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NameInterested InGithubTeamCountryCity
Amanda FolsonAmanda FolsonafolsonCoach at Team KaUlah (GitLab Community Edition) [2016]"Amanda" on Freenode
Khrystyna KlochkoKhrystyna KlochkoFinding a pair, Finding coaches, Finding a project, Helping as a coach, Helping as a mentor for a project that I am part of, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk), Helping as an organizer, Providing a coaching team from our companykhrystynaklochkoMunchen
Elena RakitaElena RakitaHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)elrakitaDnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
ayajaffayajaffayajaffStudent at Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]
darzhdarzhdarzhStudent at Team SummerForest [2015]
jhufnagljhufnagljhufnaglCoach at Team Siber [2015]
Guillermo IguaranGuillermo IguaranHelping as a mentor for a project that I am part ofguilleiguaranColombia
IsabelGaubatzIsabelGaubatzFinding coachesIsabelGaubatzStudent at Team IMD [2016]Dreieich
Anjaly SajuAnjaly SajuanjalyesCoach at Team SaiSA [2017], Coach at Team Yo [2017], Student at Team Hackrgirls [2015]
Myles EftosMyles EftosProviding a coaching team from our companymadpilotCoach at Team Melbourne [2015]Melbourne
Jo CranfordJo CranfordjocranfordCoach at RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( [2016], Coach at Team Melbourne [2015]Melbourne
Rehas SachdevaRehas SachdevarehassachdevaStudent at Team coders4ever [2016]
VerenaVerenavidditySupervisor at Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015], Supervisor at Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Frankfurt, Germany
bjtulnbjtulnbjtulnStudent at Team Xuefei&ln [2016]
Nicolás Hock-IsazaNicolás Hock-IsazaHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)nhockiCoach at Team $StartOpenCode [2016]San Francisco, CA
Daniel SchoppmannDaniel SchoppmanndanschCoach at Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016]Berlin
Roberto MirandaRoberto MirandaHelping as a coach, Helping as a remote coach (helpdesk)robertomirandaCoach at Team Fighting (Ruby on Rails) [2016]Barranquilla, Colombia
Sven FuchsSven FuchssvenfuchsOrganizerGermany/Berlin
Xiaofeng LiuXiaofeng LiutomorrowbridgeStudent at Team WOW [2016]
Will BarrettWill BarrettwillbarrettCoach at Team B'More Stunners (Bundler) [2016]San Francisco, California
WiKigunduWiKigunduWiKigunduCoach at Team Echo (qutebrowser) [2016]
Paulina RhonePaulina RhoneprhoneStudent at Team RailsGirls Bydgoszcz [2015]Poznań
André WendtAndré WendtawendtCoach at Team Summer is Coming [2016]Berlin, Germany
inbalkialyinbalkialyFinding coachesinbalkialyStudent at Team Adi&Inbal [2015]

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