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Project Description

OpenFarm is a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge. We provide a platform for expert and beginner farmers and gardeners to share their knowledge in the form of Growing Guides - structured, community generated, single-author documents that describe how to grow a Crop based on specific environmental conditions and growing practices. Compatibility Scoring between Users and Guides allows high quality and relevant information to be discovered quickly. We are a global service that aims to break down borders through the open sharing of knowledge, increase participation in the food system, and help everyone become a better farmer or gardener.

OpenFarm uses a stack that uses some well known technologies. By working on OpenFarm you'll get to work with Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Angular, designing things, ElasticSearch, and Vagrant.

Project's Requirements

OpenFarm is a Rails shop but we're great for entry-level Ruby or Rails programmers. Our platform uses both full-rails pages and a lot of best-in-class rails libraries (gems) that will be a great boost to learn for anyone interested in development. We're testing-first but happy to teach anyone how that works. People who are usually interested in contributing have green thumbs or are interested in developing one! The only real requirement is a willingness to learn.

Tasks And Features


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dulminih, Friday, February 24, 14:16 UTC

Hi Simon,

We are a team from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nimesha and I completed undergraduate studies in Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. We have participated to couple of local coding hackathons and came out as winners.

We both are familiar with programming languages like Java, C# and Python. Though we are new to Ruby on Rails, we find it easy to learn the basic concepts of the language. We are also familiar with source controlling with Git.

We came across OpenFarm project and find it interesting. We would like to work with the project in the summer as well as after RGSoC program. As a starting work, we would like to work in the #780. Your guidance is highly appreciated.

Looking forward for a favorable reply.

Best Regards,
Dulmini and Nimesha

Maitreyee Sarma, Friday, February 24, 11:48 UTC

Hi we are interested in working for this project. How do we proceed further ?

Laura RGSoC, Thursday, December 15, 14:05 UTC

Hey Simon, it's great to see you submit again this year. We're happy to have you on board!