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September 28, 2018

  • Day-66

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 28, 2018 19:03 UTC

    Can't believe its the final day already!! Where did all the time go :P
    - We are extremely happy we were able to contribute so much to the responsive images feature these 3 months. They have definitely been challenging and provided some lifetime learnings 🤩
    - We will miss our mentor and our supervisor so so much!!
    - We worked more on our Servo blog today :)
    - All the current PRs have been reviewed and merged. We can count them to be more than 10, for each of us 💃
    - While the project has not ended yet, we are happy to have made some substantial improvements!!!! Who knows the next batch of girls in Servo will help with the remaining tests :D
    See ya RGSoC, hope to meet you again next year 🔥

September 27, 2018

  • Day-65

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 27, 2018 19:09 UTC

    • Tried to take up suggestions by Emilio(another awesome contributor in Servo) to improve upon the tests today.
    • Partied a lot for Nupur's birthday :P
    • Over and all a good day with good coding and good fooding.....!!

September 26, 2018

  • Day-64

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 26, 2018 18:30 UTC

    • Tried to understand the working of parsing modes such as default and all in servo
    • Still figuring out how to correct the suggested correction in matches_environment. It is somewhat different from the tests earlier because we need to write a test which can give different results in both modified and unmodified servo. But for all the varieties which we have tried until now, no difference has been observed. This one is a hard nut to crack !!!!

September 25, 2018

  • Day-63

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 25, 2018 19:15 UTC

    • Today we continued working on matches_environment.
    • We have been suggested to write cross-browser tests to ensure compatibility. Will try to complete this soon....

September 24, 2018

  • Day-62

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 24, 2018 16:22 UTC

    Can't believe its the last week already! Coding in Servo has been so much fun that we have planned to continue making contributions throughout the year :D
    - The major part of the Servo blog has been made. We are working on the technicalities we need to present.
    - Started worked on an issue in matches_environment. Wrote a test for the same. Fixing bugs and discussing with mentor to clear doubts on exact specifications needed.
    - Also continued analysing the unicode character crashing test.

September 21, 2018

September 20, 2018

  • Day-60

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 20, 2018 04:01 UTC

    • Today I (Paavini) have been given access to approve my own PR because of rebasing issues!! Sounds awesome isn't it :P
    • Completed the code for Complete API and pushed it as, well.
    • The PR for the api even got merged. So fast :O
    • We plan to start writing a blog for servo from tomorrow :)

September 19, 2018

  • Day-59

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 19, 2018 18:00 UTC

    • Completed few minor changes requested in relevant mutations PR
    • Still analysing the crashing test. Studying about UTF encoding to represent characters which is involved in the test.
    • Started working on completing the steps in Complete API

September 18, 2018

September 17, 2018

  • Day-57

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 17:18 UTC

    A discussion-full day :D
    - Completed the RGSoC second blog post and put up a PR for the same. We are awaiting any comments and changes :P
    - Had our weekly call with Rakhi. Discussed about where our status is regarding the UK Visas we are awaiting for :D
    - Discussed with our mentor about the future tasks for the remaining 2 weeks. Since our algorithm implementation is almost complete, we are planning to investigate some test cases which still have unexpected behaviour.
    - We are also planning to write a blog post for the Servo community. Yayyy!

September 16, 2018

  • Final RGSoC blog post

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 16, 2018 11:22 UTC

    Writing our wrap up RGSoC blog post made us realise that this summer has been so awesome. With just two weeks left for the program, we feel so sad 😭. We wish this could continue forever. From being noobies in Rust (who does't even know how to remove a Dom wrapping) to actually getting our code landed in Servo, we feel so confident. Thank you RGSoC team <3

September 14, 2018

  • Day-56

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 14, 2018 16:50 UTC

    Such a good day for us. Another PR merged :)
    We are now working on relevant mutations. Our PR has been reviewed. We are working on the suggested changes. We also need to complete the RGSoC blog :)

September 12, 2018

  • Day-55

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 12, 2018 18:43 UTC

    We are so happy today. PR with 103 comments merged!!!!!
    Finally we are working on rebasing the second PR which has a large number of merge conflicts.

September 11, 2018

  • Day - 54

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 11, 2018 20:58 UTC

    Some more borrow errors resolved today (for reacting to env changes PR). We learnt that the borrow error can simply be resolved by putting a { } enclosure instead of cloning all the time.
    A new PR for relevant mutations has been sent.
    We further plan to rebase both the remaining PR's after the first one and get the merged asap!

  • Day - 53

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 11, 2018 16:59 UTC

    Intermittent test failures again prevented our PR from getting merged :(
    I (Paavini) filed a big in Servo for the same. PR-1 is in the process of getting merged.
    I will rebase the second PR and then we can merge that one two. (I am assuming we'll get a large number of merge conflicts though :P)
    We need to put up a PR for relevant mutations. But I will put it after PR-1 gets merged.
    Next we need to work on a failing test due Unicode in parse_srcset function and start writing our blog. Resolving tests is too time consuming and we are getting better at it :P

September 10, 2018

  • Day-52

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 10, 2018 13:54 UTC

    We have implemented most of the relevant mutations today :)
    but now again some tests are failing and timing out due to those changes instead of new tests passing. :/
    A lot of debugging on our way today.
    We plan to resolve those timeouts as soon as possible.

September 08, 2018

  • Day-51

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 8, 2018 13:50 UTC

    Yesterday night we received the tickets to OSS EU!!! <3 We couldn't be happier!! It's already so exciting.
    Today -

    We worked on relevant mutations and we will send a PR by tomorrow.
    We created sample tests to be tested on all the different browsers for the failing test cases related to responsive images in Servo.
    These tests are going to be run for testing on different browsers so that it can be verified if the algorithm is flawed.
    We are planning to start writing a blog for our RGSoC journey so far <3

September 07, 2018

  • Day - 50

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 15:34 UTC

    A very productive day. We sent another PR :)
    Both the pending PR's are on the roll and will be merged pretty soon.
    The PR involving reacting-to-env-changes has shown an error due to intermittent tests. So couldn't be merged yesterday. But we are supposed to ignore those :P
    The tests failing due to current-pixel-density are passing now. Hooray :D
    We will rebase the second PR when the first one gets merged.
    Finally we will be working on relevant mutations now. :)

September 06, 2018

  • Day- 49

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 15:08 UTC

    Included the density in the relevant files so that the image height and width can be displayed in the correct dimensions.
    Had a talk with Josh regarding how that can be done and implemented the suggested changes.
    We realised that some steps are missing in the HTML Specs, so Josh suggested making the changes in Servo and then reflecting those changes in HTML specs.
    In the process of debugging why the density is being returned as None instead of the desired value.

September 04, 2018

  • Day-48

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 4, 2018 19:22 UTC

    We spent the day figuring out the reason of failure for the tests involving current pixel density. Finally we found out by talking to Emilio(on IRC, he is really helpful when Josh is not around :D ) that pixel density is not being taken into consideration currently. We were confused about in which file should all this be happening, but now we know.
    So we will be implementing that part of the code today, to fix the failing tests in current-pixel-density.

  • Day-47

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 4, 2018 10:50 UTC

    Today we updated the previous PR. A large number of failing tests are passing now, it seems to be some progress. But still some of the tests are failing, and we need to look into those. We couldn't have our weekly call with Rakhi yesterday, so we'll have it today. We also need to add all the relevant mutations in the current PR to ensure all the tests are passing.

September 03, 2018

  • Day - 46

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 3, 2018 12:34 UTC

    One of our PR got merged, hooray! After so long finally.
    We are now again working on the reacting to environment changes PR. After our current changes, some more unexpected tests have started failing due to the borrow errors and we need to correct them. Also our tests which were earlier passing are now failing and timing out due to some changes. We are again working on correcting those failing tests.
    We'll also have our weekly call with Rakhi today. This is going to be an exciting week.

August 31, 2018

  • Day - 45

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 18:20 UTC

    -Corrected the two failing results successfully
    -But the tests which pass locally are not passing in the servo build due to intermittent tests(we suspect this).
    -Started looking at the remaining implementation of relevant mutations

August 30, 2018

  • Day 44

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 16:46 UTC

    Our PR got reviewed successfully today-
    - Our mentor explained the results of build fails on servo appveyor which was due to intermittent problems and not because of our changes. Some relief for us :)
    - We are investigating two failing tests in the currentSrc PR. Completing these 2 tests will complete the PR
    - We learnt about the window.location, pathname and origin functions which are used in the tests

August 29, 2018

  • Day 43

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 29, 2018 19:16 UTC

    We opened up another PR today.
    - It did not solve the appveyor problem, instead it has been leading to more failing tests. We are waiting for our mentor to give some feedback on it. It has been confusing to see these failing tests given that they are building and passing on our local systems :(
    - We started developing a part of another algorithm which is called "relevant mutations"!
    - We spent some time developing our UK visa application for the conference which we want to apply for through RGSoC :D