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NameInterested InGithubTeamCountryCity
Danielle TomlinsonDanielle TomlinsonDanTomlCoach at Team Clojurians (re-frame) [2017]302
Tim MooreTim MooreHelping as a coach, Providing a coaching team from our companyTimMooreCoach at RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( [2016], Coach at Team IfPairElseUnknown (if me - mental health communication app) [2017]AUAdelaide, Australia
nehanaaznehanaazFinding a pair, Finding a projectnehanaazStudent at Team Vision [2017]INagra
Shreya ShahShreya ShahFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectshreyashah1903Student at Team int elligence;INAhmedabad
Sachin JaniSachin JaniHelping as a remote coach (helpdesk)5achinJaniCoach at Team Victorious Secret (The Processing Foundation) [2017], Coach at Team Salt&Pepper [2017]INAhmedabad
Harsh ShahHarsh ShahHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk), Helping as an organizerharshcropCoach at Team <unnamed 375> [2017], Coach at Team GeekGirls [2017]INAhmedabad
Saurav PratiharSaurav PratiharFinding a project, Helping as a coach, Helping as a mentor for a project that I am part of, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk), Helping as an organizersauravpratiharCoach at Team <unnamed 175> [2016], Coach at Team Coders [2016], Coach at Team <unnamed 197> [2016]INAhmedabad
DrashtiDrashtiFinding a projectdrashti4Student at Team Ping Pong [2017]INAhmedabad
Ayushi MalhotraAyushi MalhotraFinding coaches, Finding a projectayushi9799Student at Team codeRangersINAhmedabad
Khyati MahajanKhyati MahajanHelping as a coachkhyatimahajanCoach at Team Crackers (WeCare) [2016]INAhmedabad
Rachana SolankiRachana SolankiFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectRanchoDbestStudent at Team GeekGirls [2017]INAhmedabad
Ujjwal ThaakarUjjwal ThaakarHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)ujjwaltCoach at Team tech99INAhmedabad
shloka-812shloka-812shloka-812Student at Team codeRangersINAhmedabad
Sinchan324Sinchan324Finding a pairKhushilMistryCoach at Team ErrorFoundINAhmedabad
menna-a-a-youssefmenna-a-a-youssefFinding a pairmenna-a-a-youssefStudent at Team Shooting Stars [2017]EGalexandria
GihanAliGihanAliFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectGihanAliStudent at Team Shooting Stars [2017]EGAlexandria
Hamdy KhalilHamdy Khalilma7dyCoach at Team Shooting Stars [2017]EGAlexandria
Aditi JainAditi JainFinding coaches, Finding a projectaditijain29Student at Team blickers [2017]INAligarh
Zeenat FarheenZeenat FarheenFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a projectzeenat1497Student at Team Rider [2017]INAligarh
SomyaSomyaFinding a pairCodher15Student at Team y_oss [2017]INAligarh
baqir00baqir00Helping as a mentor for a project that I am part ofbaqir00Coach at Team blickers [2017]INAligarh
SakshisaraswatSakshisaraswatSakshisaraswatStudent at Team Fledgling [2017]INAligarh
Mansi AgrawalMansi AgrawalFinding a projectmansiagStudent at Team rm -rf /INAligarh
Ishan SinghIshan SinghHelping as a coachproishan11Coach at Team rm -rf /INAligarh

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