if me - mental health communication app

MentorJulia Nguyen (julianguyen)
Project Websitehttp://if-me.org
Project Repositoryhttp://github.com/julianguyen/ifme
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsRuby on Rails Ruby Rails Postgres JavaScript jQuery HTML SCSS Jasmine RSpec Cucumber
Applications (1st Choice)3 (3 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)5 (5 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/julianguyen/ifme/blob/master/code_of_conduct.md
LicenseGNU AGPLv3

Project Description

if me is an open source, not-for-profit mental health communication app to encourage people to talk about their experiences with loved ones. Our project is built and maintained by contributors many backgrounds and skill sets, not just technical folks. Our main project right now is setting up i18n for Spanish translations. Starting conversations about mental health in immigrant and minority communities is important to us.

Project's Requirements

There are technical and non-technical issues to work on! We have no requirements other than an interest in mental health and willingness to learn and be mentored!

Tasks And Features

Students will be working on issues on your Github page. We communicate through Slack. Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, Postgres, JS, jQuery, HTML, and SCSS. Our main projects include internationalization, unit & integration testing, UI/UX enhancements, and security improvements. We also have lots of opportunities to improve documentation, help out with the project's social media, and do beta testing.


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Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Tuesday, January 10, 09:28 UTC

Hi Julia, thank you for your application! This sounds like a great project and we are happy to accept it for RGSoC 2017. Welcome aboard! :)

Julia Nguyen, Thursday, January 5, 19:00 UTC

I forgot to the check the beginner friendly box, but this project is very beginner friendly!