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September 14, 2017

  • Week 10

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at September 14, 2017 22:28 UTC

    Heyaa People!

    We feel really guilty not updating our logs, however between our college assignments, continuous evaluations and our scikit-image work, we are inundated and updating logs takes a backseat. So, we considered doing weekly updates instead. Let's jump into our rather productive week --
    We learnt how to use a jupyter notebook(<3) and played with a few examples.Our mentors asked us to code in python3.5. However, both of us have python2.7 as our default python executable version and we couldn't change due to college work which mainly uses python2.7. So we had to figure out how to use our jupyter notebooks with python3.5. Our coaches kindly pointed us to something called virtual environments. For quite a while we were figuring out how to use virtual environments and what actually happens when we install one. We created a virtual environment for the scikit-image local git repository with python3 and all the needed modules were installed using pip3(phew!). We really liked both the tools that we learnt this week. Virtual environments are really cool! and jupyter notebooks just make work sooo easy :D

    Woah, so much to write for a week(phew!) Catch you next week!

September 05, 2017

  • Our PyData Delhi Experience

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at September 5, 2017 05:38 UTC

    This weekend, we volunteered in PyData Delhi! It was a two-day conference on Python and its applications in Data Science - the first ever in India and we got to volunteer in it! It was a very nice experience attending the talks and workshops and getting to know more about Machine Learning which we are so keen on. Volunteering in the conference helped us get to know how conferences are organised and got us extra time with the speakers too :p

    We attended most of the talks and attended one workshop on Data Visualisation. The talk we liked best was the keynote from Siraj Raval, the famous Data Science teacher on YouTube! We talked about what we liked best in the videos and the future of Art and Machine Learning and we both really like art and their amalgamation would be something really nice to work on.

    All in all, we met new people, learning from their journey and seeking guidance on our advent to the field. We had a cherishing experience :)

  • Week 9 - Updates

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at September 5, 2017 04:40 UTC

    Well well well ! A lot of things have been happening and it's been a roller coaster last week. We got our project changed. And our new mentors are so cooperative and helpful and we are really grateful for them taking us in now.
    Over email, our mentors assigned us an issue to work with immediately as they were busy to have a chat at the start of the week. We looked up the issue - We had to convert all existing implementations of numpy histogram to fast histogram and benchmark the results. Based on if they make much of a difference, it will be decided if the implementations of hisogram will change in the main repository.
    We talked to our mentors over chat on Friday and cleared out doubts on how to bench mark the two implementations. They directed us to two benchmarking codes and asked us to understand and implement a similar benchmarking.

    We also worked on updating our blog on Thursday and yes, it's finally published!

    Until next time :)

August 23, 2017

  • Week 8 - Updates

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at August 23, 2017 15:17 UTC

    Well, the proposal we submitted wasn't accepted since that will be a huge step forward for Susi as of now, which the mentors don't want. And apart from that we had a few more issues due to which we are changing our project to Scikit image. :D
    Now, all set to be a part of this new organization which was also our first preference. Thanks to Laura and Vaishali and infact the entire Rgsoc team who considered these issues and decided to change our project.
    We are eagerly waiting for a mail from our new mentors. And as of now, reading the current issues and the PR's in Scikit-image.
    Will start off in full swing as soon as we get a revert back..
    Until next time :)

August 17, 2017

  • Day36 !!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at August 17, 2017 23:00 UTC

    Today we spent so much time on figuring out conferences (its just so exciting :D ) and then after a long discussion and looking through each one's website, we finalized two of the most feasible of them. Other than this we spent our day learning and reviewing other PR's and understand the workflow of SusiCMS better.
    Until next time, bye :)

August 15, 2017

  • Week 7!!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at August 15, 2017 13:26 UTC

    Hola :D
    After a long discussion with our mentors and coaches regarding our OpenNLM idea, we were asked to do a research on the same and submit a formal Proposal for that ! So formulating a proposal which would be persuasive and at the same time would ensure them that we'll add value to susi.

    Wish us good luck :)

August 09, 2017

  • Week6 Updates

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at August 9, 2017 07:31 UTC

    Such nice weather today in Delhi. :P
    So, as of now, things were going slow because there is competition to solve issues faster. The urgent issues needed React and before we could finish off understanding the library, the issue got solved :( Thus last week wasn't so productive. Though we are glad we learned a new Javascript library.
    So after sharing the problems we are facing with our supervisor Vaishali last week, we decided to find some substantial issues for ourselves. And after 2 days we came up with an idea of detecting the language of the user query automatically. This would be new and no GSoC'er is working on this. We spent 3 hours to figure out an idea to implement this. And we plan to research a bit more on this and discuss it with our mentor today. Lets hope everything goes well. Fingers Crossed!!

August 02, 2017

  • Status update! #day23

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at August 2, 2017 22:15 UTC

    Recently, our mentor marked susiskillcms issues as "urgent" priority so we switched to working on CMS and thus we needed to learn React for the same. So we spent the entire evening learning react and designing a suitable UI for Susi.AI. React is so amazing and makes UI building so easy.
    Apart from that, we fixed a Hangouts call with our coordinator Vaishali tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

    Until next time :D

July 31, 2017

  • Week 4 - Day 1!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 31, 2017 20:35 UTC

    Off to a fresh start for week 4! We started working on a priority PR on our repo. The PR requires npm packages to be installed. It was our first time with this so had problems with the package installations on ubuntu. We'll continue looking on this tomorrow :D


July 27, 2017

  • Week3 - Day4 !

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 27, 2017 21:03 UTC

    Hello !! We are just so happy today !! We got the same hostel room !! Yippiieee !! :D
    So we working is a lot more easier and fun now.

    What we did today

    • Work on susi-skill-data
    • Created a PR for the same. Yayyy :D !! Another PR in-line !!!!


    • Create a PR for Shopping skills
    • Research on how to add skills in Computational skills of Susi Until next time, bye :D

July 25, 2017

  • Week 3 Day 2!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 25, 2017 18:59 UTC

    We are just realising the amount of work that goes into meticulously building every skill. Cover all sorts of questions and find answers. Phew! We are continuing on our endeavour to put together more skills for our intelligent bot service!
    Also, we may get to stay in the same room during this sem in college (fingers crossed) B)

    Stay tuned!

July 22, 2017

  • Week 3 ! Update !

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 22, 2017 07:18 UTC

    What we did yesterday

    • Another PR got merged
    • Still worked on improving skills

    To-Do today

    • Send a PR for the added questions in entertainment section
    • Catch up with the GSoC people of my community.

July 21, 2017

  • More Skillss !!!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 21, 2017 04:20 UTC

    Yesterday what we did:

    • Added questions in entertainment (in Movies and jokes)
    • Submitted a PR (Has already been reviewed :D yayy )


    • Add more relevant questions to 3-4 more files in entertainment
    • Submit another PR !!! ( PRs' are addicting xD )
    • Talk to our coaches and give them updates

    Hasta Leugo :D

July 20, 2017

  • Week3 !!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 20, 2017 06:08 UTC

    This week has been very hectic for both of us. One of us was busy with Placement Committee work and I was busy with my Research Project. So we took two days off !! (We'll cover it up on weekends, promise !! ) Ramya will be off to Tirupati (A pilgrimage in Andhra Pradesh, India) for the next 4 days. I'll miss her :(

    On Tuesday we had a call with our coordinator - Vaishali and had a nice 30 mins long video chat with her!!

    To be done today

    • Skills to be incorporated in entertainment - Jokes
    • Pr to be submitted for the same.
    • Learn about Base report (My previous PR is stuck because of that!! )

July 15, 2017

  • Day 10! Friday!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 15, 2017 03:03 UTC

    We looked at issues that need to be solved,started on one but realised that someone was doing it already. Then we got to know that - a contributor creates it and immediately solves it or is grabbed by someone else quickly!
    So plan find our own issues and solve has started!
    Have started to try out making some susi skills too.

    Well, phew!
    Another day has gone by, until next time!

July 13, 2017

  • Day 9

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 13, 2017 20:38 UTC

    Hi readers !
    Today was a long day. We expected to create/find Gradle Buildpack instead of an Ant one. But surprisingly, we figured that the deployment process would be better without any buildpack. Wow ! Amazing. So, anyway, we worked on the deployment for 6-7 hours and then once our brains stopped working, we asked one of our coaches (Shiven) to help us out. And then he brainstormed with us for around 3-4 hours before we could actually get to the error. And the moment we could fix it was as if we conquered the world. haha ! And thus closed issue #370.
    So we got one deployment button working.. but got to work on Scalingo and Bluemix deployment buttons.
    Ok, Bye!

July 12, 2017

  • Week2 - Day 8!

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 12, 2017 20:35 UTC

    Hello again :D

    Today we spent our entire time reading about deploying Gradle projects on Heroku. We want to find/create a Gradle Buildpack for Heroku to update the Buildpack of Susi from Ant to Gradle.
    So we opened an issue #368 and worked on it.

    So many new things to learn!! Exciting, yeah ?

    Stay tuned :)

July 11, 2017

  • Day 6 & Day 7

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 11, 2017 20:33 UTC

    Hola friends !

    What we did yesterday

    PR submitted and it got merged successfully :D Solves issue #362

    What we did today:

    Tried deploying Susi AI but facing issues on both google cloud (public-transport-enabler not working) and heroku (wrong buildpacks), and discussed them with coach.
    Read up more on susi features at


    fix deployment issues

July 07, 2017

  • Day 5

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 7, 2017 21:25 UTC

    Hullow people !
    Today, we could only start off late at around 5 pm in the evening. :( We worked remotely again since we realized the reading and the learning part wasn’t over yet. We had a lot more to learn. So today, we:

    • Learned more about external API calls in Susi and also some things about JSON.
    • Read about embedding Javascript into an Intent and adding intent into skills.
    • Read about loklak search API.
    • Started working on our first blog. ;)
    • Drafted out the timeline with the help of two of our coaches. (To-Do : discuss with the mentor and submit it.)
    • Dealt with issues in the installation.

    We have read enough, I guess? Now, we really want to get our hands dirty and give some new skills to Susi :D
    Let’s get started with it tomorrow!
    Hasta Luego :D

July 06, 2017

  • Day 3 & Day 4

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 6, 2017 13:33 UTC

    Hola Readers !
    Yesterday (5th July) we spent almost the entire day in downloading and building SusiAI with Docker on Google Cloud. (Internet problems!) But in the meanwhile, we discussed our summer timeline with our coach @Aditay and brainstormed new ideas to improve Susi.

    Today, we decided to work remotely since we had to read the entire documentation on Susi Skill Development. Learned to create and to test the newly created Susi skills. Also tried it online on Etherpad and tested the skills in the dream zone. It’s so much more fun and exciting than we were expecting it to be !! Yayy :D


    • Write our blog
    • Finalize our timeline
    • Talk to our supervisor and our mentor
    • Create and contribute to Susi skills

July 04, 2017

  • Status Update!! Day1 and Day2 - Starting off :D

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017] — at July 4, 2017 18:25 UTC

    Hola readers :D ! We're just so excited to start off with our RGSoC project !!
    Had a video call with the entire team, got introduced and discussed the major outline of the project.
    We are just so glad to have such amazing mentors and a wonderful supervisor :)

    A few things we did today:
    - Integrating the normal workflow of the team.
    - Introducing ourselves on Susi AI Gitter channel.
    - Getting familiar with the project.
    - Read scrums of other people to get started.
    - Read guidelines
    - Set up the SUSI project on Cloud server.

    TO-DO :

    • Chalk out our timeline for this summer.
    • Start contributing to susi-skills.