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August 07, 2018

  • DAY25 : WIP

    Team Sunshine (Babel) — at August 7, 2018 14:28 UTC

    Sujin is working on two minor issues
    * minify option in url should be changed to not
    * add time travel check box and it should be updated in url.

  • Day-28

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) — at August 7, 2018 10:55 UTC

    All failures are now passing. We are trying to figure out the reason of timeout of 8 tests which is still not clear. We will discuss this with Josh today. We also had a call with Rakhi yesterday <3 and it was awesome talking to her.

  • Day 35

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) — at August 7, 2018 07:03 UTC

    We had a team meeting with Nico, Jen and Bright.


    • Reviewing basic concepts that aren't very clear


    • Meeting with Bright to learn Rebase
    • Code session with Bright to improve code

August 06, 2018

  • Day 25

    Team DelSquared — at August 6, 2018 21:00 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we ran some programs on the climate module and RFID module, with Tessel of course :p
    The RFID module seemed to have a bit of problem since it was not sensing the cards as intended. We looked up on the internet too but could not find a satisfactory response on the forums. We will talk to our coaches tomorrow about this and maybe ping our mentor too.
    Our work on Fritzing also requires some assistance from our coaches who have previously worked on the same issue, so we hope we can talk to them tomorrow.

    Till we meet again,

  • Day 25: Reading

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) — at August 6, 2018 20:43 UTC

    • When things get tough, we stop assuming we are understanding and then get to the roots. So over the weekend we planned on taking a different angle on how we work. Since RSpec seemed to be a bit tough on us we decided to get to its roots by reading a book effective-testing-with-rspec-3_b5_0 by Myron Marston and Ian Dee from introduction trying out the test with the hopes that at the end of it, our tests will ever be green.
    • Case anyone has better book on that,can share, we will really appreciate.
    • When your machine freezes when you seriously get into business it sucks right? Thats the condition Stella has been working on but today got a better one. We started from scratch from installing linux to getting the EBWiki app set.

  • Day 25

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) — at August 6, 2018 19:44 UTC

    Pair Programming Rocks!!

    Per our norm we started the morning with our daily stand-up updating our coaches on the progress we made on Friday and sharing with them our plans for the day. After, we had a tutoring session with our coach Emily and she gave us an overview of TDD and then left us to read the codebase to try and understand the tests they had written. Even with our limited knowledge of Rails testing, we were astonished that the code was starting to make sense!

    After an hour we moved on to our second task of the day, finishing up one of the issues assigned to us. We only have two more days in our sprint, so we wanted to finish this issue and move on to the more complicated one that follows. Then it happened. When we tried to push our changes we got the dreaded merge conflict. Our palms began to sweat and we thought 'Oh no, not again.' But then we stopped, took a deep breath and dived in. We managed (with a hint from our coach Klaus and the help of the internet) to solve the problems and make the PR . It was the first time that we had solved a major problem on our own.


    Before the summer we thought that pair programming meant one person codes while the other looks over her shoulder, silently judging the quality of her code. Now we know better. The beauty of pair programming is that you think out loud while trying to write code. It forces one to form an idea and to articulate it to another person, get instant feedback and suggestions. In the end, the code is better and you have learned from each other, allowing both of you to become better programmers in the process.

    Best thing that happened today

    • We used grep to search through the codebase to find some text.
    • We solved a problem
    • We taught some ThoughtWorkers the Barcelona Duo hand shake

  • Day 26: Königsblau Reggae-Feverish Watermelon Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) — at August 6, 2018 18:11 UTC

    Today's Progress:

    • Jessica worked on the action to mutate the state—writability of the address book shares (including deleting them).
    • Arati switched from CSS issues to the functionality of the addAddressBook component, first step was finding a way to access the new address book name in the addAddressBook method.
    • Long, in-depth weekly meeting with coaches Kaja and Victor.


    It was really helpful to talk shop with our coaches during the Agile meeting--got to learn about everything from resources to helpful mindsets.

  • Day 26 - SVG, refactoring, lighthouse, validation

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) — at August 6, 2018 17:29 UTC


    Start the week off well, met with our supervisor Ramón, good to hear about his experiences of trying to get code to work and the importance of stepping away. Shared an example of how to draw an owl to highlight how some helpful tutorials sometimes miss critical steps in the process and you are left wondering.

    We have now done SVG for before and after checkbox using CSS and before and after pseudo selectors, looking good!

    Learnt about viewbox and resizing SVGs, and lots of numerous ways of bringing in the SVG file into our app, in the input label or as part of the CSS.

    Added code to clear Years, Months, Days from form after submit

    Discussed with coaches whether we should use anonymous functions or bind our functions. We can use both and there are advantages to both. However the rule if any would be to be consistent. So we have used anonymous functions and removed bind from our app.


    Refactoring code to remove transition variables and just deal with a function to calculate the date in one step. Struggling and will call on coaches to help either guide or provide a similar example.

    Form validation so that the fields provide validation straight away and not rely on submit button to stop user from inputting wrong data.

    Lighthouse CLI installation

    TO DO

    Repeat error with NAN. What steps to recreate?


    Meeting with mentor again for feedback on our progress, more refinements to what we have done and introduction to the next story.

  • Day Twenty Four

    Team Sectumsempra (Chapel Parallel Programming Language) — at August 6, 2018 15:50 UTC

    How's it going so far?

    Everything is going good till now. One of our major aims of learning a lot this summer is definitely being achieved. And we continue be supported by our mentors and coaches who help us in clearing doubts that we have, and tell us different and efficient ways of doing things. Its mainly their feedback, due to which we have been able to do whatever we have done till now. So we are really grateful to them!

    What we did today?

    • Avneet: Ran a few more tests for the msb version. Updated the code according to the feedback received. Read about 'embarrassingly parallel algorithms.' Interesting name, simple concept :P. Currently trying to figure out how to make the msb version of the sort parallel.
    • Rupal: She is working on creating test for lsb radix sort.

    Team Sectumsempra

  • Day 27

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) — at August 6, 2018 14:46 UTC

    We were working with the tests which were showing TIMEOUT / FAIL
    - Made some changes to the function which produces currentSrc. The implementation had some bugs which we corrected.
    We will put up a PR for this once the previous PR on react to env changes gets merged :)
    - We were able to reduce failing tests from 18 to 4, still figuring out the tests timing out.
    - We will have our weekly call with our supervisor Rakhi today :P

  • Day 27

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) — at August 6, 2018 14:21 UTC

    What we did?

    • Wrote tests for the bot 1.
    • Deployed on glitch.
    • Attended our weekly meet with our supervisor.
    • Worked on reviews submitted by our mentors.

    Plans ahead

    • Add additional functionalities to our bot.
    • Refactoring and documentation of the bot.

  • Day 34 (Monday)

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) — at August 6, 2018 13:44 UTC


    • Read about modular js (require / import)
    • Reviewing promises and callbacks


    • Talked with Violeta about organization of this week
    • Set up meeting with Christina on Thursday . Looked into Code for Living Style Guide.
    • worked on Issue #3.

    -Monday 18.00 hrs: Meeting with Bright & Violeta about code Living Style Guide(?)
    - To be confirmed if Nico can join to explain his code.

August 05, 2018

August 04, 2018

  • Day 26

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) — at August 4, 2018 16:32 UTC

    What we did?

    • Done with basic functionality of bot 1.
    • Implemented the logic for 'Checking whether the commenter has ever been assigned to any other first-timers-only issue'
    • Learned about TypeScript and JSDoc
    • Had a pair programming with coach Divjot to rectify errors.

    Plans ahead

    • Final testing of bot.
    • Working on reviews of mentors and coaches.
    • Refactoring and documentation of the bot.

  • 🥔🥕🌽🌶🥒🥦🥑🍆🍅potatoCode work day

    Team potatoCode (stretchly - break time reminder app) — at August 4, 2018 06:11 UTC

    Today we'll make a schedule of the work that needs to be done for the two PR's.
    We're planning to look ahead to what we want to achieve this 2nd month of RGSoC.

    We finally finished up the pause-until-morning PR and pushed it through for Jan to check. Hopefully it works in all timezones now!
    Sabine also made really good progress on the DND feature! The feature itself works, but still needs a few tweaks in terms of UX. Good progress today :) we're happy with the results -AL

  • #28

    Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) — at August 4, 2018 05:21 UTC

    Hey everyone,

    Since using a different database for development and production was causing us many problems, we decided to install MySQL locally. Now we can reproduce the error in #3134 and tomorrow we will correct it.

    We also worked on a new version of the PeopleLocation endpoint.


August 03, 2018

  • Day 24

    Team DelSquared — at August 3, 2018 21:00 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we received the package from our mentor Kelsey containing several modules and sensors and we spent the day exploring them, reading about them (documentation). Our work on the PRs based on Fritzing also continues.

    Till we meet again,

  • Day 24: Solving Bugs

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) — at August 3, 2018 20:23 UTC

    • So today we tried to solve bugs in our pending prs but we bore no fruits, bugs after bugs! specs can be a bit disappointing for sure. So we decided to have one on one coding session with our mentors this weekend to help us on understanding specs better and also try fix the pending prs by next week.
    • Currently we are also going through tutorials on rspec testing.
    • Good news is that majority of our system gems are now up to date!!

    Happy weekend all

  • Day 24

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) — at August 3, 2018 19:31 UTC

    You think you understand git, until you don’t

    After our stand up we met with our coach David to review git. We had several problems yesterday trying to merge some changes that we made. After the lesson that we had with David, the git process became clearer. We now have a better understanding of working with git and GitHub, and how to create branches for every feature we create. We also understand the problems that can arise when commiting to master, and how we need to git pull --rebase origin master before we push our changes.

    Our coaches reassured us that git and GitHub take time to master, and that there will be more issues that we run into during our career. Our favorite quote of the day came from our coach Javi, who told us, "you think you understand git, until you don't". ☺️

    If anybody is struggling with understanding git branching, our coach Javi shared this great tutorial that is very useful.

    After our git lesson, we reviewed the other issues that we have in our backlog for the current sprint. David helped think about how we need to approach each issue, and also helped us plan out lessons that we will need in order to complete the issues.

    In the afternoon, we had a very thorough lesson from our mentor Jeremy on rebasing, grep, and the general workflow that we need to follow for our PRs. Jeremy is a great teacher. He gave a fantastic visual analogy to think about rebasing as a Jenga tower. This was very helpful, and we were very grateful that he took the time to make sure we are learning as much as possible.

    This has been a great week. We are looking forward to implementing what we learned today next week.

  • Day 25 - Story 2 (almost) done!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) — at August 3, 2018 17:26 UTC


    • met with coach Ivo to discuss our story progress (still some issue with date calculation and the SVG checkbox)
    • learned about Chrome Developer Tools and Lighthouse tool (for auditing web apps)
    • while styling custom styling the checkbox we learned about the :before and :after pseudo selectors
    • learned how to delete all local branches in one go
    • added CSS variables to our project
    • learned about reading post requests response in dev tools (network)
    • discussed how to contribute to open source in general


    • checkbox and SVG
    • refactoring the date calculation code
    • discussing with coaches whether we should use anonymous functions or bind our functions

    To Do

    • include Lighthouse into our workflow
    • run npm build to see if there are any issues
    • unit test our calculation functions when it's ready
    • get ready for a new story!