Project's Requirements

We are on the lookout for motivated developers who are willing to learn and write good code. coala is a very newcomer friendly project and there is a place and assigned work for everyone. We have grown from ~10 developers to 50+ active contributors and 170 developers in the past 2 years teaching a lot of newcomers on the way. Getting involved with coala will teach students a lot of things about open source and excellence in software developement.

A simple requirement for coala is to follow our Newcomers guide here.

Tasks And Features

coala has many domains that it covers for students to work on. The students can start by familiarizing themselves to the coala workflow and opensource in general by solving issues which are trivial in their difficulty.


Furthermore they can work on these repositories:

  • coala: The core framework written in Python. It has issues ranging in variety from API changes, Bugfixes, and Documentation.
  • coala-bears: This contains the various bears that do code analysis. Students can work on implementing new bears, bugfixes, improving documentation.
  • Students who are interested in web development can work on various websites that coala has such as these projects coala-html, landing, and frontend.
  • Furthermore, coala has editor plugins that students can work on. coala currently supports Atom, Emacs, Eclipse, Vim, Gedit, Sublime Text
  • coala also has other tools that are dependencies which were coded in a generic manner that need work.
  • coala has many subtools like coala-quickstart, docker-coala, and cib.


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Anushka Chawla, Wednesday, March 1, 15:08 UTC

Hey Udayan,
I and my team mate Eshita Sharma just found this project while skimming through the project list for RGSOC. It really caught our attention for the great number of languages it supports. We read the Newcomers' Guide and went through the git repository. Since both of us have a good programming experience of C,C++ and Java and we are also familiar with the basic concepts of documentation(we had a college project based on that in 4th semester), we would be really glad to help you this summer with the various bears through RGSOC.

Udayan Tandon, Wednesday, February 22, 10:23 UTC

coala is available on gitter. You can reach out to us on this link

Rakesh Verma, Tuesday, February 21, 21:02 UTC

What's the IRC?

Udayan Tandon, Monday, February 13, 19:54 UTC

Hi Pragya I would suggest you go through the newcomers guide and say hi to the community on our public channel. We will guide from there. :D

p27g, Saturday, February 11, 18:26 UTC

Hello! Pragya this side. I am interested in this project alongwith my teammate. We have also found a coach for the same. What should be our next step as beginners?

Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, January 25, 14:47 UTC

Hey Udayan, thank you for this submission! The project sounds awesome, and I love that you have a newcomers guide, I think it will be extremely useful to all the teams who will decide to apply with your project. I'm very happy to accept it! Congratulations on joining the ranks of RGSoC projects for 2017. A quick note that, because the project is so huge and has so many different types of things that could be worked on, the students might reach out to you asking for clarifications, or guidance on which issues or features might be a good fit :)

Udayan Tandon, Sunday, January 22, 13:37 UTC

Hey Mehak, I have fixed it now. :D

Mehak Goyal, Sunday, January 22, 11:55 UTC

Hey! Mehak this side. Was interested with my team mate to work on this. Seems like the Newcomers' guide isn't available.