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September 25, 2015

  • Day 63

    Team CodeBenders (RailsAdmin) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 21:21 UTC

    Last Friday hug to all! ^_^
    We had a call with our coaches to begin our day. We spent some time discussing the cache structure problem as we want to fix the issue such that browser compatibility doesn't break the fix.
    We changed the structure of the cache object to resolve the order issue. There is a lot of code pertaining to this so it will take us some time to get done with it.

  • Generator

    Team DEIGirls (Lotus) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 14:58 UTC

    Today we worked on the mailer generator! :D And it is already generating stuff, like folders, files and code!
    We also participated in the Friday hug with Anna from GirlsCodersWars team, chatted with the other teams (our last Friday together) and with our amazing supervisor!

  • Day 54

    Team Alster Hamburgers (Leap/Pixelated) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 14:30 UTC

    We had a retro session in the morning, planned the team lunch and discussed the goals for Anke's remaining two weeks.
    Other than that, it was very much a Friday: Mostly dedicated to tutorials and studying, there was a brown bag session about email encryption, and wow, it's so hard to believe that this is the last official Friday of RGSoC! (It seems we're in a weird in-between state, with Aya pretty much already gone and Anke still continuing till mid-October...)

  • Integration part (I lost count)

    Team DEIGirls (Lotus) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 10:25 UTC

    So, guess what we did? More integration! No teamviewer this time though, but these are some nasty bugs, some you can only spot with certain seed numbers... Is there anyone with bug spray to spare? :P

  • Some more integration

    Team DEIGirls (Lotus) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 10:23 UTC

    The day started with another teamviewer session with our mentor, and some more integration bugs. And we basically did the same as Tuesday. Integration surely is confusing!
    We also finished our blog post ^_^

  • Let's integrate this thing!

    Team DEIGirls (Lotus) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 10:21 UTC

    Tuesday we had a teamviewer session with our mentor Trung, who helped us correct a few more things in the integration, so we mainly worked around that part of the code. We also worked on our blog post (have you seen it? We're very proud!) :)

  • Day 61 & 62

    Team Delta Quadrant (Diaspora) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 09:01 UTC

    Team Delta Quadrant is suuuuuuuper busy this last few days. It's wwwtf aka what the fest aka web tech fest in berlin and there are so many conferences and workshops happening. So on Wednesday Julia had to oversee a workshop she organized! The very very first NodeBots Event in Berlin ever! it was amazing! Also Maren worked on the Wrap Up Party Presentation.

    On Thursday Maren and Julia where together again at the reject.js Conference it was amazing! all the talks were fantastic! But Mariko Kosaka Talk on Knitting with Javascript and inventing her own Knitting Pattern DSL with Javascript called 64sts was most inspiraring to us both!

    Julia unexpectantly got offert the last remaining diversity ticket for the JSConfEU on Friday and Sunday! So much conferencing!!! :D \o/

  • Day 60: Thursday

    Team Tessie (Hoodie) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 08:01 UTC

    Our final Thursday! This makes us both very sad.

    SO SAD

    Today we worked on various loose ends. Our mentors are all having ever so much fun at RejectJS and JSConfEU this week so we haven't been working as closely with them as we have been all summer, which is really driving home that things are winding down and the end is nigh :(

    The wonderful Flaki (who we know from his talk and workshop at otsconf this past August) made sure we were represented at RejectJS. (In marzipan form, no less!)


  • Challenge accepted!

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 05:04 UTC

    Today, over everything we were working on documentation for the living style guide live editor:

    As we mentioned yesterday, we have added two more features related to documentation, small blocks of help text that will allow you to get started with concepts and living style guide features and some tips in a challenge format.
    Add icons to the documentation and challenges buttons, to better express their functionality using font-awesome library.

    Finally, we have done a functionality to load examples from the documentation into the editor when clicking over them.

  • Thursday in St Louis

    Team CocoaGems (CocoaGems) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 03:33 UTC

    Went to the airport in the middle of the night and left San Francisco at 1am.
    Arrived in St Louise in the morning.
    Got a tour of the city from our Airbnb host.
    Had a nap.
    Went to the Strange Loop pre party in the City Museum. Met a lot of interesting people and had a blast.

  • Blog Wednesday

    Team CocoaGems (CocoaGems) [2015] — at September 25, 2015 03:29 UTC

    Worked on blogpost nr 2 together

    Worked some more on blogpost nr 2
    session about databases.
    Learned more about schema and database migrations

    Karla :
    Continued making changes to RGSoC Blog Post number 2
    Edited my RGSoC Blog Post for the CocoaGems Blog
    Had a coaching session with Nevyn and Synched my local summer-of-code fork and Pull Requested to RGSoC for our BP # 2
    Had a productive session working on Cork with Kyle
    Met up with some friends and learned about different job opportunities in Engineering.

September 24, 2015

  • Day 61st

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts (RubyGameDev) [2015] — at September 24, 2015 19:33 UTC

    We continued with the testing for the Guides Revision feature
    It was a long testing day at theOryx
    Q&A session with our coach Tsvety
    We learned again many new things while getting into trouble with the Capybara testing
    We were eager to start the new feature - Showcase section - ability for the users to share their games with links to Github repo, link to the game and many others.
    It is really very interesting and we do hope that with this last feature for for the RGSoC we will manage to do it, with no coaches help.. yeah, we do hope!

  • Day 62

    Team CodeBenders (RailsAdmin) [2015] — at September 24, 2015 18:19 UTC

    Today, we used the browser debugging skills we acquired yesterday to understand how the cache is getting build.
    When caching option is true, data for multiselect loads from the cache, which is not maintaining order and this leads to discrepancy in the view. We plan to incorporate the order maintained by associated_collection_scope while storing entries in the cache to resolve the problem.
    We have a call with our coaches tomorrow as we have a few doubts with the code we are writing.

  • Day 53 - the end... is already behind us

    Team Alster Hamburgers (Leap/Pixelated) [2015] — at September 24, 2015 16:27 UTC

    (Anke) The end is near. Or actually, it may already have arrived unnoticed (how tragic): Our last real RGSoC day is already over and happened some time last week, because Aya is out sick for the rest of the week, has a day off on Monday and will then be at codetalks on Tuesday and Wednesday - and then it's already October. :-O We will still try and squeeze in a team lunch next week (those burgers by the Alster we'd been thinking about).

    So for the rest of the summer, I suppose it will be just one Alster Hamburger.

    Today was once again all about trying to deploy our new feature to a virtual machine and proved more complicated than expected - again, some time spent with mentor Thorsten and coach Klaus to get it to work and we seem to be closer to it, once again, but not fully there.

    I also worked for a while on learning new command line tricks. Of course, there is always if people doubt just how much you've learned during RGSoC, but in more productive ways, the command line always works in bringing up your perceived geek credibility... oh and it's also useful. ;) So I had a session on that today and learned some useful tricks.
    command line notes

  • September 24

    Team Hackrgirls (Impress.js) [2015] — at September 24, 2015 13:31 UTC

    Just one week left!!! Gonna miss this!
    We resolved the meta key issue. Was simple really. Just had to add in a few if statements. Also, in the last commit, while cleaning up the code we forgot to include the first task we did, i.e., we accidently removed the numbers! So we redid it again..
    Working on the axis implementation right now.
    Oh yeah! And filled out the feedback form!

  • Day 59: Wednesday - What do you mean only a week left?! NOOOOOOOO!!!

    Team Tessie (Hoodie) [2015] — at September 24, 2015 12:50 UTC

    It's really hard to believe that there is merely one week left to RGSoC. This has been a lifechanging summer.

    Today Shelly had cold toes (literally, not figuratively) so moved from the sensible desk position to sitting on the floor in the sitting room at the coffee table with a roaring fire. Coziest day of RGSoC so far!

    Other than getting lots of MFH things done and reading more chapters of Eloquent Javascript, there is currently a murder mystery at Shelly's house - the adorable baby chick is missing, presumed eaten. (There are some shifty looking cats around)