Foodsaving and Foodsharing

MentorTilmann Becker (tiltec)
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Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsJavascript ES6 AngularJS Python Django API HTML CSS
Applications (1st Choice)10 (8 submitted | 2 in-progress)
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Project Description

Our goal in yunity is to support unconditional sharing and value our common resources as much as possible. As one of the first steps, we want to reduce food waste.

There are many foodsaving initiatives all over the world, that are getting leftover food from stores, markets and supermarkets. With further growth, they need support with organization. Let's code a modern website to help them!

Project's Requirements

The requirements are very much depending on the task that you want to work on. One thing that is common to all: a high degree of self-motivation.

  • For developers, you will be working with JavaScript (AngularJS 1.5) or Python (Django).
  • For designers, you can use a tool of your liking (we prefer Open Source tools) and perhaps use HTML and CSS to implement your designs.
  • For planners and communicators, you will learn about the users' requirements and gather feedback via different channels (Slack, Mail, Facebook)

Tasks And Features

We have an open development process (do-ocracy) and will be happy to support your motivation:

  • Planning and implementation of new features (frontend and backend)
  • Graphic design
  • Communication with users
  • Devops: learning and improving the development workflow


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SachiniMadushika, Tuesday, March 7, 11:54 UTC

We would like to contribute to the project "Foodsaving and Foodsharing" . We are familiar with technologies such as Java, C, git, maven, jenkins, Ruby javascript, html, css, python, API which we believe would be helpful to carry on with this project

ronak5279, Saturday, March 4, 15:41 UTC

Hi! Ronak this side. I and my teammate went through your project and are interested in contributing to it. How can we get in touch with the mentor?

Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, January 11, 14:10 UTC

Hi Tilmann, thank you so much for the info, it's helpful to see that you see the value in having some guidelines in place, and that you have a system in place for solving conflicts. I'm super happy to accept your project!

Tilmann Becker, Sunday, January 8, 14:49 UTC

Hi Laura! Yes, there is definitely interest among us to add a more formalized code of conduct. Efforts started mid of last year, but no final draft has been written.

Right now most of us (myself included) are acting according to "Do-ocracy", as defined by Noisebridge:
If there is a conflict, we switch to a systemic consensus process if it can't be resolved by discussion:

If you are interested, I will keep you updated on further developments.
Best, Tilmann

Laura RGSoC, Monday, January 2, 10:45 UTC

Hi Tilmann, thank you so much for your submission! This sounds like a great project that could definitely be very interesting to some participants/applicants.
I have just a minor formality before we accept your project: we encourage all projects that participate in RGSoC to have a Code of Conduct, because we think it can help a lot of contributors feel more comfortable. This isn't a requirement, but I was wondering whether this is something you would consider adding to the project in the future? Let me know!