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September 19, 2018

  • Day 56

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at September 19, 2018 15:11 UTC

    • Had a meeting with Ana Sophia, our supervisor, where we were thoroughly impressed with her cute cat.
    • Had two coaching sessions with Javi where we learned how to squash as well as more git best practices
    • Updated our PR and are hoping that it will be merged soon
    • Continued working on our feature and figured out how to put data into tables

September 18, 2018

  • Day 55

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 20:10 UTC

    • With the help of our coach Dan, we had one on one coding session and managed to write a javascript function that gives suggested title from url input value. Having never done javascript before, was a great inspiration, something to consider doing after Ruby on Rails.
    • updated the model to include friendly-id slugs
    • Drafted blog post

  • Day 55: Primeval Turquoise Pasta Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 15:40 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    - Jessica: Worked on the avatar management preview and options menu.
    - Arati: Two merges in one day! Admittedly one was just a tiny little fix but that's still a record for me.

    It's great having App Maintainer and Jessica on riot to ask for help from or just to shoot the breeze with.

  • Day 55

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 15:03 UTC

    Public Speaking

    • Spoke at a Lunch and Learn
    • Worked on our feature for Exercism

    After weeks of encouragement from our coaches, our mentor Katrina, and random ThoughtWorkers, we signed up to give a presentation at a ThoughWorks, our host company. It would be an opportunity for us to tell everyone about Rails Girl Summer of Code, our project Exercism and what it was like being Rails Girls at ThoughtWorks.

    After signing up, we spent the next four days worrying about what we were going to say, how it would be received and wondered if we would fail miserably. All of our worrying was for nought. Amalia began by talking about the gender imbalance in open source contributors and how Rails Girls Summer of Code started in a effort to ameliorate this problem. She then give a brief history of Exercism and gave a walkthrough on signing up as a user, on using the platform and also how to become a mentor.

    Lori continued by talking about some of the things we worked on this summer on the project and describe the feature we are working on for Exercism. At the end of the talk she described what it was like being a Rails Girls at ThoughtWorks, emphasizing the importance of having a supportive environment when you are entering tech.

    It was a very positive experience. The best part was getting an opportunity to share with the TW community how much we have benefited from having them as a host company, professionally as well as emotionally. Our journey into tech has been a long and interesting path. It was here at TW where we grew. It was also a chance for us to share how important they were to our confidence.

    Our feature
    With our talk behind us we returned to focusing on our feature. Amalia figured out how to use ActiveRecord and wrote the code to display some user data in a view. A perfect ending to another amazing day.

  • Day 74

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 14:05 UTC


    • Live demo PR accepted :)
    • Working on gulp plugin


    • Improve Issue 3
    • Work on Documentation (issue 33)
    • Github. add new branches for issue 16, 17, 33
    • Work on Issue 16
    • Work on Issue 17
    • meeting with mentor Cristina (18.30-21)

  • Day Fifty Five - 17th September 2018

    Team Sectumsempra (Chapel Parallel Programming Language) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 04:00 UTC

    We worked on our final blogpost for rgsoc. IIts been such a wonderful journey and if we start penning down all what we have experienced, we will definitely fall short of words.
    Nevertheless, we have put in our experiences as a team as well as individual experiences.
    Apart from that implemented a sample distributed sort, to verify whether the approach is correct.

    Team Sectumsempra

  • Day #61

    Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018] — at September 18, 2018 03:40 UTC

    This week we are finishing some small tasks for the /search page, like adding filters to the /search/notes page and using partials to show the results by type (notes, profiles, tags, etc.). We are waiting for our previous PR to be reviewed/merged to update our current work on top of that. See you tomorrow!


September 17, 2018

  • Day 54

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 19:39 UTC

    Based on the reviews we were given on the pull requests that we had opened, we were able to do the following:
    - Render the proper status codes on the create action and also changed the redirects to render.
    - Add optional attributes to the sorting service object using the send method

    Draw Backs

    • Mailer previews still has issues with elastic search
    • Looping though null case objects raises an error


    • Learnt and used gem public activity to track all the activities in a model

  • Day 56

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 18:23 UTC


    • Wrote our second blog post and sent a PR for the same!
    • Awaiting review on the PR and also awaiting Gregor's views on second bot's working
    • Had a slack chat with Saptak about our progress and met Manish and Manan to discuss on the same
    • Three of our exams are over (Yay!), three more to go (;_;)

    After Thursday we'll be super free to wind up all the work we have in regard to RGSoC

  • Day-57

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 17:18 UTC

    A discussion-full day :D
    - Completed the RGSoC second blog post and put up a PR for the same. We are awaiting any comments and changes :P
    - Had our weekly call with Rakhi. Discussed about where our status is regarding the UK Visas we are awaiting for :D
    - Discussed with our mentor about the future tasks for the remaining 2 weeks. Since our algorithm implementation is almost complete, we are planning to investigate some test cases which still have unexpected behaviour.
    - We are also planning to write a blog post for the Servo community. Yayyy!

  • Day 54: Stubborn Yellow Tiramisu Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 17:05 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    - Jessica: Worked on the loading state for the elements in the popover menu and added logic for renaming section when popover menu has been closed. #614
    - Arati: Worked on more (newly requested) fixes to my latest PR and read more about the GoTo schedule and various talks

    It was really nice to have a chat with App Maintainer again--it has been too long!

  • Day 56 - Back in the Saddle

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 16:06 UTC


    • progress report from Georgina
    • meeting to discuss how we can best divide our tasks and finish the story
    • separating the index.css into modules
    • meeting with coach Ramón to share updates (he is on his holiday in Korea and still keeping track of us!)


    • adding tests to the person dashboard page
    • finalizing the CSS styles
    • extracting reusable components (search and submit buttons)


    • meet with coach Ivo
    • Georgina has a presentation tomorrow at the RGSoC meeting
    • GirlsCode MK workshop tomorrow
    • Going to Vue.js conference on Friday! (Eva)

  • Day 54

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 13:24 UTC

    • Worked on RGSoC end of summer blog post
    • Worked on presentation (slides, practice)

    Almost every Tuesday ThoughtWorks holds a Lunch and Learn where someone gives a presentation and the company caters lunch. Tomorrow we are hosting our very own L&L! We are excited to tell everyone about Rails Girls Summer of Code, Exercism, what we are working on and our growth as developers.

  • Day 73

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 17, 2018 06:21 UTC


    • Fixed style issues on PIMD live demo
    • Went through the config file again
    • Trying to understand gulp plugin and config file testing
    • Had a Women Who Code meeting


    • DONE: Check blog post 2 with Violeta ( RgSOC blog.) add a picture.
    • Improve Issue 3- (after pull request)- check issues with Bright Issue 3 is still not working properly. Tomorrow another day.

September 16, 2018

  • Final RGSoC blog post

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at September 16, 2018 11:22 UTC

    Writing our wrap up RGSoC blog post made us realise that this summer has been so awesome. With just two weeks left for the program, we feel so sad 😭. We wish this could continue forever. From being noobies in Rust (who does't even know how to remove a Dom wrapping) to actually getting our code landed in Servo, we feel so confident. Thank you RGSoC team <3

  • Day 72

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 16, 2018 08:04 UTC


    • Pair programming session with Diana :)
    • Sharing our code, problems and what we have been working on


    • Working on Sunday to recover Thursday/Friday
    • Finished blog post 2 and pulled to RgSOC blog.
    • Work on Documentation (issue 33)- send pull request to NICO (still not ready)
    • Finish Issue 3- - send pull request to NICO (still not ready) -Update code on new branch PIMD updated
    • Check Demo site (issue 44)

September 15, 2018

  • Day 70 & 71

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at September 15, 2018 17:49 UTC


    • Working on issues #41, gulp plugin and 33
    • Had last meeting with Lucas


    • Not able to work on RgSoc due to workload at work.
    • Last meeting with Lucas

  • Days 54-55

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) [2018] — at September 15, 2018 16:15 UTC

    We have installed out bot on the current working repository probot/enforce-template-app. We're waiting for Gregor's suggestions on the same.
    We are documenting our bots and are also improving code quality in the course of doing so.