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September 07, 2018

  • Day 46 and 47

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 19:12 UTC

    We have the first bot ready and made our friends install it to have it beta tested
    These 2 days we basically worked on introducing our bot to our local circle and gathering their feedback.
    We have started with the blog and the documentation of bot 1
    We'll incorporate their constructive feedback into the literature that we produce for the bot!

  • Day 48: Extreme Blue Guava Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 17:05 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    * Jessica: Worked on blog post, opened new branch for renaming of addressbook, made a couple of code reviews and looked at the datetime inputs.
    * Arati: Worked on blog post, figuring out conference workshops and general sign up process and my first code review!


    Thinking back on the past few months while writing the blog post his a reminder of how far we have come and how intense this summer has been.

  • Day - 50

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 15:34 UTC

    A very productive day. We sent another PR :)
    Both the pending PR's are on the roll and will be merged pretty soon.
    The PR involving reacting-to-env-changes has shown an error due to intermittent tests. So couldn't be merged yesterday. But we are supposed to ignore those :P
    The tests failing due to current-pixel-density are passing now. Hooray :D
    We will rebase the second PR when the first one gets merged.
    Finally we will be working on relevant mutations now. :)

  • The Last 15 Days

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 15:16 UTC

    Project Progress

    • Submitted PR for issue#3881
    • Submitted PR for admin mentor dashboard (our feature)

    Routine day: start the work day by updating the Trello board, check the Exercism channels in Slack, merge any outstanding open PRs in the mentor bios then grab a coffee (decaf, always), before our 9 am morning stand-up. Today was super great because I could share the yesterday's progress on issue#3881. At the stand-up Emily changed the code and we watched as my test failed, then pass when we changed it back. It was a good moment. I submitted the PR, figuring if there are any problems, they can request changes. Truth is, I sat on the code for overnight before I made a pull request. So many things could have changed in the code in 8 hours. I was lucky.

    I had a moment today where I felt like a professional developer. I started working on our feature. I had a code review with Nacho, where he suggested some changes to my code to make it more consistent with the existing code in the Exercism codebase. In the process I learned a new Rails function bin/rails d controller <controller-name>. I made the changes and submitted a PR. Again, it is a small thing, but it felt bold.

    Pair Programming
    I have long been a fan of pair programming and the idea of two people coming together to solve a problem. Amalia and I have paired on multiple occasions, but I had never paired with anyone else before today when I paired with Salva, a developer at ThoughtWorks. I was a little bit intimidated at first, because he is brilliant and I was afraid I would not be able to actually bring anything to the experience. I was wrong, it turned out to be a very educational experience and a whole lot of fun as well.

    He started by describing two different types of pair programming, ping-pong and navigator/driver. In the first each programmer takes turns programming. In contrast, with navigator and driver model one person, the navigator is responsible for breaking the problem down into smaller steps while the driver is responsible for writing the code. We chose the navigator/driver model. After establishing some guideline (e.g. the, asking permission before touching the keyboard of the driver) we started working.

    I had chosen an exercise from the [Exercism]( Python track, but instead of solving it writing code to past the existed test Salva suggested we ignore the included tests and use Test Driven Development. In TDD you write a test and then write the minimal code required to pass the test. Then you refactor and start the process all over again.

    He was brilliant as the navigator, not only with the technical part, but also in creating an atmosphere where mistakes are a part of the learning process. Moreover, he was patient and kind and acknowledged each passing test as a small victory for me. I learned a lot from this experience and look forward to next week where I will get a chance to pair with other developers.

    It dawned on me today that after today we only have 14 more days of RGSoC. We have spent the past two months being hosted by ThoughtWorks, a company that has supported RGSoC since 2014. Everyone I have met has a curiosity about different things and a passion for learning. It has been a joy to share space with this community.

    Most morning I arrive to work a bit early, ostensibly to prep for our stand-up, but really for a chance to have breakfast and talk shop with the other early birds. Some of my best learning experiences have come from this golden hour. It is during these moments that I have learned about on a range of topics: flying drones, quantum computing, music education, string interning amongst others. I am not sure I will be able to replicate this experience again, and I will miss it.

    Next Week
    Full Stack Fest ends today, so Amalia will be returning on Monday. Next week we have a short week since Tuesday is a holiday in Catalunya. We will focus on completing the next step in our feature.

  • Day 64

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 05:55 UTC


    • Coded from 15-19 today.
    • Finish test issue #3. still not ready.
    • Commit PR issue #3 on friday/monday.
    • Next week: continue with issue 16, 17
    • call with Violeta to exchange code tips and organize next week (delayed until this weekend).


    • Finishing #14 (hopefully!) and #45 (deploy to github pages, wohoo!)
    • Working on #21

  • Day #53

    Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 04:02 UTC

    Hi, everyone!

    Today we changed some endpoint methods to use implementation that is more efficient. We are working on a new branch but we didn't open a PR because we are still waiting for the revision of [#3282].

    Somehow the commits of another collaborator messed up with our code. So we had to close #3595 and move all the work to a new PR.

    And finally, we started working on the search controller/views! By the end of the week, we hope to open a new PR with this.


  • Day 47 (September 6, 2018)

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at September 7, 2018 02:51 UTC

    Hindsight is 20/20

    Today I wrote a few lines of code and altered the way we post items on our board.

    After our morning daily, I worked with Maikha and Emily on defining the epic and the stories and spikes that comprise it. The idea being that each step taken towards completing a particular goal should be broken down into smaller steps and recorded on our board so that at any point every team member and stakeholder can in a glance understand what we have done, what we are doing and what we have left to do.

    In our case, our epic was issue#3881. The stories were the parts of the code that needed to be modified in order to complete the epic. The spikes are the things we needed to learn in order to write the code to complete each story. Today's goal was to write a test for an area of the code that had not been tested, the link in an email to the mentors.

    What I coded today:

    • Added a failing test of the link in the mailer notifications.
    • Changed the code to get it to pass.

    Sounds so simple, doesn't it? To get to this point, there were so many things we had to understand. Once you become an expert, it is so easy to forget all the bits of accumulated knowledge that turns the complex into something simple and obvious.

    A short list of what we needed to understand to complete this task:

    • A bit about how mailers work
    • How to generate mock data to trigger the mailer
    • Mailer previews
    • How to recognize a Rails link
    • How to decipher said link
    • How links are generated
    • What a route is and how they are generated
    • How to find routes (bin/rails routes)
    • How to test routes
    • Where to add the tests in the codebase
    • How to change the link.
    • Rails helper functions
    • Know the difference between assert_body_includes and assert_text_includes

    Along the way we also learned how to better distinguish between what information we need to understand to complete the task and what need to put aside to learn about later.

    It has been a long journey through mailers, controllers and routes, to understand a single line of code #{link_to "view it here", [:mentor, @solution]} so we could fix it. Behind this simple PR is hours of tutorials, coaching sessions, and practice exercises, consistent with the RGSoC objective: "learn, learn, learn".

September 06, 2018

  • Day 42 (Sept 5, 2018)

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at September 6, 2018 20:33 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we were a bit busy as we had course deadlines to complete. We did look up the tessel/accel-mma84 git repo and Moddable API but were not able to make much headway today owing to course work and deadlines :(

    Till we meet again,

  • Day 41 (Sept 4, 2018)

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at September 6, 2018 20:13 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we explored the code and documentation in tessel/accel-mma84 repository, and worked on some examples. Sharmistha was ill today, so we could not make much progress.

    Till we meet again,

  • Day 47

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 20:03 UTC

    We started out by updating the reviews requested on adding optional parameters to service objects. For the arguments we used keyword arguments. Then updated all instances of the service object and the tests too.
    - Refactored case controller
    - Updated the application view to acccount for undo and redo links. However this is still a work in progress as we are still working on the failing tests. This happens when we try to update the rails 'flash' on redo and undo differently from the other flashes.
    - We spent the morning learning on Modules, the prepend and the include method and how they are mixed-in into classes

  • Day 47

    Team Rubies (if me - mental health communication app) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 19:11 UTC

    Tasks completed today

    • Tests for Associations
    • We struggled with tests for mailer. We have scheduled a meeting with Alvaro.

    Things we learnt

    • Learnt more about Factory Bot.


    • Documentation for Report feature
    • Write tests for more features
    • Continue working on Blocking feature

  • Day 49 - Team Meeting

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 18:23 UTC


    • Georgina and I had a meeting with coach Ivo and the Bahmni team (Angshu and Sruti) to discuss the app progress, issues and how our app will be incorporated as one of the Bahmni web apps. It was great to listen to Angshu who knows the workings of Bahmni inside out. Ivo was also being very helpful by insisting that we maintain the scope of our project as it is and making sure that we deliver something useful at the end of our summer. I think it's easy to get carried away and take on too many challenges, but Georgina and I both agree with Ivo and think it's important that we use our remaining time wisely!
    • We spent the morning before the meeting uploading as many updates as possible so that we could demo them during the meeting. This included styling another page, adding a navbar component, adding SVGs to the page, connecting the two pages with a back button and clickable divs and implementing a fetch GET request that fetches the results (it's a good thing that we got the legwork for that done yesterday!) - shoutout to coach Neil!
    • I (Eva) was feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday afternoon, but I think it's a good sign that despite not feeling great I was happily distracted by programming issues.


    • we need to reach out to the larger openMRS and ask about specific API requests and query parameters as discussed in our meeting today
    • implement the changes and suggestions from today's meeting - this includes design and functionality changes

    To Do

    • finish the current story and possibly meet with Ivo tomorrow again
    • rest?

  • Day 47: Exciting PyLadies-Red Weetabix Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 16:01 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    * Pair programming--working on Avatar management (#603)
    * Jessica: Finished review points & closed PR #618.
    * Arati: Added close icon to import screen and working on making the screen disappear on click.

    Our first pair programming session was productive and we have a good roadmap set up for the duration of our work on the issue we started.

  • Day 63

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 15:49 UTC


    • Worked on issues today. Issue #3 is almost done. Will finish the testing part tomorrow. And hopefully send out PR afterwards
    • Have the weekly meeting with supervisor Lucas.

    Starting to like the PIMD project:) Made some progress this week. Happy with it.


    • Working on issues #21
    • Problems with issue #14

  • Day- 49

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 6, 2018 15:08 UTC

    Included the density in the relevant files so that the image height and width can be displayed in the correct dimensions.
    Had a talk with Josh regarding how that can be done and implemented the suggested changes.
    We realised that some steps are missing in the HTML Specs, so Josh suggested making the changes in Servo and then reflecting those changes in HTML specs.
    In the process of debugging why the density is being returned as None instead of the desired value.

  • Day 40 (Sept 3, 2018)

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at September 6, 2018 08:49 UTC

    Hi All!

    We continued looking up the Moddable repo. This was suggested to us to debug the errors that we were facing with our ESP32 module. We started looking up the issue on I2C communication protocol again to figure out the solution.

    Till we meet again,

  • Day 39 (Aug 31, 2018)

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at September 6, 2018 08:34 UTC

    Hi All!

    As per the last meeting with Nick, one of our mentors, we looked up the Moddable Github repository and explored it. There were quite a few new things that we came across so we didn't jump into the implementation straightaway and gave some time to the documentation. We still have a few things to add to the documentation of our mini-hackathon. We'll upload that soon.

    Till we meet again,

September 05, 2018

  • Day 48 - Fetch Get API, React Router Dom

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 5, 2018 22:43 UTC


    Good progress made today with next story which is to create a search page, use Fetch with Get Person API from Open MRS.

    We looked at end points and what the API was returning using postmaster and the excellent documentation with Open MRS, they also have their own extensive wiki to search - so no shortage of information.

    Our Coach Neil saved us lots of time to how to customise the return from the API, how to set limit of the amount of records and how this can then be changed in an environment file depending on resources, amount of records, how many times the fetch api is to be called and how much is returned each time.

    We compared the differences from the Open MRS system and the Bahmni system to try and understand what was the best way for our app to use the api.

    We discussed with our coach React Router Dom and how we could use this in our App. Although we only two pages React Router Dom offers the quicker, cleaner solution and so although a library we have decided to install and monitor what difference in load times this will make with our app.

    We created multiple pages and created a route for them. We then used switch to prioritise but also to catch erroneous addresses.

    We then pair programmed with GTH driving and uploaded a branch but as this still has a lot of work still to be done it was not merged with the master.


    Add search SVG to search page
    Add new person SVG to search page

    Aesthetically change the page in line with the design requirements using CSS . Not Georgina's favourite thing in the world because even though I change values it doesn't take effect due to specificity! (I can't even say the word properly without sputtering!)

    Unit testing - design and writing

    TO DO

    Look at dynamically changing the navigation bar to show what page the app is on.

    Add the function to fetch using the GET person API

    Change formContainer name to something more meaningful now that we have more than one form - one for search and one for add new person.

    Meet with the Bahmni team tomorrow as to how this app will connect with existing app, look at our progress and discuss how to make some decisions with the rest of the app.

  • Day 46

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at September 5, 2018 19:55 UTC


    Yesterdays pr were all merged!!
    We opened three more pr today:

    • Added parameter for sorting service object.
    • Replaced instances of makeundolink comments with a flash message
    • Added a link to contribution guide in the header section

    What we learnt.

    • We looked at header section styling, doing it practically and now we can build header section from scratch placing each item in right position.
    • How to sort objects
    • We also read a little on javascript autocomplete function

  • Day 46: Amazing Yellow Ice-Cream Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at September 5, 2018 16:54 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    * Call with our supervisor.
    * Jessica: Added vue clipboard library to allow users to copy the addressbook url. Continued on popover menu in settings and adjusted as per app maintainer notes.
    * Arati: Made a PR for "add address book" issue (#605) and created a new branch for a new issue, "add close icon for importing" (#606).

    Troubleshooting with each other about issues we were working on was very enjoyable and helpful!

  • Day 62

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 5, 2018 14:32 UTC


    • Live PIMD Documentation example (webproject) is finally working!
    • Creating issue #3- to finish tomorrow


    • Fixing demo pimd