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Project Description

Lightweight and small library to interpolate between values - used for animations in interactives, games, etc.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

The current codebase is the result of many contributions, not all of them had tests and some features are a bit buggy. It would benefit from more eyes looking at it, and writing tests!
For example: and

Another area that needs help is having online editable demos, much like jsfiddle or codepen. Right now the demos can be run online but cannot be edited.

More open plans for the future are to write a v2 that takes the best of tween but is built with the future in mind: see and


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datasciencelearn, Tuesday, May 3, 20:06 UTC

I wish to contribute to this project could you please let me know where to start from.

Laura RGSoC, Tuesday, February 2, 11:22 UTC

Hey Sole,
Thank you for your submission, and welcome on board!