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NameInterested InGithubTeamCountryCity
German EscobarGerman EscobargermanescobarCoach at Team colombianitas.rb [2016]Medellín, Colombia
Urvashi BanthiaUrvashi BanthiaUrvashIBanthiaStudent at Team Coders [2016]
Kushal SinghKushal Singhkushalsingh007Coach at Team coders4ever [2016]
Danielle TomlinsonDanielle TomlinsonDanTomlCoach at Team Clojurians (re-frame) [2017]302
JooyeonJooyeonJooyeonSongCoach at Team Geeks [2016]seoul
Eric SimsEric SimsericsimsCoach at Team Asteri [2016]USA
Samanta AiresSamanta AiressamyaiiresStudent at Team Miga, Sua Loka [2016]Brazil
AishwaryaAishwaryaaishwarya923Coach at Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017]India
DoinaDoinadoinalecaStudent at Team guidebook (guidebook) [2016]
shannonethomasshannonethomasshannonethomasCoach at Team Cheesy [2015]
lolpuddlelolpuddlelolpuddleCoach at Team Brain [2016]
maciejbialmaciejbialmaciejbialCoach at IDxx team [2016]
Calvin KarunduCalvin KarunducalvinkarunduCoach at Team the three stones [2016]Nairobi, Kenya
Birva PatelBirva Pateltangled2096Student at Team Ada Lovelace [2016]
LudivineLudivineludivinecpStudent at Team Ludy [2016]
TarasTarasmolfarasCoach at Team М2 [2016]Lviv, Ukraine
Ivanna FeleshchukIvanna Feleshchukdata-plumCoach at Team DefaultName [2016]Kiev
yuliok0715yuliok0715yuliok0715Student at Team DefaultName [2016]
kakarlapudisrijakakarlapudisrijakakarlapudisrijaStudent at Team K-Squadrans
FaithytechFaithytechFaithytechStudent at Team Shehack
Felicitas SánchezFelicitas SánchezFelisanStudent at Team Studio20 [2016]Argentina
cherub96cherub96cherub96Student at Team Stars! [2016]
azulazulazulMentor at Team LoadToCode [2016]pgp: BB70 B016 0449 010A 00AF 49E8 7860 85AC 20D3 457D
Amay AgrawalAmay AgrawalAmayAgrawalCoach at Team Stars! [2016]
rashi tanwarrashi tanwarrashi tanwarStudent at Team Tricky Innovators

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