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October 02, 2016

  • Day 63 - Winning Streak!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at October 2, 2016 20:37 UTC

    Right after the PR for Issue#772 was sent, PR for Issue#676 was sent as well! After a few hiccups (read version control screw-ups), our branch was finally up-to-date with the upstream master! So, yay!

September 28, 2016

September 27, 2016

  • Day 60 - Eureka!! A Breakthrough in Issue#676!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 19:59 UTC

    FINALLY, finally, FINAAAAALLLLLY! We have a breakthrough in Issue#676. After weeks of pondering over the tagging system, and trying to make the ng-tags-input customizable enough to be used in OpenFarm, we were able to achieve what we trying to do!!!

    What Was Done

    • Read and learned a lot about $scope and $watch in AngularJS
    • Learned about mutations in Rails. The services between a model and controller
    • Implemented a function for loading and saving tags


    • Improve the listing in the autocomplete
    • Customize the CSS of the autocomplete to match OF's color scheme
    • Remove some errors appearing on the console

    Yayayay! :D

September 25, 2016

September 21, 2016

  • Day 56 - Exam Week :-(

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 21, 2016 19:49 UTC

    What Was Done

    • Talked to our coaches about how to go about implementing routes for member in Rails
    • Read about routes in the official docs


    • Study for our Mobile Computing exam tomorrow!

  • Day 55 - Reading about Directives

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 21, 2016 05:18 UTC

    What Was Done

    • Issue#772 has led us to believe that we are lacking in knowledge of angular directives and so we researched about directives.
    • Also read about Angular AJAX requests for issue#676

    Exam week = slow work. But we will be done soon!

September 18, 2016

  • Day 54 - Tagging Models Instead of Directives!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 18, 2016 19:24 UTC

    Talking with Sadiksha, one of our remote coaches, we decided that maybe approaching Issue#676 through Rails would be better than AngularJS.

    What Was Done

    • Added routes for crop#tag
    • Added tag method in crops_controller
    • Debugging routes in tagging

    To Be Done Next

    • Make tag as a member in the routes
    • Add id of crop inside this member
    • Send id of crop in Angular when making the AJAX request
    • Store the tags to the specific crop like Crop.find(params[:id]).update_attributes(tags: params[:tags])
    • Handle the succesful tag on Angular side

September 16, 2016

September 14, 2016

  • Day 52 - Making Some Headway!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 14, 2016 19:28 UTC

    What Was Done

    • We FINALLY spotted the error! Which was in the linking of the HTML page and AngularJS directive.
    • Further reading about $eval and AngularJS directives
    • Error fixing in Issue#772

    Next On Our Agenda

    • Add the Add Crop functionality from the OF API

  • Day 51 - Lots of Discussion!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 14, 2016 14:26 UTC

    There were a lot of discussion and queries about Issue#676 that came up. So we roped in our mentor, Simon to help us decide what the features should contain.

    What We Talked About

    • For starters, we had a discussion about creating tags for existing crops. And how to do it, since Simon didn't like the idea of running a rake task. We settled on the user editing the crop and adding tags
    • Secondly, there has to be some thought given to the pre-defined tags would be. For eg, toxic and poisonous are true for a certain kind of crop, which is poisonous, so how would we define those tags for the other types of crops?
    • Next, how should the autocomplete for the tags work? Should it match the starting of the tag or any character in the name of tag?
    • Since the tag library we're currently using returns one document of all the tags, so to get a specific tag we'll need a Mongo query and Akshay, one of our coaches suggested that we return the Tags in html to the client and then show him tags.

    Still waiting on Simon to reply about these queries. Hopefully, we'll have more soon!

September 09, 2016

  • Day 49: Being Optimistic

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 9, 2016 18:08 UTC

    What was done

    • Got some code written and reviewed.
    • Working on Issue#676 #Key Learnings
    • Kashyap explained the difference between argument passing syntax in angular controllers. For example: A declaration like this angular.module('myApp', ['ngTagsInput']) .controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $http) {
    • would certainly result in broken requests, because when JS is uploaded in a minified version in the browser, the strings are substituted by shorter strings, whereas arrays are passed as it is. Therefore, a declaration like this one would not result in anything being broken: openFarmApp.controller('cropCtrl', ['$scope', '$http', 'cropService', 'ngTagsInput', function cropCtrl($scope, $http, cropService) {
    • Routing in Rails. I was aware of the usual get '/name', routes, but Kashyap explained that resources are a great way to define routes inside APIs Also, learnt the difference between resources :tags and resource :tag

September 08, 2016

  • Day 48: So Much Motivation

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 8, 2016 19:01 UTC

    A better half of the day was spent talking to other RGSoC students on the Slack channel about difficulties we were facing, and how we overcame them. The Twitches also held a dialogue about how to code throughout the next month. It was indeed, a much, required dialogue, and both of us felt a lot better after it.

    Vrinda worked to create a better branch flow of the issue she's working on. Kuldeep explained some basics about creating a new Ruby/AngularJS service for add_crop. They also worked on the how, what and the why of the service (arguments, end goal, pre-requisites) to implement it efficiently.

September 07, 2016

  • Day 46&47: Some Cold Meds And Coding

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 7, 2016 09:03 UTC

    What Was Done

    • Some pair programming on Issue#676.
    • Monthly team meeting.
    • Added crop search to our implementation of add_crop.

    Plan For Tomorrow

    • Adding Ruby/AngularJS service to the add_crop implementation.
    • Getting Taneea up and running.

September 05, 2016

  • Day 45: Catching the Cold and Code!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 5, 2016 18:51 UTC

    Sadly, Taneea has caught a cold and is snuggling in her bed with a warm cup of hot milk and regular steam sessions. She promises to be back alive and kicking in a couple of days!

    What Vrinda Did

    • Worked on the Search feature for a user's garden
    • Catching up on Angular reading.

September 02, 2016

  • Day 42 & 43 - It's Better When You're Together!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 2, 2016 02:59 UTC

    We changed our strategy a little for the coming month of September, working on the same issue together. Till now, we'd just been working on separate issues, helping each other out whenever we could but this issue stands to bring us together!

    What Was Done

    • Taneea worked on Issue#676 separately
    • Vrinda worked on an Angular issue to add crops from a garden.
    • Writing the tests for the entire front-end together! We've just started out with testing the front end together, hopefully we're able to achieve something out of it.

August 30, 2016

  • Day 41 - Exciting Week Ahead!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at August 30, 2016 20:37 UTC

    Our PR for Issue#765 finally got merged! YAY! Event though Heroku threw some errors, turns out our code was perfectly fine.

    What Was Done

    • Read about taggable gem and how to use it.
    • Also worked out a flow for tackling Issue#676

    Plan for Tomorrow

    • Finish the Rails part of this issue, with the code addition in crop model and views
    • Read more about directives in AngularJS for adding a new directive for Tags

August 24, 2016

August 23, 2016

August 19, 2016

  • Day 32, 33, 34 & The Day OFF!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at August 19, 2016 19:34 UTC

    The past week involved a lot more than JUST code. We worked on the following issues:

    • Issue 534: This PR is proving a bit too difficult to merge
    • Issue 772: Still understanding how the gardens model works and its dependencies.

    We also managed to get together JUST for food at #TacoBell! Other than that, we were extremely pleased and honored to be a droplet on the MAP on our OFF Day after the refreshing #medititation session!