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September 17, 2015

  • SQL Stuff

    Team Exercistas (exercism) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 18:52 UTC

    • More Postgresql
    • Almost finished SQL for exercises list
    • Finished off the git monster
    • Comments are now recorded in a new row for every day so we can keep track of how many checkmarks users earn
    • Ruby algorithm practice

  • #db issues

    Team Techylite (Speakerinnen) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 17:27 UTC

    writing tests on categories.
    Worked on adding a country field in profiles table,added the field but encountered problems with the db schema,trying to solve that issue.

  • Rubyherzlein Thursday September 17

    Team Rubyherzlein (SoundDrop) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 15:36 UTC

    Today both Franzi and Nynne had coaching sessions with Erik. At lunch we got to meet our Supervisor, Kasia, for the very first time!! We felt like we knew each other already because of the weekly google hangouts :) We talked about the summer experience and the upcoming blog post.

  • Day 48

    Team Alster Hamburgers (Leap/Pixelated) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 15:13 UTC

    Our blog post is live! We're the first RGSoC team to sum up our summer (even though we still have a bit of time to go). So strange to think that the time is almost over - those months really flew by and we're getting a bit nostalgic already.

    We've bravely thrown ourselves into the middle of that one last feature that is stopping our invite code functionality from being merge-able - with the help of some pointers and code snippet inspiration from Klaus, we've started to adjust some things to allow providers to turn our feature on or off as desired. While that already works okay (we believe), of course it now requires a lot of updates to existing tests to make sure that everything will a) work with the feature turned on or off and b) that both options will have sufficient test coverage. And c) everything should ideally be easy to maintain because it seems that both options will be permanent (because both have their fans among providers).

    So while Anke has a day off tomorrow, Aya gets to face the beauty of that little capybara that is so unhappy with things at the moment. At least Aya seems fond of those cute fluffy creatures. ;) ( <--- Anke typing here, so at least that's what I hope to be true.)

    Also, we're planned our wrap-up event, and some more sessions for next week.

  • #Working with Fields

    Team The Tremors (RapidFTR) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 14:11 UTC

    -We thought of having a dropdown menu to have the option of selecting fields to be displayed either on web or on mobile. But using radio buttons is an option too :).
    -Our logic is to have either radio butons or drop down menus with conditional statements so that highlighted fields are chosen to be displayed on either mobile or web platform.
    -We are trying out with basic form tags and we hope this will help us resolve our issue.

  • Day 56th

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts (RubyGameDev) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 13:24 UTC

    Q&A session with our coach Andrew
    We continued with testing the Guides revision feature...
    ... and have been testing all day long
    During some time there was a training session from Andrew

  • More progress with the live editor.

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 12:00 UTC

    First in the morning we start with our standup where we talked about the achieves already made, the tasks that we have to do during the day and the improvements we need to do for the live editor. In addition, we had the weekly call with our supervisor Ramon, and we showed him the progress of our … Read more.

  • Day 56

    Team Delta Quadrant (Diaspora) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 08:27 UTC

    We worked remotely because we were both feeling a little bit sick.
    We made some progress with the tests. But it is not so easy to create the objects in the test environment we need to test our new formatting method. Probably we should learn more about mocking.

    Also Maren read in the "Beginning Ruby" book about documentation, error handling, debugging, testing and benchmarking.
    Julia read about clojure in her new "7 languages in 7 weeks" book.
    We also ordered new books: "7 more languages in 7 weeks", "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know", "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Codebase".

  • Day 55

    Team Delta Quadrant (Diaspora) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 08:20 UTC

    We worked on the diaspora export to tumblr and added the hyperlinking of the tags. Then we started writing tests for these new formats.

  • Almost successful day!

    Team RubyGirls Quito (LEAP Encryption Access Project - Webapp) [2015] — at September 17, 2015 03:08 UTC

    1. Created button for donations: success!
    2. Created customers without rails migration: success!
    3. Created customerform for info: success!
    4. Allowing anonymous user not to have payment
    info: success!
    5. Allowing customers to have recurring billing: failure.

    Probably the reason why it is not working is very dumb and simple, but I'll search for that tomorrow.

September 16, 2015

  • ... and counting

    Team Cheesy (Rails Girls) [2015] — at September 16, 2015 22:10 UTC

    - 14.
    Today was GitHub day. Roos lead the way on rebasing, so we will smoothly run through our last.. I mean.. upcoming sprints. Roos pushed Sprint 3 to Upstream, which will show the teams next to each other and behaves differently depending on the amount of supervised teams. Maud build the basic setup for a performance calculator, to gauge a team's performance.

  • Database, Database, Database and Tables

    Team Exercistas (exercism) [2015] — at September 16, 2015 18:30 UTC

    • Ran through features roadmap.
    • Changed naming conventions in database migration
    • Finished code to update the database whenever qualifying comments are made
    • Watched Katrina's talk about mastering programming by refactoring toy problems to death - very inspiring!
    • Lots of refactoring
    • Wrestled with the git monster for a while because either I have the right number of files but too many commits, or the right number of commits but too many files.
    • Database issues

  • RGSoC Day 51

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] (Open Source Event Manager) [2015] — at September 16, 2015 18:02 UTC

    What we have done today:

    • daily planning
    • discussed 2nd round of raffle application
    • discussed with mentoring team on slack
    • updated all 3 tab panes of comments page (unread, posted, all) to same new panel styling
    • groomed code to prepare our pull request to be merged

  • Days 45-47

    Team Alster Hamburgers (Leap/Pixelated) [2015] — at September 16, 2015 16:11 UTC

    Day 45: The afternoon was the first day of the Polymer Summit in Amsterdam where we registered and then attended the Code Labs. Sadly, less progress than we hoped on learning more about Polymer (online code labs kind of depend on internet access... and only about half of the people present were able to connect). At least we got some nice offline toys to distract us.

    Day 46: Polymer Summit! We learned a lot of new things about web components in a day full of presentations on various aspects of Polymer.

    Day 47: Travelling back to Hamburg, and then picking up where we left off on Friday, i.e. right inside a Gordian git knot. (At least that's how it felt... so far there were only diverging branches. Maybe our stretch goal should be tying them into a proper bow? :D) But seriously: Everything is back to normal and work can soon resume on that one last feature. We also installed Vagrant and Virtual Box to prepare... and then we realized that we only have about one full week together left to work on the project. Where did time go?!

    picture of our Rubik toy

  • Day 56

    Team CodeBenders (RailsAdmin) [2015] — at September 16, 2015 13:22 UTC

    @mshibuya gave us more feedback on how to improve the integration of the Pundit gem in the Rails Admin gem. After having a call with our coach to clarify a few things (Today we learnt about when to use .try() and when to use .send() ) we sat about fixing our authorisation adapter to incorporate those changes. We accordingly fixed our specs for the same.

    After adding the commit on the PR Travis turned red. Apparently one test was failing for Rails 4.2 Ruby 2.2. Kashyap helped out in replicating that test on our local machine and to our surprise we found that all tests still passed.

    Erik re ran the test again in the evening and it seemed to be a Travis issue. :|
    So everything is now back green B)

    We're now keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that our PR gets accepted soon.