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September 29, 2017

  • Day 63, 64 and 65 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 29, 2017 09:43 UTC

    SO today is our last day. We are incredibly sad (to say the least) that our summer is now at an end. We have loved being a part of this community and loved spending it working on Babel. We have never been so fortunate to have had the chance to be surrounded by such intelligent, sophisticated, cool and considerate people as our Pivotal London mentors, and we have been blessed to have had Ines as our supervisor, and Henry as our lovely and supportive Babel mentor. This summer has been such a privilege and it would not be possible had the Rails Girls Summer of Code given us this chance and opportunity. We owe our summer to you, and to everyone who has been involved with it in some way.

    Today we are presenting about our summer to the Pivotal community - it has been a hard presentation to prepare for because the summer has far exceeded even our wildest of expectations and it's been a summer of huge growth, transformation, opportunity and genuine passion and interests. We hope to do Rails Girls justice, as well as show Pivotal just how much this summer and their help this summer has meant to us.

    We have loved reading about everyone elses adventures this summer, and have loved experiencing the world through their eyes and through their Commits and PR's. It's an honour to have been part of the 2017 cohort, and to say we have been a part of these amazing women's journeys.

    So thank you Rails Girls for giving us this chance, and for giving us this community to be a part of - we love you, and we will never forget our time with you these past three months.
    With all our love,
    Emma and Kara
    ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

September 26, 2017

  • Day 62 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 26, 2017 16:02 UTC

    Today was spent working on cutting our presentation - it exceeded 40 minutes (whoops) and needs to be cut to 30, at a max.

    We had our last RGSoC retro with the Pivotal London mentors and it was SO SAD. We cant believe it's coming to a close :( we don't want it to be over. It was incredibly positive, and we hope that next year, if there is a London team, they will choose to work from Pivotal - they're so cool and lovely, it's hard to find a nicer hosting company.

    We also had our last call with Ines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭 😭 😭 We're devastated that it's now at this point. Who could have foreseen it coming this quickly!?! We spoke about how we both hope to help with the future cohort for the RGSoC, so we hope this won't be the end of our journey with this amazing organisation :)

  • Day 61 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 26, 2017 08:41 UTC

    We can't believe it's our last week!!!! This summer has flown by! On Monday, we made changes to the presentation that we received on Friday, and began to work through the new flow. It's now split more-or-less in to three sections, and is proving to be something that's taking up more of our time than we had originally thought. We began doing a method called "water microphone" in order to encourage us both to stop using our hands so much when talking, and rather look up to the audience. In the evening, we had our Refactoring Legacy Code Part 2 with Diego, which was really interesting.

    We cannot believe we are in our last week, and want to say thank you to Rails Girls Summer of Code for this summer - it's been absolutely amazing ♥️ 🎉 🎊 🚀 🦄

September 22, 2017

  • Day 59 & 60 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 22, 2017 09:46 UTC

    We've been SO busy preparing for our presentation. The time is flying by, and we've got so many things we need to sort out. The presentation went from being a run time of about 12 minutes (too short), to 19 (perfect) to now over 35 minutes!! We're going to hopefully be in a really good place this time next week (when we present) and we're actually excited to present about our summer. Our blog post gets published this weekend, so we hope you all enjoy it :) ♥️ ❤️ 💕

September 21, 2017

  • Day 58 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 21, 2017 08:33 UTC

    We attended the Weave Cloud day conference at Google. The day was incredibly interesting and fast paced; it covered topics such as Introduction to Microservices Orchestration & Monitoring, Introduction to Cloud Native, Introduction to Microservices, Orchestrating Microservices with Kubernetes, Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus, Prometheus Philosophy & Concepts. Prometheus Architecture, Microservices Best Practices, Challenges of Microservices, Architecting for Microservices, Cloud Native Architecture and Why it is important, How to build a CI/CD Pipeline when using Kubernetes and PromQL Deep Dive - The Prometheus Query Language. It was a strongly hands-on day; it was very interesting, and we learnt an awful lot about containers and systems infrastructures. We'd recommend attending one!!

September 19, 2017

  • Day 57 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 15:28 UTC

    Today we had a LOT of changes we needed to make to our presentation. We have a run through this Friday, where it has to be 90% of the way there, but right now, it's more like 40%... This will be the first tech presentation either of us have ever done, so it's pretty daunting and nerve wracking. We made a PR for our blog post - which we hope you will all like (when it is published) - and worked on issues we had with an earlier PR we had made to the Babel codebase which has arisen today. We have a debugging session later on legacy code which will be super interesting :)

  • Day 56 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 08:56 UTC

    We focussed our day on working on our presentation, as we were planning on presenting it to our mentors in the evening. We have LOTS of edits we need to make, so that's going to be the focus on today, after making a PR on our blog post.

September 15, 2017

  • Day 55 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 15, 2017 16:28 UTC

    We can't believe it's Friday already! Today we really prioritised working on our presentation - we have a practice lunch session on Tuesday and we want to be really confident about talking. It's always nerve wracking presenting your work, but we really want to do justice to both Rails Girls and Pivotal so we are going to dedicate a lot of time to it :) We started writing our blog post as well - we want to be ready well in advance :)

September 14, 2017

  • Day 54 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 14, 2017 15:47 UTC

    Today has been a very busy day. Following our mentoring hour, where we spoke to our mentors about software architecture , we focussed our morning on TDD practices and watched an amazing video by Matt Parker ( We had a TDD lunch talk which was really cool - we learnt about how the practices were implemented in to Pivotal practices. We also spent some time working on our presentation - which we have to have ready by Tuesday. We are spending our evening discussing Containers.

September 13, 2017

  • Day 53 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 13, 2017 15:24 UTC

    Resolution of an ongoing side issue: Kara pushed some changes on the Sunday before last (before leaving for the conferences) to the codemod to remove unused catch binding ( Unexpectedly, the continuous integration tests failed! This was surprising as the rebase to master had gone smoothly and I had no problem building and running the tests locally on my own machine. But, it was time to soon leave and I figured I would speak to the wonderful Pivotal mentors in a week's time. 8 days later, on Monday, the problem persisted, despite pushing up a freshly rebased branch (again, which had no problems locally). Our fantastic Pivotal mentors ❤️ spent an hour with us on Monday discussing continuous integration (because, really, it's when things go wrong with continuous integration tools that you are forced to recognise how little you know about them), and that was a fantastic learning experience. Our mentors finished the session with the (correct) advice that we should message the Babel slack channels , but I always find doing so to be quite intimidating (😂). Finally, l worked up the courage to leave a message in the summer of code slack channel and in less than 10 minutes received an incredibly kind and helpful response from a Babel community member. Basically, I needed to rebuild on circleCI without the dependencies cached, but I didn't have permissions to do so. A core Babel member stepped in and did so for me (yay!) and the problem was solved. Of course, I was happy to tell our Pivotal mentors the next day that the problem was resolved and got the following reply (I love supportive messaging!):

September 12, 2017

  • Day 52 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 12, 2017 15:15 UTC

    Today we prioritised our presentation and focussed on starting our slides for it; we found out some incredible facts about Rails Girls which made us ❤️ the organisation all the more.

    We spoke to Ines today as well, who we adore and just cannot have imagined our summers without her - we love you Ines 🦄 💕

September 11, 2017

  • Day 51 Pivotal London (and the previous week)

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 11, 2017 15:10 UTC

    Last week was hectic for us! Emma handed in her dissertation, did her presentation, had her interview AND had her completion ceremony (and had her review today). It was all very stressful and overwhelming, but she's come out the other side keen to succeed and with full grasp of what it's actually like pitching and presenting a business and facing hard questions from people!! It was so amazing though - I can't believe a year is already over! It's shocking to say the least.

    Kara had a superb time at both the Google Developer Days Conference AND Container Camp. She learnt so much about the new Google APIs and the mobile web at GDDEurope. Then, at Container Camp, she was fortunate to hear many talks on containers and orchestration and be introduced to the many different technologies and platforms that are being created. Two Pivots gave a talk on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and some of the technical choices they have made in the recent past and that was a fascinating introduction to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and how it has evolved.

    Day 50 of our time here was predominantly getting back in to the swing of things - Emma came in for the afternoon following her review for her dissertation, and then we both had a meeting with Ines and spoke to her about our weeks and how she was and how we really are so lucky to be on this program. Ines is the absolute BEST 💕 😍 🦄 ❤️. We're going to spend the rest of the day working on our presentation, and talking about continuous integration with our supervisors tonight :)

    It's been a busy week, but now we're both excited to get back in to Babel - we're hoping to make really strides this week :) :) :) :)

September 07, 2017

  • Day 48 & 49 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 7, 2017 13:52 UTC

    Last day of Google Developer Days for Kara. I'm going to miss this conference. The talks and codelabs have been amazing, and I've really enjoyed meeting with fellow developers from all over the world. This has been one of the most diverse and inclusive conferences I have attended, and I've had fantastic conversations on new technologies and the use of tech to disrupt entrenched societal practices (hello, my fellow idealists 😍). Here's a photo with Gen Ashley, Director of Women Who Code and Lead for Google Women Techmakers , and Charlotte Fereday, a Women in Tech Scholar at Makers Academy/Thoughtworks:

September 05, 2017

September 01, 2017

  • Day 45 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 1, 2017 15:45 UTC

    In the morning, Kara talked through how she refactored the codemod. We spoke to Ines for an hour, and then decided to work on our talk for the rest of the day - we're really excited to give it to the Pivotal community at the end of September!

    Next week, Emma has her last week doing her dissertation - it is due THURSDAY. Time has flown by. She has her presentation on Tuesday, and the interview on Wednesday, and her completion ceremony on Friday, so look out for a photo of her in her cap and gown :) Kara will be going to Google Developer Days 2017 and Container Camp. Next week is going to be intense, but such a game changer for the both of us :)

August 31, 2017

  • Day 44 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 31, 2017 10:30 UTC

    Handling the case of when params are patterns by exiting out early doesn't really handle that case. And there is no way the Babel community would let that slide, so I stayed late last night to work on possible solutions in, which is an amazing tool 😍 . Still couldn't get anything to work, but sleep is amazing because this morning I tried again and solutions were so much easier to see. Happily, tests are now passing for when param isObjectPattern and isArrayPattern. Hopefully, this will be sufficient to have the codemod pass the Babel community code reviews :) I would be happy to put this to rest as it was something I was working on last month, quite a long time ago, and before I rigorously committed to pairing with Emma on Babel work. A commitment which I am now breaking; however Emma did say that she was happy if I moved forward on Babel work while she spent yesterday and today preparing for her dissertation presentation. So this is fine. Also, it feels great to move forward on Babel codemods. :)

    Kara was fortunate to have two mentoring sessions today, although neither specifically addressed Babel. It is amazing to be here at Pivotal and to have mentors be so generous with their time and be willing to answer all my endless questions. The first session was on clean architecture and design patterns. This was an extremely helpful session which ended with a good half dozen articles for Kara to read :) Later Kara had a more indepth session on Bash scripting (following on from our earlier introduction to Bash scripting on Tuesday), which was an awesome demonstration of how to use Bash to do quite an elaborate bit of functionality. In short, Andrew did a rewrite of a test harness in Bash that I had previously written in Node. It was really cool to see how this would be done in Bash and now I have the file for future reference :)

August 30, 2017

  • Day 43 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 30, 2017 15:26 UTC

    Today has been a good day. Emma has spent the day preparing to present her MSc dissertation, which will happen next week (  🦄 ❤️ ).

    Kara spent some time looking at the two plugins that have yet to be completed. For the remove-unused-catch-binding transform, I've removed a superfluous filter in one of the conditional statements of the visitor, as well as a duplicate check that the param is present. However, it is still not done: one of the members of the Babel community has pointed out that the codemod needs to take into account when catch clause params are patterns as well as identifiers.

    One of my favourite things about working on Babel is how good the code reviews from the Babel community are. ❤️

    I also worked on the codemod for var conversions. The codemod now checks if a variable is being reassigned in its scope and if so changes var to let (this codemod is being built step by step 😂). Doing this made me realise I could completely refactor the codemod. Sometimes you need to take the long path to find the short one.

    Between 5-6 met with Pivotal mentors ( ❤️) and discussed patterns as possible catch clause params. We wrote a failing test for when the param isObjectPattern and then made it pass by simply returning out of the visitor when param not an Identifier. Yay for TDD. However, that doesn't really handle the case when patterns are being used. Then we talked about our journeys into tech and I loved hearing about theirs.

August 29, 2017

  • Day 42 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 29, 2017 15:38 UTC

    Our day today was the BEST DAY EVER.

    So, today Emma was told that her dissertation start up was one of the start ups chosen to be part of the ALPHA program at Web Summit. We're both SO HAPPY. Although she's struggling to find funding, but aren't all start ups? 😂 😂 😂 So hopefully she'll be able to get some help paying for the ticket and then she'll be one of the early stage ventures showcasing there.

    As well as this, we fixed an issue with our codemod, which was pretty damn hard. We had felt quite dejected by the end of last week (sorry Ines!), so today's been really needed. We realised we had been approaching the incorrect parent path and this is now corrected.

    In the evening, we had our Bash scripting session. We never learnt anything about Bash scripting at Founders & Coders, so it's pretty awesome how cool Pivotal are and how darn keen they are to help us learn as much as we can :)

August 28, 2017

  • Day 39, Day 40 and Day 41 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 28, 2017 10:53 UTC

    Day 39
    It was a long and hard day for us; we struggled to get motivated, but we were very dedicated and pushed ahead. We worked on an older codemod that hadn't been merged, and we were able to push ahead with the codemod for var and const. We had our meeting with the lovely Ines, followed by our Retro with the team at Pivotal. In the evening, we began to prepare speech and language training :)

    Day 40
    Emma worked on her dissertation. Kara worked on personal projects.

    Day 41
    It's a bank holiday in the UK! Emma worked on her dissertation - she's hoping to get a first draft done this weekend, and have done a presentation for the practice day on Wednesday.

August 23, 2017

  • Day 38 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 23, 2017 15:35 UTC

    This morning, we decided to push through and cut any of the "dead wood" off of our codemod that we've been writing; we were realising we were really just adding too much padding to code that was passing tests and not really changing the code we had or refactoring it. We cut about 30 lines, and still the tests were passing (whoot whoot) but we still have one test that we're struggling to pass. This morning went by incredibly quickly, so that was cool that we did so much.

    We had a "Friends of Pivotal Lunch and Learn" today which was given by Amy Simmons, who - incidentally - did a Rails Girls weekend course back in Australia as her first coding journey experience! The talk was all about how companies can help nurture junior developers and what is needed by that; it was interesting to see different people represent their companies, and speak to different developers about their own experience. Amy was incredibly positive and now works at Twitter - we're very lucky to be part of such a cool community like Rails Girls :) It made us realise how special a company like Pivotal is - what she deemed to be "good practices" are exactly what Pivotal do on a daily basis, and don't even refer to them as a "good practice" but rather just how it is. It was nice to hear her speak on this, and it definitely made us pinch ourselves when we realised how lucky we have been to have had this experience this summer.

    In the afternoon, we watched the end of the Kent C Dodds video - we watched his section on the AST and Codemod transformation, which was really insightful.
    In the evening we spoke to our mentors about an old codemod we had written which had been flagged as having issues that we had set aside - so we're hoping that during the session we can get those problems solved and it will be merged soon :)

    Our incredible Babel mentor Henry is talking at React Rally tomorrow, which will be streamed live, so if anyone is interested in learning about what we do, check it out :)

August 22, 2017

  • Day 37 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 22, 2017 15:41 UTC

    We found that we were struggling with our codemod, so decided we would take a study day and review our understanding of Scope and Closures. We watched tutorials by Kyle Simpson, and started watching the course by Kent C Dodds which helped with the common ways to use the Babel API (such as the 'findParent' method). We paired watching the videos, and took breaks throughout to discuss the questions that had been raised by the speakers.

August 21, 2017

  • Day 34, 35 && 36 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 21, 2017 15:32 UTC

    The last two days of last week flew by. On Thursday, Kara attended the Elixir LDN conference, which she very much enjoyed. The keynote by Jose Valim was particularly fascinating as he spoke of using both the elixir ast and erlang ast to generate better error reports in the latest elixir release. Emma worked on her dissertation - she wrote 2000 words all about the future of her chatterbot, and discussed initial stage feedback.

    On Friday, the RGSoC day recognising burn-out, Emma worked through and continued working on her dissertation. Her day against burn-out will come the Saturday when she has handed in her dissertation :)

    Today we sorted out our conference tickets (Emma was engrossed in her dissertation and missed Kara's Slack messages after she closed Slack down Thursday evening to focus) and it was incredibly hard to choose which conferences to attend and we have a tonne of interests between the two of us so that was difficult.

    After this, we set up our pairing station, and spent all day pairing :) It was nice to talk through the issues and problems we were having with the codebase, and whilst we're not necessarily getting the tests to pass, it's testing our knowledge which is always important. This took the whole day, and was still not completed when the working day finished. OH WELL. That is life in software isn't it?

August 16, 2017

  • Day 33 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 16, 2017 15:48 UTC

    We had a busy morning working on the tests that we had allow to fail from our previous Flex hour with Derek. We made them pass (🎉) only to make them fail all again later when we changed the codebase to be more complicated. At least we know the merits of TDD and the best practices :) We stood up for the morning and programmed - again, an amazing decision for us - as we were able to utilise our caffeine intake to the max.

    During our lunch period, we had a meeting with our Pivotal mentors to discuss what and how we were going to progress through the next weeks of the program. We are SO lucky to be here. We are surrounded daily by enthusiastic, and kind-hearted members of the technology community who truly are passionate about helping us learn. We cannot thank them enough for their support in the run up, and in the duration of Rails Girls and we're both incredibly sad that the summer is now in its' second half. BUT we still have so much more to do and so much more to learn. One of the things we had learnt - without even realising it - was that we had become a lot better with ensuring we went to speak to our mentors with our specific issues, not with any issues we were having. We've both begun to discuss throughout the day what our problems are, jot them down, and then raise them throughout the day in Babel, to each other and then - if that isn't working - to the mentors. We've been aware of how lucky we are, and how difficult it is for them to jump in to the codebase that we spend all day looking at. We spoke about how important it is to keep pairing, and we're honestly loving it.

    In the afternoon, we finished working on the Variable Declaration Duplicity Codemod we are working on. It's taking a lot of energy, and poking around the ASTexplorer (thank goodness for ASTexplorer) to get particular things working. It's been a slow and - at times painful - process and after a few problems with infinite loops, we're back on track and moving positively ahead. But we're learning more than we ever bargained for :)

    In the evening we had a meeting with the Babel team, and discussed what has been happening in the community in general.

    All in all, a good day :)

August 15, 2017

  • Day 32 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 15, 2017 17:26 UTC

    In relation to Babel, we had a very good day. We ended up having an issue which, we both admit, was so easily fixed. BUT we're at the stage where we now see what is wrong and why - we had not properly Bootstrapped our repos, and it was throwing huge errors. We fixed it easily, and we've learnt that lesson. We then promptly got to work with our current codemod - Var to Const and Let. We have made HUGE leaps and bounds today, and we've paired the whole time - we paired 90% the Pivotal way, 10% the Emara (Emma-Kara) way, where one of us has our laptop out as well to look up even more stuff and to get two Google's looking, rather than one.

    We spent a great deal of the afternoon working through the JSCodeShift repo, and looked at how they did it only to realise that we knew how they did it, and therefore could disregard it and work for ourselves. It's been a really amazing moment to get to and we're both grinning at each other for how advanced we feel like we're getting. We're really getting in to it.

    OH! We had Git issues. But we're beginning to feel like this is a daily struggle for us. We started and ended the day with Git issues, but we're going out on a high from all we have achieved.

    Following an eventful weekend for Emma, she returned back to the team, and we had an AMAZING DAY 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊. Emma had her bot launched on Facebook (after two days of building and working through the night - isn't caffeine the new replacement for sleep?) and if you're inclined to see it then this is the link - I hope you all get the chance to try it and give me some feedback :) The dissertation is based purely on the Feedback so i'm very VERY pleased with it (not to toot my own horn) . It got launched this morning (8am UK time) and it's already receiving small traction on line, so who knows what that means :) 🦄 🦄

    We're both counting down the days until Emma hands her dissertation in and we can commit our full time to Babel - thank you Rails Girls, Babel and Pivotal for giving Emma this chance to work on it - hopefully - fingers crossed/touch wood - it won't require any more time off :)

    In the evening we worked through some code with Derek, who was incredibly helpful with structuring of our codemod. We switched it up and did Const this evening, having done Let all day, and we now have got our schedule worked out for tomorrow.

    Let's hope every day for the rest of the summer is exactly like this 😍 😍😍 😍 😍 😍

    **Yay, for pairing!!!!

August 14, 2017

  • Day 31 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at August 14, 2017 19:23 UTC

    Emma's dissertation project had a problem, so she stayed at uni to work on it.

    Kara worked on a side project. Also, had mentoring session on operational semantics in the evening :-)

    I think that my decision to work on Babel only when working on it with my teammate might be of limited duration, a trial.

    It's hard because almost everyone who contributes to Babel does so on the evenings and weekends, after and around their full work schedule.