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July 24, 2017

  • Day 16 - last week of the first month!

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 24, 2017 21:06 UTC

    Hey, you all!

    This week is the last one of our first month!!! it is so nice to contribute to this open source project.
    We think we will never stop!

    So, we are crazy to finish the conference functionality to see it being used! but of course, we think it will take a while.
    Today we have fixed some other issues from the second PR (there are 8!) and have finished the third one.
    Our focus is to merge the second PR so we can keep going through the next ones.
    Today we also published an article in our medium page!
    Tomorrow we will start the next issue that is not too coupled with the one we are waiting for the merge!

    This is it!

July 21, 2017

  • Day 15 - Brazil <3 Portugal

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 21, 2017 23:25 UTC

    Today we talked with our supervisor Inês Coelho, we talked a little about Game of Thrones and the empowerment of women in the series. We also talked with another collaborator, Maria, regarding the issues of the new functionality that we are working with full focus. We have also implemented some features that are independent of the previous issues from which we are awaiting the merge of our PR.

July 20, 2017

  • Day 14

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 20, 2017 22:58 UTC

    Today we continue with the PR fixes (some new things appeared to implement).
    Besides that, we started the next one :D
    Really excited to get these new feature done!!
    We are finishing the blog post and probably we will publish today!

July 19, 2017

  • Day 13

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 19, 2017 21:35 UTC

    Today we:

    • met at a coffee shop
    • fix a PR
    • decided the next issue (related to the conferences, but also dependent of our previous PR - not merged yet)
    • took some pictures :D

    Tomorrow we will:

    • publish a new blog post
    • start in the new conference issue

July 18, 2017

  • Day 12

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 18, 2017 20:26 UTC

    Today we did a lot of things!

    • we wrote a blog post
    • we submitted some fixes for the issues
    • we assigned ourselves for others issues
    • we corrected a PR


    will be a nice day! we will meet at one adorable coffee place here in the city to take pictures and drink coffee (Wednesday is the free coffee day for students). We will post our pictures on twitter to show how nice the place is. :D

July 17, 2017

  • Day 11 - third week already :O

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 17, 2017 23:35 UTC

    We cannot believe that it is already the third week!

    We are in the middle of a really huge PR correction, but today we finally finished it.
    Now we have to wait for more reviews and suggestions.
    It is awesome when someone spends his time to look into your job and help you to get better...
    While people review our code, we have started to do some minor issues.
    That is it. We are having fun in the teams' app, it is amazing to make part of this.
    Tomorrow, we will start new issues.

July 15, 2017

  • Day 10 - It's Friday yay

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 15, 2017 01:25 UTC

    Today was a very difficult day, we spent the morning integrating the issue that would complement the issue of which we are working. We also created the tests for all our changes and some other tests to increase the coverage of the scenarios. We are now looking forward to reviewing our amendments and approving our PR. We hope that Monday everything is already reviewed so we can move on to the next issue.

July 13, 2017

  • Day 9 - ROCK Day \m/

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 13, 2017 22:57 UTC

    Hello folks!

    Well, as we had anticipated, today our day was filled by corrections suggested by one of our mentors on the project. We are very grateful for the reviews because it is from it that we can improve, think of different ways of solving the same problem. We are working hard on this issue as it is part of a larger context that will benefit all Rails Girls Summer of Code project participants. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this wonderful experience.

July 12, 2017

  • Day 8 - Tired Day

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 12, 2017 21:24 UTC

    Hello people, so today was another day of review and bug fix, but finally, after long arduous days, we made our PR. The issue we're working on is a bit complex because it contains a lot of business rules and requires a little more attention in implementation. Tomorrow we will check the review of our PR, change what is necessary and submit PR again.

    We hope everything is okay for us to leave for the next issue.

    Thank you all for this wonderful RGSoC learning experience. <3 We love it all <3

July 11, 2017

  • Day 7 - the challenge continues...

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 11, 2017 22:18 UTC

    Hi, you all :D
    Today we spent all day struggling to finish the implementation of our conference issue.
    The good new is: it almost done AND we have already done a lot of tests.
    So, we hope to finish everything tomorrow and start a new challenge (probably related to conferences too).

    That is it. We are enjoying every moment of this experience.
    bye bye

July 10, 2017

  • Day 6 - Test Adventure

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 10, 2017 21:44 UTC

    Today we:

    • Talked a little bit with one of the project collaborators about the issue that we're working on.
    • Fixed some tests that were crashing.
    • Made small implementations in the code when it was needed.

    Tomorrow we:

    • We will verify that all implementations are in accordance with the business rules
    • Implement more tests to give more coverage on the features created.
    • We will continue to the next issues.

July 07, 2017

  • DRY — Don’t Repeat Yourself

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 7, 2017 22:37 UTC

    DRY SpongebobGood morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, what they are in common? Yeap, the word “Good”. The concept DRY consists in look this and “dry” your repetitions, after dry could be: Good, morning, afternoon, evening and night. Being thus the word would serve for all, without … Read more.

  • Day 5 - Coffee in Code Out

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 7, 2017 22:28 UTC

    Today we:

    • Found a coffee shop to work
    • Started work in a Conferences Students issues
    • Activated our pair programming mode
    • Changed some models and tests
    • Tried fix controllers tests but needs understand new workflow of the changes

    Next ToDo:

    • Continue studying business rules of Conferences
    • We'll talk with our mentor about this issue and your requirements

July 06, 2017

  • Day 4

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 6, 2017 20:33 UTC

    Today we:

    • Fixed some PR's that mentors corrected
    • Found a task to work together(a nice one about the conferences options o/)
    • Started the study about slim (used in RGSoC teams app)
    • Started the documentation study about the task we will do
    • Published a blog post :D

    Tomorrow, we will:

    • Meet at a nice place and start the issue together
    • Party because it will be Friday

  • Today’s learning

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 6, 2017 19:30 UTC

    There is a principle that I didn’t know in OO good practices: ‘Tell, don’t ask’. Today I will talk a little bit about it and expose the common situations I used to fail in follow this principle.First of all, lets remember the most important concepts of object orientation: 1. Encapsulation — you hide … Read more.

July 05, 2017

  • Day 3 - First PRs

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 5, 2017 21:04 UTC

    Today was a nice day:

    • We fix all the tests and submitted our first PR (YEY! :D)
    • We assigned to a simple task and finished it (second PR, yey!!)
    • We choose other 2 tasks to do and started it.
    • Our's PR's were accepted (YEY again) Our mentor Carsten is awesome and always provide very good advice about good practices. The idea is to write a blog post about them. Tomorrow we have to:
    • Find the best option for DRY a controller
    • Do it! :D

July 04, 2017

  • Day 2 - RailsGyn and the tests

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 4, 2017 21:33 UTC

    Today we started to work in the tests...

    We added a new functionality asked by the issue we are working on, but a lot of tests just broken. It took a while until we figure out how the flow works, but that is ok. We could solve some broken tests and hopefully yesterday we will understand better the app and the flow. The RGSoC teams app documentation and code are REALLY great. Everything really organized and we want to do everything as good as possible to keep the quality.
    Also, we published our second blog post in medium about rspec and shared examples.
    Tomorrow, We hope to finish with this broken tests to start a new issue.
    That's all folks!

  • The journey starts!

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 4, 2017 01:31 UTC

    Hello, world!Amanda and JulianaWe (Juliana and Amanda) are girls and software developers from Brazil, Goiânia — Goiás (or Pequi’s land). We had the privilege to be selected (among a lot of great women around the planet) to be part of an amazing project called Rails Girls Summer of Code.The main goal … Read more.

July 03, 2017

  • Day 1 - RailsGyn in action

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 3, 2017 22:15 UTC

    Today was our first official working day as RGSoC students!

    And we are really excited to start working in the RGSoC teams app :D
    A lot of things happened today:
    * We had a kickoff call with all the nice people involved in this project! It was really nice to meet all of them
    * We started our first blog post
    * We started to solve the first issue
    For now, we are getting acquainted with the project, going through the docs and getting the environment set up.
    We will go through the issues and select the ones we will start working with.
    Also, we saw that some of the technologies used on the project we have to study better (like slim used in the views).