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NameInterested InGithubTeamCountryCity
Yeseniag99Yeseniag99Yeseniag99Student at Team ST3M [2016]
Yesenia Cardona CeballosYesenia Cardona CeballosFinding coaches, Finding a projectyeseniacardonaceballosStudent at Team Rails new App [2016]COBello
YenlyYenlyFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectyenlyUSSan Francisco
Yelizaveta-OmelchenkoYelizaveta-OmelchenkoYelizaveta-OmelchenkoStudent at Team DefaultName [2016]
Yatri PatelYatri PatelFinding a pair, Finding coachesyatri1609INGandhinagar
Yatin GuptaYatin GuptaHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)yatingupta10Coach at Team Vision [2017], Coach at Team Int Elligence [2018], Coach at Team SaiSA [2017], Coach at Team PyHunters [2017], Coach at Team finite_loop [2018], Coach at Team Allonsy [2017], Coach at Team Codevengers [2018]INNew Delhi, India
Yasmeen RoumieYasmeen Roumiey4smeenNew York, NY
Yasima DewminiYasima DewminiHelping as a coachdewminiCoach at Team Sugar & Spice [2017]LKGalle
Yashvi ShahYashvi ShahFinding a projectYS4100Student at Team LightingGirls [2018]INGandhinagar
Yashovardhan AgrawalYashovardhan AgrawalHelping as a coach, Helping as a mentor for a project that I am part of, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)yashovardhanagrawalCoach at Team continue; [2018], Coach at Team The Drifters [2018], Coach at Team Void() [2018], Coach at Team GeekFreaks [2018]INJaipur
Yash LadhaYash LadhaHelping as a coachyashLadhaCoach at Team Exception [2018], Coach at Team The Mind FlayersINGandhinagar, Gujarat
Yash KhandelwalYash KhandelwalkhandelwalYashCoach at Team Bitsians [2016], Coach at Team coders4ever [2016]Hyderabad
Yashika Sharma Yashika Sharma Finding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectyashika51INNew Delhi
Yashika BadayaYashika BadayayashikabadayaStudent at Team two to django [2018]INMumbai
Yasha SinghYasha SinghFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectyashasinghStudent at Team CodeSysters [2017]INNoida
Yashashvi DaveYashashvi DaveFinding coaches, Finding a projectYJDaveStudent at Team coolNamePending [2018]INBhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Yasara PeirisYasara PeirisFinding coaches, Finding a projectYasaraPeirisStudent at Team Sugar & Spice [2017]LKColombo
Yasamin SalamiYasamin SalamiFinding coachesyasaminsStudent at Team Doyouevenruby? [2015]Finlandespoo
yannmangoyannmangoFinding coaches, Finding a projectyannmangoCAWaterloo
YanglaLamaYanglaLamaYanglaLamaStudent at Team Havaii [2016]

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