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Project Description

re-frame is a Reagent framework for writing SPAs, in Clojurescript.

Project's Requirements

Ideal requirements:

  • Intermediate or higher experience level with ClojureScript
  • Already familiar with React/Reagent/re-frame
  • Some web design/CSS experience

Minimum requirements:

  • Some experience with Clojure/ClojureScript (ClojureScript's learning curve + tooling learning curve is fairly steep, so it would be good to have prior experience)
  • Familiar with web programming concepts/tooling, i.e. have worked on client-side JavaScript (or compile to JavaScript) web applications before.

Coding challenges:

Tasks And Features

The overall theme for this project is to improve the developer experience for re-frame.

The major piece of work is a tracing tool to create useful visualisations of application state useful when working on a re-frame app. The tool already exists, but needs more polish and features.

Other things that could improve the developer experience:

  • Working on documentation/docstrings
  • Improving error messages
  • Possibly adding Clojure Spec support
  • Anything you can think of that would make developing re-frame apps better!


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Daniel Compton, Monday, February 27, 21:46 UTC

We now have a code of conduct here:

Laura RGSoC, Thursday, January 5, 09:36 UTC

Hi Daniel, that's great, I'm happy to hear that. I'm approving your project now, welcome on board!

Daniel Compton, Thursday, January 5, 02:42 UTC

Hi Laura

Yep, a CoC is something we're happy to add. The core team are on holiday at the moment, but we can look at this when we get back in.


Laura RGSoC, Monday, December 19, 13:16 UTC

Hi Daniel, thanks for your submission — it's super cool to have someone from the Clojure community submit their project! The submission and coding challenges are very clear, but I wanted to ask something about the Code of Conduct: are you planning to add one in the future? We really encourage maintainers to have a CoC on their projects, as it often helps Open Source newcomers to feel welcome, but I know that it's difficult (especially for projects with a big community or a lot of contributors) to make a decision in that direction.