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September 29, 2017

  • #Day 50: The final day

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 29, 2017 17:58 UTC

    Omg! We have come to the end of the SoC. The last 3 months were a great learning experience for us. We are so happy to be part of such an awesome program. Thank you everyone for supporting us, the Rails Girls community, our supervisor Rafal, mentor Pete, coaches- Alfie and Mukesh .

    Both of us ( Anagha and Amrita ) are planning to contribute to the program even after the SoC gets over. We have started training our juniors for the next coding season. We would be conducting workshops and other training session for students in our university.

    Alvida !!! from team Bundledore. <3

September 25, 2017

  • #Day49: Regular Work

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 25, 2017 23:27 UTC

    Work done today:
    1. Ported a few more files to Bootstrap 3. Every file I change; i realise that I missed out on making some changes in the previous one, so I always have to go back :P
    2. PR merged for #135
    3. We got feedback from Pete and from member of our local Ruby Users group. Yay ! tweaking the PR as suggested by them.
    4. Submitted the feedback form.

    Amrita had an absolute blast conducting the Linux Commands Workshop. Reviews by our juniors are here ! Scroll right to the bottom for it :)

September 22, 2017

  • #Day48: A weird glitch. Suggestions please !

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 22, 2017 18:28 UTC

    Done writing our blog post and Anagha tried cloning the Github repo (summer-of-code) but suprisingly, it stops at 26%. This happened for me(Amrita) too, during the first blog post but we thought it was due to weak internet connection. The last time after a lot of trial and error we finally cloned the repo and pushed the blog post in. Anyone else faced such issues ?
    The weird part is that, the download always stops at 26%, be it my laptop or Anagha's.

    Still waiting for the last PR(#135) to be reviewed also, and the PR for our responsive pages issue needs to include the changes for Bootstrap 3. I (Amrita), am working on that currently. Anagha is looking over the attendance issue currently.

    We have a session for our juniors tomorrow which involves introduction to open source. Wish us luck !

September 20, 2017

  • #Day47:A normal day

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 17:27 UTC

    Amrita: Pete suggested a lot of changes to PR #129, looking over it today.
    Anagha: Correcting changes to the blog post, looking over the attendance issue.

    Preparing to host another workshop this weekend in our club ! It will be on Linux Commands and basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. Wish us luck :')

September 18, 2017

  • #Day45: Lots of stuffs

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 18, 2017 16:38 UTC

    • Completed the second blog post. Have to send the PR.
    • Amrita was experimenting a lot with the installation of OS and configuring wifi drivers.
    • Will be sending a new PR for the bootstrap issue.
    • Volunteered for the workshop and helped the juniors with basic Linux commands, python programming and basic html and CSS.

September 13, 2017

September 12, 2017

September 11, 2017

September 08, 2017

September 07, 2017

  • #Day40:Team call

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 7, 2017 18:52 UTC

    We had a team call today, our coaches, mentor and supervisor all of them gave their reviews and pointers on how we can improve. Definitely going to put it into action. We have to send in our PR for two issues and then start on the list we have planned for this month

September 06, 2017

September 05, 2017

  • #Day37:one more PR sent

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 5, 2017 04:25 UTC

    We keep forgetting to send in a status update, really sorry for that. Yesterday, we sent in a PR for #139. We found out that on configuring the settings for our mongoid.yml file, we do not get the error(not able to connect the primary node to the replica set) when we run console but we get it on the browser. Will ask Pete about this once he comes online :) Till then, Mukesh our coach has asked us to look into the docker configuration files.

September 01, 2017

  • #Day36:Onam ashamsakal :)

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 1, 2017 03:32 UTC

    Amrita is looking into the responsive design issue; nearly done. A little checking required. Next step, porting the website over to bottstrap version 3.0. She is going over different sources to do the same ! Also, up until now we were using our respective Github accounts to send in status updates. We are now going to be using a common Bundledore account from now onward !

    Anagha is looking into #128, most of the problems are coming up because of this fellow here. We have been trying to fix it on her laptop hopefully it works soon !

    Today, and for the next two weeks we have holidays from our college(its our festival, Onam !!) So, we'll be working quite a lot :) and having fun of course !

    Onam ashamsakal to everyone :)

August 29, 2017

August 28, 2017

August 16, 2017

August 15, 2017

August 09, 2017

  • #Day28:Progress :)

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at August 9, 2017 18:49 UTC

    Work done today: Mostly front-end stuff
    1. made the navbar on different pages responsive. We had a long chat with Mukesh about topics like the basics of web apps and what were the mistakes beginners make in general. Amazing food for thought !
    2. Discovered more about how web-apps run. Mukesh has given us a few tutorials to read. Looking forward to reading it !

    Work for tomorrow:
    1.Make some more progress on making the other pages on the website responsive.
    2. Write the blogpost, due on 13th August

August 08, 2017

  • #Day27:Changing tracks

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at August 8, 2017 17:49 UTC

    Work done today:
    1. Pete has given us a few front-end tasks like upgrading the version of Bootstrap for few of the pages and to make them responsive. All these days we were working on the backend, so really excited t work on some front-end stuff. We managed to get one page responsive, lots more left todo.
    2. sent in a PR for the MailChimp issue. In the last all-team call, we were asked to send in smaller PR's instead of few big ones. So, we decided that we can add background jobs later and sent in the PR.

    Work to do next:
    1. As a first step, we need to get the pages to be responsive. Next, Amrita came up with an enhancement to the navbar, so as soon as we get the go signal, we'll do it. We also have to send in a PR for our blog post which is due on 14th August.

August 07, 2017

August 04, 2017

  • #Day24-25:Restrospection

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at August 4, 2017 10:46 UTC

    Had our weekly hangout call with Pete and Rafal . We discussed about how we could have improved our works done so far. We decided to put proper deadlines for our future tasks, so that it will be completed on time. We have kept the notes of each meeting that we had. So , tomorrow onwards we will be continuing our work with the bg jobs. Hope to finish it within this week.

August 02, 2017

August 01, 2017