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September 28, 2018

  • Day 65 - NavBar navigation, update readme file, final mentor meeting, lots of emotion!!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 28, 2018 21:21 UTC


    Navigation links now that the application has been integrated with the existing Bahmni system. Interesting (!!) that we needed to use href for the navigation outside our app as the react routing would not route outside.

    We have done it. We have finished the current story. We have finished the project.

    We had our last mentor meeting. It is so nice meeting friendly people, but is so hard saying goodbye. We had some lovely laughs and our mentor was so complementary in his words " you should be very proud of what you have created" . He also drew us a certificate for taming the apache system that bahmni resides on!

    We have also sent each other text messages of gratitude and plans to meetup for coffee to reminisce! We formed a great partnership, we learnt from each other, we adapted to each others programming styles, different ways of learning, and different personal responsibilities. We kept our focus on creating the best app we could for an important open source project that will be used as a little cog in a bigger wheel of keeping and getting people healthy in remote parts of the world on low resource equipment.


    Finishing up documentation, messages of handover to the maintainers and then the community.

    Making amendments to our presentation slides for 2 Nov and adding Ivo's comments of adding our background, why RGSoC, and the future. He would prefer a live demo and we will just have a video for backup.

    TO DO

    A retrospective meeting has been arranged for next week while the project is still fresh.

    Georgina is also going to reactjsday in verona next week. Thank you RGSoC for arranging tickets.

    Thank you again for the opportunity RGSoC, sponsors, helpers and all the people that make this all possible.

September 27, 2018

  • Day 64 - App Is Integreated!!!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 27, 2018 17:53 UTC


    • spent the morning troubleshooting our app and pouring over Bahmni documentation learning more about Apache servers, react builds and Bahmni infrastructure
    • had an interesting workshop on NetFlow - a network monitoring tool by Cisco followed by a lively discussion with our fellow GirlsCoders
    • meeting with supervisor Ramón, featuring my cat Magrat and her box!
    • we will miss you Ramón! Our Monday morning meetings were always a great start to the week!
    • chatted with coach Ivo who was commuting on the train and had poor wifi. The three of us were chatting and comparing notes which finally lead to a solution - the app is now integrated!
    • learned and reviewed lots of Linux commands: creating soft links, chmod, chown


    • cleaning up the mess that we made today
    • writing clear documentation


    • add backlinks to the Bahmni dashboard
    • share the app with Angshu - the project owner
    • meet with coach Ivo
    • definitely cry because RGSoC is over

September 26, 2018

  • Day 63 - Bahmni Wiki, OpenMRS Community, customisation of existing app to integrate our new person management module/app

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 26, 2018 21:01 UTC


    Our 2nd blog (and last) has been published on RGSoC! Thank you so much.

    We have been searching the extensive library of documentation on the existing Bahmni wiki. They use the software confluence. We have not used before so we have been learning this so that we can then document our app. Our mentor has asked the existing creators and maintainers where this documentation should be stored.

    We did a zoom as a team so that we could share what we had both learnt independently from the community and the wiki. Georgina had found that Bahmni has a youtube channel to demo features and to explain how to customise the installation. This has helped us learn about accessing the virtual box, using VIM commands, and using SSH to change files and install custom bahmni-config directories .

    Georgina then showed how the home dashboard is created and how the design may be a problem as it uses a template. We have posted a note to the group with a screen shot for more clarification and if the design is possible.

    Eva explained how she had worked through a document that was suggested to her from the bahmni community as to how to integrate our app into the existing installation. We created a manifest.webapp file that is from a template and made amendments. We followed through the rest of the instructions from this document in a trial and error way. We noticed that if we made changes to the virtual machine we had to halt and then restart the virtual machine for the changes to take effect.

    We then moved our application from development to build. However even after making changes to the module, zipping the file it didn't appear to work so more reading and help is needed.

    Georgina created a demo video and a behind the scenes of our app. We have shared this with Ana Sofia but it was great to try and create as an alternative tool to written documentation.


    Our mentor has tonight contacted the main developers of Bahmni for more guidance and how they want to progress.

    Documentation, notes and comments to help anyone that will continue with what we have started with this person management app.

    Continue learning more from the wiki, the open MRS talk.

    Looking at previous commits in Github for a new module on bed management app that they also have launched albeit not in React. Our coach Kalan pointed us to this resource.

    TO DO

    Meet with Mentor tomorrow

    Meet with Coaches and try to organise a thank you, farewell, celebration evening which may have to be next week due to schedules.

    Meet with Ramón

    Even if we don't quite get things finished by Friday 28th I know myself and Eva are committed to handing this over complete as possible.

September 25, 2018

  • Day 62 - Last story

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 25, 2018 16:14 UTC


    • we spent the morning shooting videos for the RGSoC documentary, good fun and we both talked a lot (good luck with editing, Ana Sofia! :)
    • then meeting with coach Ivo to review our progress since Friday including reorganizing the folder structure, adding comments to common components, finalizing Button.js, adding tests
    • discussed the next story
    • started researching on how to integrate our app into the Bahmni app
    • asked the community and coaches for advice


    • going over Bahmni docs to see how apps are integrated
    • connecting our local vagrant installation with existing Bahmni apps
    • forking the default_config repository and setting up our app.json?

    To Do

    • meeting coach Ivo on Thursday to check our progress
    • GirlsCode cybersecurity workshop on Thursday
    • last meeting with supervisor Ramón
    • last meeting with local coaches

September 24, 2018

  • Day 61 - Format of table, Javascript function, documentation, 2nd Blog tweaks, tests

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 24, 2018 16:28 UTC


    Pair programming in Bletchley park. Catch up on conference and what still needs to be done with current story, documentary video, and blog.

    More jest tests for button component

    Added paragraph to state no records found when the fetch API is successful but no matches found.

    Extracted SVG data like the other SVGs into ICON component so it is consistent throughout the app how SVGs are called and used.

    Format of table, nth child in css and adding Ids to columns to format first and last column in table, added border to bottom of row to separate records and match design in InvisionApp

    Tweaks to 2nd blog post, capital letters in filename and change of date on filename and permalink - now ready to merge - YAY!


    More Jest tests to test spinner logic.

    Age in data table needs to be formatted to months and days if less than 0 years. This means adding birthdate in the Fetch API to calculate difference in today's date and birthdate. Trying to create a function that can be called in a table.

    Restructuring the app with common components and models in a directory structure that makes sense.

    TO DO

    Bring tripod so we can record interview style in Bletchley park tomorrow for RGSoC documentary.

    Meet with mentor, Ivo - feedback from slack comments about documentation

    Meet with supervisor - Ramón on Thursday

    Documentation in the form of a wiki to assist handover of code and decisions we have made to help with future development.

September 21, 2018

  • Day 60 - Coach <3 Ivo <3 is the best project mentor out there!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 21, 2018 18:42 UTC


    • wrote some more jest tests
    • reviewed reactjs data grid libraries to see which one we should use for Bahmni
    • I went to the Vue.js workshop in London for the first part of the day: met up with Vue Vixens and discussed diversity with some of the leaders in the frontend technologies. Also Vue.js is pretty cool too and the community is one of the friendliest I've encountered so far.
    • We had a great 90-min meeting with coach Ivo to discuss everything from Toastmasters and the importance of team communication to reviewing our code and planning what we need to do next
    • Ivo is happy with our work and pleased with everything we have achieved through the summer!!
    • We both received RGSoC swag, thank you <3 RGSOC <3!


    • implementing meetup notes
    • writing more tests
    • updating the documentation
    • cleaning up css
    • finishing the current story


    • cry because RGSoC is going to be over

September 20, 2018

  • Day 59 - Open Source Libraries, Vue.js workshop

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 20, 2018 15:19 UTC


    Eva went to vue.js workshop and has worked remotely. She will update workshop separately. She has been extracting common components in buttons so that this can be reused if the app needs expanding and more buttons need adding.

    Georgina has worked from home. I have been evaluating react tables. After learning how to create a table from scratch and understanding the concepts. I have been looking in more detail at the four choices that Angshu gave for Bahmni. I have contacted our mentor to find out more about what he wants the library to do and the criteria is the ability to deal with large amount of fetched data in region of 100's of records.

    There is also a new design for the table so that the row is clickable. Eva sent a message to clarify once this is clicked on what api will be called. We have both been looking at the logic of this feature.


    Create additional clones to test install of libraries without affecting the existing app

    Continue to work with table, learn more about pagination, sorting, and filtering

    TO DO

    Meeting with mentor Ivo tomorrow.

    Error popup for error on fetch call has now been designed by Konrad and is on the invisionApp.

September 19, 2018

  • Day 58 - Alexa Skilla

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 19, 2018 18:34 UTC


    • Georgina and I both went to London today to attend a beginner friendly workshop on developing Alexa skills (i.e. voice apps). It was a great workshop and so good to hear that they are using Nodejs for their backend (Javascript is the king!). And lots of talk about APIs which we've handled plenty as of late, so I think we both got plenty out of it.
    • I've met up with a ReactJS coach yesterday during the GirlsCode meetup and it was great to talk a bit more about testing, react and react router. He also shared his experience of working with GraphQL - a technology that is often used with ReactJS ("think REST API 2.0", he said). Also, styled components are a thing!
    • I spent a good deal of my day dealing with a Button component (silly Button!), still not there yet, but hopefully, I can finish it up tomorrow
    • I also learned more about conditional rendering in ReactJS - and nested ternary operators - I think destructing and conditional rendering are just about my two favourite things about Javascript (at the moment!).


    • cleaning up CSS
    • finishing up the button component
    • finishing up the display table: including pagination and limiting how many results are displayed at one point. Also dynamic rendering of search results?

    To Do

    • I'm going to London tomorrow afternoon to do a beginner's course on Vue.js and meet the Vue Vixens!
    • meet with coach Ivo
    • create an Alexa skill!

  • Day 57 - Pair Programming, react tables, css code, RGSoC Meetup

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 19, 2018 18:19 UTC


    Met up irl at bletchley park. Good session on css styles. Eva shared her way of grabbing the element using the inspect on a browser and right click on the three dots on the relevant line and then click on copy and select copy selector. I think this will save me lots of headaches of css however it still looks ugly. I think I need to change my purist thinking.

    We solved a few problems with the spinner size on the search button and changing the text with search or searching depending on the logic.

    We sent messages on slack to mentor to look at a potential design of a pop up if the fetch api fails, he replied promptly to send message to bahmni group for decision.

    RGSoC meetup - talk on learning mindset. I was very supported by both Annas and it was good to practice. Lesson learnt I need to make sure the toolbar with peoples faces on zoom is at the top of the screen otherwise I naturally look down and then I am not looking at the camera.

    Changed the styling of the 2nd blog post, added another image and added whitespace so markdown worked.


    Keep looking at react tables

    Continue to restyle the button on search form


    TO DO

    Meetup with Ivo

    Finish current story and feedback from mentor

    Check for new designs and feedback in invisionapp

    Video interview for RGSoC 2018 documentary

September 17, 2018

  • Day 56 - Back in the Saddle

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 16:06 UTC


    • progress report from Georgina
    • meeting to discuss how we can best divide our tasks and finish the story
    • separating the index.css into modules
    • meeting with coach Ramón to share updates (he is on his holiday in Korea and still keeping track of us!)


    • adding tests to the person dashboard page
    • finalizing the CSS styles
    • extracting reusable components (search and submit buttons)


    • meet with coach Ivo
    • Georgina has a presentation tomorrow at the RGSoC meeting
    • GirlsCode MK workshop tomorrow
    • Going to Vue.js conference on Friday! (Eva)

September 15, 2018

September 14, 2018

  • Day 54 - ProgNet conference, automatic tests, blogs

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 14, 2018 22:39 UTC


    Communicated with coach via slack and read through his sample code that will test a fetch api, he also gave us a link to useful materials to test react.

    Blog of conference started for day 3, again I tagged #ProgNET on twitter with screen shots. I attended the following talk and workshop;

     @ Keynote speech - Trisha Gee - Career advice for programmers - This was very useful and I have copied the links of resources .  The list of skills other than technical skills that programmers have are research,  ask questions, communication skills, be adaptable, scientific method, as well as good English, especially reading english.
     @ Rachel Appel - Build data driven Web apps using ASP.Net Core.  This was an intense 3.5 hour workshop.  She went through lots of points I didn't know and I felt very much out of depth, it was an intermediate level workshop but I thought this more relevant to the project I am working on.  She was explaining and had a demo on a windows pc which didn't apply to my mac.  I was lost at the beginning of the workshop.  However I had the internet so I went to the resource page and started working through creating the app but on a mac.  I have developed my confidence since RGSoC as I felt that I was just learning and didn't need to do exactly what everybody else was doing as I was learning at my own pace and in my own way.  I created my app, I found Rachel Appel's github and was able to create the app in the time and felt good that I had struggled through and began to understand core and create a basic app which had a chat component.
     @ Ruby Gem - evolution through visualisation - This was a great workshop covered history from waterfall, scrum, KanBan and then introduced  single piece flow.  It also introduced creating stories rather than cards to explain what your app/feature will do.  We then spent time creating a cartoon to visualise this story.  Out of all the groups my group came second and won some chocolate caramels!  We also covered briefly event storming, service mapping, impact mapping, roadmaps, sprints, church roof progress.  It was interesting to look at the different visual ways that development can be communicated that can be accessible to all parts of the business.
      @Amie D Dansby - Making useless stuff: - a tale of magic, code and the unknown - This was the closing keynote for the conference.  She talked about taking something you were good at and trying something new and making lots of mistakes but having fun.  She creates 3d prints of dragon scales with leds for costumes, this is her part time hobby passion from her day job of developing in the game industry. 

    I have really enjoyed attending this conference and I have met and connected with some lovely people. I have felt more confident holding technical development conversations with them and happy to ask them questions about their developer's career, their jobs and past projects. The conference was attended by about 95% male, however the speakers were 33% women.


    Design talk on "mindset of learning" for RGSoC meetup

    Continue with design of 2nd Blog. Chatted with eva via imessage to get more information.

    TO DO

    Complete and put in a pull request for 2nd blog.

    Restyle the search form to new design, and fix the spinner for search form.

    The UI design of the table for the search form

    Create new tests based on the model test that a coach has helped with.

September 13, 2018

  • Day 53 - ProgNet Day 2, Design of table, blogs

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 13, 2018 19:40 UTC


    Created a simple test for Search form needs to expanded upon. Waiting for coach session, will try to arrange when EVA back from slovenia.

    CSS functionality of the search button on search form is nearly like the design. Created separate child components for icon and text so they can be styled independently.

    Blog of conference started for day 2, again I tagged #ProgNET on twitter with screen shots. I attended the following talk and workshop;

             @ Shawn Wildermuth - keynote talk "Turning passion into experience" - This was a great talk for day 2.  Key take aways - fake it till you make it...but with the caveat fake confidence do not fake ability.  As ability you will be found out.  It is ok to say you don't know something.  Employers are looking for people that are keen to keep learning not just having all the skills they want as technologies change but they want people to adapt and keep learning too.
             @ Michael Newton - Fable workshop "Fabled Pokemon" - This was a three hour workshop that went so quick.  I was having so much fun and learning too.  Fable is using React as the core application and using F sharp and Fable as wrappers.  So although the code looked and the syntax was very different the components and the concept that code is broken into components, functions and modules was not completely foreign.   Ramón would love this which can be used with fetch requests to return data about Pokemons.  Such a great idea for a workshop, such fun for children and older children.  I am still looking for Pikachu but my basic app was working! 

    I also got a big tip from another lady who was attending the workshop. In terminal (cmd line) she initialised the directory where the workshop code was, went to git hub, created a repository, copied the push and head lines, went back to terminal (cmd line). Added files, committed with initial commit message and pushed to github with copied lines. She was then able to change the code and have a history of learning and code changes to review after the workshop. Also this was then available for future employees! Thank you Layla for that tip :)

    She also was very inspiring in the fact that she was asking questions throughout the workshop to help her understanding but it also helped others in the workshop who were struggling over the same understanding.


    Design talk on "mindset of learning" for RGSoC meetup but also to develop for a lightening talk to have just in case the opportunity arises. Ramón and Anna have been so generous and have offered to help me develop this skill.

    Continue with design of 2nd Blog.

    TO DO

    Complete and put in a pull request for 2nd blog after EVA has had a chance to review and add her part.

    The UI design of the table to display the data results from the Fetch API has been done. Slack is so useful as I have been able to keep up to date with the conversation of the design even at a conference.

September 12, 2018

  • Day 52 - ProgNet and CSS and Blog

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 12, 2018 20:41 UTC


    Attended ProgNet conference. Tagged #ProgNet on twitter. Got to chat to lots of programmers, socialise and gather information not just technically but also attitudes to different technologies and development of software. Talks I attended -

        @ Udi Dahan - Own the future - talked about the future of software and also the history.   
         @ Luce Carter - Zero to mobile hero - intro to xamarin and visual studio team services - this was interesting to see as a comparison to react native and how quickly it was to create an app.  a fantastic example that she referred to was health care software app which is a mobile chest xray, and a skin cancer prediction using ai app.   She also introduced me to azure devops continuous integration which was great as I had a reference point using Travis CI with our project.  
          @ Rabeb Othmani - Combining the power of bots & Microsoft Azure to build the apps of the future - apart from her talk she taught me how to maintain composure when her laptop with her slides, demo and code had a blue screen of death 5 mins into her talk.  She smiled, was honest and had a sense of humour.  All whilst rebooting her machine and getting another laptop prepped as a back up if her laptop didn't recover. 
             @Rachel Appel - Build Real-Time High-Performing Software with ASP.NET Core - This was very relevant to the project that I am working on as it was all about http calls, issues and seeing both sides of the api - server and client.  I was introduced to 
             @  Willow Rendle - from scratch to unity 3d - learning to code by making games - This was a great talk by a 12 year old girl that was sharing her programming journey from scratch, hopscotch and now Unity 3d.  She did a live demo, showed a project she had worked on and was very funny.  Great inspiration for women coders!
               @ Mete Atamel - google home meets containers on google cloud.  This was another good talk about technologies I didn't even know about.  Again I was listening to not just his content of his talk but how he introduced his talk, he gave very clear expectations and how his machine was going to simulate a google home device for performance reasons.  He also had two great infographics that were very easy to understand the technologies emphasising the importance of powerful slides.

    The closing talk was a panel in the style of "have I got new for you". This was really funny and great stories related to technology. My favourite was a history of commitment messages for github. It made me think of some of the messages I have done.


    Looking at Jest Test for Search form, easy test, does it render search input component and a button. Need to look at how to test fetch api requests and when their is a response the state of the search form is updated with the data. Coach that I spoke to is going to help with this.

    Continue to look at CSS refactoring and the implications of breaking apart the index.css with inherited styling.

    Blog of conference started, have emailed RGSoC as to where to put this blog. I looked a medium and signing up as a writer. So as well as doing talks, look at writing more as I want to share what I have learnt to a wider audience.

    Second blog..gathering ideas of how to present what we have learnt in a fun but informative way.

    TO DO

    SVG inline styling for the search icon so that this can be a child of the button, along with the text so that they can be styled independently.

    Waiting for the UI design of the table to display the data results from the Fetch API. So until we get this review the libraries of react tables.,, and

    Look for duplicate code that can be refactored.

September 11, 2018

  • Day 51 - CSS, API, React Table Libaries

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 11, 2018 21:08 UTC


    Met with Bahmni mentor to review current story and progress. Shared screen on zoom to show code and talk through reasoning. Ivo then made a small list of changes and kindly emailed his notes, he is very methodical and great mentor when learning.

    Added a legend to the Search Form and put a border around the input and button to separate in preparation for displaying the data.

    Created fake data on another branch to understand how this data can be manipulated.

    Met with coach to discuss REST API, Testing, CSS. Explained to coach and shared screen on zoom to show our current progress of our app. This is good practice and although I am familiar with the app it is helping me to understand it better by explaining and answering questions.

    He explained about- encodeURIComponent("v=bob&name=g") encoding query params so that if a person has special characters in their name it would still be able to return the relevant data. This may become necessary when we are testing on names in their local area.

    Our search form doesn't have any tests at the moment, so discussed with coach different testing options from snapshot to using He is going to put together some information so that we can build upon and create for our app.

    CSS classnames - looked at names and changing them to be more specific so that they don't get reused inadvertently for example rather than just button calling it search-button.

    Consistency consistency consistency when making changes to the Navbar although there are several ways to create the links, keep to one way.

    My feeling today and learning is that I have a greater appreciation of people coding CSS. It is an art. I talked with our Bahmni mentor and he expressed how people need to see both sides of development back and front so that people have an appreciation of each other and although different everybody has their skill.


    Index.CSS needs to be organised and different CSS files created and grouped together per component. This will make it clearer what are global CSS and component classes.

    Work on the visual side of user interface with particular attention to flex wrap when the screen resizes, positioning of SVG files in buttons.

    TO DO

    Waiting for the UI design of the table to display the data results from the Fetch API. So until we get this review the libraries of react tables.,, and

    Another story waiting for analysis in Jira which is to connect our app with the existing Bahmni system!

    Look for duplicate code especially on button logic and see if this can be extracted into a generic component.

September 10, 2018

  • Day 50 - COMMUNITIES - Conferences, giving technical talks, blog post

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 10, 2018 17:51 UTC


    Eva is on holiday in Slovenia however I still see the occasional post in the girls code community.

    We have been offered tickets through RGSoC for I now need to search flights, hotel as its not long till oct 5th! Unfortunately Eva won't be able to make this one. But I am hoping to tweet, blog post and share as much of the experience as possible online. Excited! :) . I am also out of my comfort zone but going to apply to do a first time talk and share my experience of React with the Bahmni project.

    I have also won another conference ticket through a diversity raffle in London. . This is looking at .net technologies. This is again out of my comfort zone. I have not done a lot on .net but I am very interested in Kubernetics, docker, and this is related to our Bahmni project which is building an app with data being stored and retrieved. It also has some soft talks on Turning Passion into Experience, and Career Advice For Programmers.

    I have been working through the React course with codewithmosh and looking at displaying data from fetch API into a table whilst waiting on an update from designer as to how they want it to look.

    The OPEN MRS community is amazing. As part of our story we need to filter persons so that it doesn't show users, providers etc . I haven't posted into a developer community network before and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be understood or make clear my problem. However the replies I have got from several users has helped me and our mentor move on with the development of our app. Open source have such great knowledge and experience to share. I will using this resource more for learning too from previous posts.


    Creating a table in our app with data from REST API response.

    Working on the next blog post that is due on 17 Sept. Is this really our last blog with RGSoC it seems like yesterday when we were taking photos and working on our first blog post.

    TO DO

    Meet with Ivo our Bahmni mentor tomorrow.

    Look at the design of the table and functionality of filtering just one record to later use CRUD - Create, Read, Update and delete.

September 06, 2018

  • Day 49 - Team Meeting

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 18:23 UTC


    • Georgina and I had a meeting with coach Ivo and the Bahmni team (Angshu and Sruti) to discuss the app progress, issues and how our app will be incorporated as one of the Bahmni web apps. It was great to listen to Angshu who knows the workings of Bahmni inside out. Ivo was also being very helpful by insisting that we maintain the scope of our project as it is and making sure that we deliver something useful at the end of our summer. I think it's easy to get carried away and take on too many challenges, but Georgina and I both agree with Ivo and think it's important that we use our remaining time wisely!
    • We spent the morning before the meeting uploading as many updates as possible so that we could demo them during the meeting. This included styling another page, adding a navbar component, adding SVGs to the page, connecting the two pages with a back button and clickable divs and implementing a fetch GET request that fetches the results (it's a good thing that we got the legwork for that done yesterday!) - shoutout to coach Neil!
    • I (Eva) was feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday afternoon, but I think it's a good sign that despite not feeling great I was happily distracted by programming issues.


    • we need to reach out to the larger openMRS and ask about specific API requests and query parameters as discussed in our meeting today
    • implement the changes and suggestions from today's meeting - this includes design and functionality changes

    To Do

    • finish the current story and possibly meet with Ivo tomorrow again
    • rest?

September 05, 2018

  • Day 48 - Fetch Get API, React Router Dom

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 5, 2018 22:43 UTC


    Good progress made today with next story which is to create a search page, use Fetch with Get Person API from Open MRS.

    We looked at end points and what the API was returning using postmaster and the excellent documentation with Open MRS, they also have their own extensive wiki to search - so no shortage of information.

    Our Coach Neil saved us lots of time to how to customise the return from the API, how to set limit of the amount of records and how this can then be changed in an environment file depending on resources, amount of records, how many times the fetch api is to be called and how much is returned each time.

    We compared the differences from the Open MRS system and the Bahmni system to try and understand what was the best way for our app to use the api.

    We discussed with our coach React Router Dom and how we could use this in our App. Although we only two pages React Router Dom offers the quicker, cleaner solution and so although a library we have decided to install and monitor what difference in load times this will make with our app.

    We created multiple pages and created a route for them. We then used switch to prioritise but also to catch erroneous addresses.

    We then pair programmed with GTH driving and uploaded a branch but as this still has a lot of work still to be done it was not merged with the master.


    Add search SVG to search page
    Add new person SVG to search page

    Aesthetically change the page in line with the design requirements using CSS . Not Georgina's favourite thing in the world because even though I change values it doesn't take effect due to specificity! (I can't even say the word properly without sputtering!)

    Unit testing - design and writing

    TO DO

    Look at dynamically changing the navigation bar to show what page the app is on.

    Add the function to fetch using the GET person API

    Change formContainer name to something more meaningful now that we have more than one form - one for search and one for add new person.

    Meet with the Bahmni team tomorrow as to how this app will connect with existing app, look at our progress and discuss how to make some decisions with the rest of the app.

September 04, 2018

  • Day 47 - New Story, New Challenges

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 4, 2018 21:13 UTC


    • met with coach Ivo (who is sick, but still met with us, took notes and researched our next story! <3 Ivo <3)
    • I (Eva) have been excitedly refactoring code for the past couple of days, so it was very good to receive some feedback from coach Ivo on what is useful (and what is not)
    • implemented the changes suggested by coach Ivo
    • I hosted GirlsCode in the evening which was again a good mix of welcoming new students, recommending resources, motivating the veteran students and solving some coding issues (and installing some Ubuntu, of course)

    GTH - it has been a long interesting day that has got me excited about our project with our new story and me studying well into early hours. Does anybody else program all hours when they are in flow?

    Our mentor Ivo has given us less detail for this story as it is similar to a past story and it is just enough to make us struggle so that we again learn more. The story is to use a get api in a search form. As this is a separate form we will need to plan out reusable components, look into the rest api end point so it only returns persons that we have added from our input form and not all users, providers etc.

    I have also been reading up on react router. Do we really need this whole library for a low resource app with only two pages? Playing with browser, switch and link. A good question for discussion with coaches on our slack channel.

    Lots of meetings today that were reflective on what I have done so far, always good to stop and reflect . RGSoC meetup today talking about imposter syndrome and mindsets. Also one to one with supervisor Ramón.


    • researching our current story including GET requests, React routing, adding more components
    • using the SVGs provided by the team designer, Konrad
    • watching (and rewatching) the Mosh tutorial on React

    create a search form for our app


    • meeting with coach Neil tomorrow
    • meeting with coach Ivo on Thursday

    I would really like to celebrate RGSoC as I think it is such a great experience and more people need to know. As I feel I have learnt so much and I have met so many lovely people. Would any body else like to celebrate with us? Maybe we can arrange a joint party - suggestions welcome

September 03, 2018


    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 3, 2018 20:39 UTC


    Met with supervisor Ramón online - he is also a good coach checking we are both ok and happy with our project. Eva explained the last two stories she has done with spinner and refactoring. We had a great conversation about testing and discipline. It was interesting to hear about other technologies and their community. For example Python is seen as having lots of documentation and Ruby has a great community of testers and feedback.

    We then did a meeting about the overview for the next 30 days. It covered things that we had planned, obstacles, ideas of what we think is coming up for the application and what would we need to learn. We also set about a strategy for the upcoming blog post due on Sept 17th.

    Eva filled me in as to what changes she had made on the app.

    Georgina shared resources from conference in June Women of Silicon Roundabout. Lots of soft skill talks for women to help move into technical leadership roles.

    More learning on what is clean code, consistent code, best practices and ways to refactor code to make it easier to understand and read by others.


    We are both doing the codewithmosh course and we are working through this and applying what we are learning to our app. We actually felt that having a project to apply this to was so good in learning and helping to understand that is shows how much we have learnt in these two months with RGSoC.

    ByteConf online videos

    Continued to share resources with girls code MK community and our social media followers.

    Write a template for the blog post that we can start to work on - some ideas to make it fun to read

    TO DO

    Meet with mentor Ivo about the two stories that are currently showing on Jira but are not ready for development and are still being analysed.

    We have set a date of 2nd November to do a presentation of our app to ThoughtWorks staff in London and will be streamed to Berlin. This is a lunch time session which we hope to;
    * thank Ivo for his unfaltering patience, very clear and precise instructions
    * encourage and inspire others to mentor with RGSoC for future teams as we have benefitted so much
    * share specific details of the Bahmni project

    Continue to use react router in a separate branch on github.

August 31, 2018

  • Day 45 - Recharge!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 17:52 UTC


    • I spent the morning being interviewed for an award that I might get for GirlsCode (!), and I was talking about the diversity gap in tech and all the great work that RGSoC do as well!
    • I applied for a Vue.js workshop in September - because Dan Abramov (the creator of Redux) will be there
    • I went over the Front-end developer handbook to see what technologies I should learn next


    • more experimenting with routing (React router is great!) and mocking components


    • watching Byteconf (an online React conference) on Sunday
    • waiting for more details on the next story

August 30, 2018

  • Day 44 - Javascriptin'

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 20:15 UTC


    • TodayI spent 4 hours at the GirlsCode daytime session: doing a lot of studying but also talking about our project and helping others (whether troubleshooting an internet connection, talking some React basics, helping with algorithms and discussing learning opportunities - bootcamps and such).
    • I got slightly fixated with our form's CSS so I've been looking at box shadows, background colour and reading on readability, HTML form conventions
    • the rest of the time was dedicated to the react router - how can we maintain the fast loading speed (and avoid unnecessary reloading)?
    • I've added a navbar to our app
    • Also, SVGs are just numbers - I've managed to build a 'back arrow' svg by just copying some stuff from the interwebs!


    • adding some mockup pages for testing the routing
    • Adding a clickable 'back arrow' svg that will allow the user to go back to the previous page
    • Creating a Register Person page based on the styling


    • discuss specific story requirements with Ivo

    It's almost September!! (followed by horror&scream emoji)

August 29, 2018

  • Day 43 - Onwards!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 29, 2018 15:56 UTC


    • Two stories finished this week!
    • This week I've done a lot of CSS and a lot of refactoring - it feels great that now I am able to make the code a little less clumsy
    • I also spent a little bit of time today reading blogs from ReactJS experts (one recommended by coach Ivo), checking out upcoming meetups and conferences (in London) and sharing some of it with the GirlsCode MK community


    • React router research phase: Switch wrappers, Routers, Links, history, location and match objects.
    • Studying the ReactJS course (50% done!)


    • Girlscode MK daytime session meetup tomorrow - a great opportunity for coaching and sharing what I've learned
    • meeting with coach Ivo once the new story is done
    • Byteconf conference is this week!

August 28, 2018

  • Day 42 - The Answer!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 28, 2018 22:22 UTC


    • Today was spent refactoring the existing code, removing redundant css classes and unifying the styling
    • I also asked our coaches about best practice for CSS and learned more about relative and absolute sizing (em, rem, %, px) and when and where to use them
    • Coach Ivo sent his review notes for the work I submitted yesterday and was happy with the work I've done (including my first loading spinner!)
    • I spent some time today reviewing best practice for styling HTML forms ( and running our existing code with pa11y ( and Google Lighthouse audits -> we rank pretty well on the accessibility and best practice scale so that's good!


    • reviewing the notes from Ivo and finalizing the 2 stories
    • I'm 30% through the ReactJS course (programming with Mosh), I really want to finish it over the next week or two as it has really me to understand our project better

    To Do

    • look into the next story
    • start learning about React Router that we will be using in our next task

August 27, 2018

  • Day 41 - Flying solo

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 27, 2018 14:31 UTC


    • Georgina is on holiday this week so I'll be carrying the team GirlsCode MK torch for most of the time
    • we had a weekly meeting with supervisor Ramón: checking on our progress and catching up.
    • Ramón also told us about the EuRuKo conference that he had just organized - I've been following it as well online and am very proud of Ramón!
    • Finished the tasks from the last meeting with coach Ivo - they've been submitted for review
    • I've been learning loads on how to refactor code and make it cleaner - I was very happy to use what I've learned in our latest task
    • SVGs are a little bit of a nightmare, but getting the hang of those as well


    • going over a ReactJS programming course (Mosh)
    • refactoring current code
    • learning more CSS (best practice, flexbox, relative VS absolute units)


    • finish the current two stories