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September 20, 2017

  • Day 50 & Day 51

    Team Serv0101 (Servo) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 18:17 UTC

    • We are done with our task.
    • Neha's PR #18313 will merge soon and Rakhi PR #17808 is left with few test cases.
    • Got an email from Josh for our next task

  • #Day47:A normal day

    Team Bundledore (AFDC League Management System) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 17:27 UTC

    Amrita: Pete suggested a lot of changes to PR #129, looking over it today.
    Anagha: Correcting changes to the blog post, looking over the attendance issue.

    Preparing to host another workshop this weekend in our club ! It will be on Linux Commands and basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. Wish us luck :')

  • Day 64

    Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 16:55 UTC

    We did filtering today and wrote 2 tests that check if about and given_by filters work correctly. Both tests are passing :) With Derek, we have learnt about how things are displayed in browser with Flask. Marie had 2 job interviews with SoundCloud people. Marie also worked on making the Friday presentation more entertaining and funny.

  • Day 58, week 11

    Team Code_Hoppers (OpenFarm) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 15:04 UTC

    Hi everyone! Yet another successful day on our end. This week, we have majorly concentrated on testing and integration of these tests on the OpenFarm framework. We realized that documenting the tests would take longer than expected since we have to consider each feature step by step.

    What we had planned to do today:
    -Create documentation for rspec_tests that are pending - done, but still ongoing
    -Identify classifications of tests - not complete
    -Reach out to Simon for assistance with test organization - still pending
    -Ruby Practice - wip

    Tomorrow's plan:
    - Learn more about coveralls integration - more research
    - Proceed with the documentation of tests

    - Lack of adequate test coverage knowledge
    - Challenge trying to learn and implement many components at once
    - Steep learning curve

  • Day 56

    Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 14:14 UTC

    Today we worked mainly on fixing the comments that we received on the questions that we asked yesterday on the issue page on github. Some minor fixes we were able to solve quickly. Then it took us some time to find a db query to retrieve the month and the day of a birthday that works both with mysql and postgres. Finally we managed to solve this using the extract method.
    After that we ran the rspec and realized that some tests were failing that seem to be somehow related to our changes. We are still in the process of figuring out what the exact relation is an how we can solve it.

  • Day 55

    Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 14:03 UTC


    -- put the next tasks into trello cards
    -- updated the core app
    -- installed mailcatcher
    -- fixed the download function for the dropbox plugin
    -- made a PR to the dropbox master
    -- started fixing the nextcloud plugin
    -- found some issues with the nextcloud plugin, because 1. the API doesn't give us a file_id and 2. there is no download method for the Ocman gem, only a share method
    -- had interesting errors when running the downloadersController#index method in the nextcloud plugin: first run I got Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout, on the second Net::HTTPFatalError: 502 "Bad Gateway": /remote.php/webdav/localhost and on the third I got

    You are setting a key that conflicts with a built-in method Hashie::Mash#size defined in Hash. This can cause unexpected behavior when accessing the key via as a property. You can still access the key via the #[] method.
    Module::DelegationError: ActionController::RackDelegation#content_type delegated to @_response.content_type, but @_response is nil: #<DownloadersController:0x007f8bb4dd96a8 @_action_has_layout=true, @_routes=nil, @_headers={"Content-Type"=>"text/html"}, @_status=200, @_request=nil, @_response=nil, @_db_runtime=14.481000000000002>

    -- created a baseclass for the downloader

  • Day 56

    Team Victorious Secret (The Processing Foundation) [2017] — at September 20, 2017 04:14 UTC

    What we did today

    • Saumya checked for further improvements in issue 266.
    • Katyayani worked on issue 391. Since we have an tomorrow we could not do much today. We will compensate for it this weekend.

    What next?

    • Commit changes for issue 266 and soon file a PR.
    • Finish Issue 391.

    Team Victorious Secret signs off for today!
    Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Day 45

    Team BansheeBandits ( [2017] — at September 20, 2017 00:45 UTC

    What We Did

    • disable potter=harry requirement on code
    • show dropdown by default
    • communicated with Jeff about possible next projects

    Next Up

    • decide a project to pursue
    • discuss details with Jeff

September 19, 2017

  • Day 53 of RGSoC

    Team Alexa (JoopeA Club) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 21:13 UTC

    Hello world!

    Today we:

    • committed changes to our PR
    • worked on deactivated language dependencies issue
    • we discussed a strategy for usernames at the registration form

  • Day #56

    Team Codeaholics (Nextcloud) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 20:57 UTC

    • Started working at 11 am
    • We had some problems with our internet connection that's why we couldn't join the RGSoC remotely video call :/
    • We set a goal for our team to finish until the end of this month, Jona will work on the issue #270, #56 and #106 and Xheni will work on the favorite contacts feature.
    • Xheni opened a new issue.
    • We are finishing our last article sharing our RGSoC journey, tomorrow we will open a PR about it

  • Week 12 day 2

    Team Clojurians (re-frame) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 20:31 UTC

    So much progress on viewing app state!
    Got toggling of nested data structures working (thanks dave & curlyfry!)
    And a nice reminder of the common pitfalls of form-2 reagent components.

    Also a PR to add an updated demo of our app to the project readme!

    Also went over some feedback of our talk from last week, which we will give again at the Berlin RGSoC closing party this Friday.

  • Day #59 - Exams!!

    Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 19:24 UTC


    So, our mid semester examinations begin from tomorrow, so, we both were busy preparing for the same. We couldn't do much work today and hope to cover it in the coming days after the examinations get over.

    Till then, Adios.

  • Day 58 - Remotely..

    Team Fusion (OpenDF) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 18:27 UTC

    Today we couldn't meet at the same place to work, since one of us was a bit sick. 🤒 So we decided to work remotely and postpone our weekly call with the supervisor. So here's what we did.

    Things we did today:

    • Tested the search bar with the datepicker. ✅ Now the selected date gets appended to the search query.
    • Went through Selector library to use with Redux, since we are starting the Redux part of the app. ✅
    • Today our second blog post was published!.. Once it was published we could notice some minor issues with the markdown usage. ✅ So we asked to send another PR and it worked. We sent another PR and once it was merged, it looked fine..

    Things to do tomorrow:

    • Have a coaching session with coach Kasun since we missed it today.
    • Continue to work on the Redux part of the app.

  • Day 55

    Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 16:44 UTC

    Today we finished our tasks on the issue. We checked in the rails consul and server that the birthday notification works. We created a notification and saw that it calls the right methods in order to send a notification and an email. Then, at the email notifications preferences, we switched off the check box for the birthday notification and saw that a notification is sent but an email isn't. We also checked that this functionality is tested in the code. Then we asked on the issue page some questions we had and we are waiting for answers. Tomorrow we want to run all the tests . Other than working on the issue, we started to work in the end presentation for the Rails Girls Berlin end event.

  • Day 63

    Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 15:58 UTC

    We started the day with adding a new permission that checks if the user who wanna change a feedback entry is the same user who gave that feedback. We already wrote a test for it and today we were able to finish this task. Afterwards we pushed our changes to master and Tilmann merged it! \o/

    Afterwards we learned about filters with Derek and started to experiment with the filtering in In the afternoon we worked on our presentation for Friday.

  • Day 57, week 11

    Team Code_Hoppers (OpenFarm) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 15:55 UTC

    Another week is here, and we are excited to be working once again towards OpenFarm. The weekend was insightful and fun and we thank those who came through to see it a success! :-).

    What we did today:
    -Review the failing tests - mainly on guidesearch
    -Review Hound issues - caused by fix-rspec
    -Look at failing coveralls issues

    Todo Tomorrow:
    -Create documentation for rspec_tests that are pending
    -Identify classifications of tests
    -Reach out to Simon for assistance with test organization

  • Day 57 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017] — at September 19, 2017 15:28 UTC

    Today we had a LOT of changes we needed to make to our presentation. We have a run through this Friday, where it has to be 90% of the way there, but right now, it's more like 40%... This will be the first tech presentation either of us have ever done, so it's pretty daunting and nerve wracking. We made a PR for our blog post - which we hope you will all like (when it is published) - and worked on issues we had with an earlier PR we had made to the Babel codebase which has arisen today. We have a debugging session later on legacy code which will be super interesting :)