Lektor CMS

MentorArmin Ronacher (mitsuhiko)
Project Websitehttp://www.getlektor.com/
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/lektor/lektor
Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagspython reactjs javascript electron sqlite
Applications (1st Choice)5 (5 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)1 (1 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conduct/projects/115-lektor-cms

Project Description

Lektor is a static content management system that runs offline, written in Python with a JavaScript UI written in ReactJS and a bit of Electron.

  • Deploy Anywhere: Because Lektor builds out 100% static HTML you can deploy them to any host (including S3, github pages, any web host, etc.).
  • Cross Platform: It runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.
  • 100% File Based: All source data is well structured and can be tracked in a version control system or cloud storage like Dropbox.
  • Flat-File Database: All source data is stored in a flat-file tree database and can be freely queried. The layout of that data is completely configurable.
  • Customizable Admin: Lektor comes fully equipped with a flexible and beautiful admin interface so you can edit your pages without having to touch the raw sources.
  • Dependency Tracking: The build process intelligently tracks page dependencies such that it only rebuilds pages that have changed.
  • Image Tools: Create thumbnails and give convenient access to EXIF data.
  • Plugin System: Lektor supports loading plugins that can customize a wide range of functionality.
  • Python API: The build system is written in Python and provides a documented API to extend it and integrate into other apps.
  • Multilingual: We can speak multiple languages and allow you to easily create localized websites.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

There are different areas in which Lektor can benefit from new features and improvements:

  • Admin interface design. The admin interface is currently more functional than beautiful. There are various low hanging fruits to improve it and some bigger ones.
  • Make the application work better on Windows (this is probably a more involved task with regards to complexity)
  • Lay the groundwork for resusable themes so that it becomes easier for people to start projects.
  • Set up a few example projects for people to get started with their own Lektor sites better
  • Improve the translations and translate it into your own language


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Armin Ronacher, Saturday, April 2, 17:18 UTC

Should probably mention that if you have questions you can also reach out on the gitter channel: https://gitter.im/lektor/lektor — quicker than mail for basic questions.

Laura RGSoC, Monday, March 21, 13:23 UTC

Thank you for your submission, Armin! We're very excited to have Lektor on board for this year's RGSoC. I'll send you an email soon with info about the timeline and the next steps. Feel free to reach out before that if you have any questions!

Aneta Włodarczyk, Monday, March 21, 11:01 UTC

Hi Armin,

We sent you question about mentoring our team but didn't get any reply. Are you receiving our e-mails?

Aneta and Daria