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Project Description

Servo is a modern web browser engine built from the ground up in the new Rust programming language. It is designed for speed without compromising safety, and makes maximal use of modern computer hardware on both mobile and desktop systems. It is also designed as a sandbox for testing risky or experimental implementations that could later be integrated into other products like Firefox.

Servo is in the midst of filling out its missing and incomplete features that are relied upon by popular websites, and is not yet ready for day-to-day use as a web browser. These projects are designed to increase web compatibility with modern web applications.

Prior Rust experience is not necessary in order to apply for these projects. They will be implemented in Rust, however, so taking some time during the application period to play with Rust is recommended. Some prior experience reading/writing JavaScript and HTML is also recommended in order to test your changes to Servo.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

We're also open to original project ideas, or variations on the above. Please talk to us so we can help refine them!


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Laura RGSoC, Monday, February 8, 13:16 UTC

Hey Josh,

We think this would be a pretty good project for a RGSoC team. Thanks for your submission, and welcome on board!