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September 15, 2017

  • Day 61

    Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) — at September 15, 2017 15:57 UTC

    Ok – one of the tests, we wrote yesterday didn't work. I mean it didn't fail, but it also didn't check what it should check. So we figured out how to make sure that testpatchfeedbackworksas_collector really checks if the stored feedback changed.

    We also started to work on our new creative test that should test that our collector does not give a feedback for another person and does not pretend to be a collector he is not :slightlysmilingface: Our test is called: test_patch_feedback_fails_as_evil_collector. We discussed this with Tilmann and it sounds logical to have such test for PATCH. The only thing is that our test causes now anohter 20 errors :slightlysmilingface: We started to write a permission for this reason…

    Then, we practiced some simple algorithms on whiteboard to try to explain each other what is what doing and how we would look for solution with minimum Google searching. We tried 2 algorithms in total. Then, we listened to demos that SoundCloud employees presented in the cafe.

  • Week 11 (Sep 11 - Sep 15) Status Update #5

    Team 200 OK (coala) — at September 15, 2017 13:10 UTC

    Today was the day for code reviews, so we sat down and reviewed a few PRs. It is amazing how much you can learn by just looking at code someone else wrote. We also started work on our wrap up blog post which is due next week.

  • Day 52

    Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) — at September 15, 2017 09:57 UTC


    • had a deep look into the structure of the actual process of downloading a file, in order to understand how we want to build the controller methods
    • discovered how to check the network responses in the browser inspector with our coach
    • started understanding which controller actions we need and which routes and how to trigger the job
    • talked about our schedule for the next week
    • set the dates on when to keep working on the google drive plugin together

September 14, 2017

  • Week 10

    Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) — at September 14, 2017 22:28 UTC

    Heyaa People!

    We feel really guilty not updating our logs, however between our college assignments, continuous evaluations and our scikit-image work, we are inundated and updating logs takes a backseat. So, we considered doing weekly updates instead. Let's jump into our rather productive week --
    We learnt how to use a jupyter notebook(<3) and played with a few examples.Our mentors asked us to code in python3.5. However, both of us have python2.7 as our default python executable version and we couldn't change due to college work which mainly uses python2.7. So we had to figure out how to use our jupyter notebooks with python3.5. Our coaches kindly pointed us to something called virtual environments. For quite a while we were figuring out how to use virtual environments and what actually happens when we install one. We created a virtual environment for the scikit-image local git repository with python3 and all the needed modules were installed using pip3(phew!). We really liked both the tools that we learnt this week. Virtual environments are really cool! and jupyter notebooks just make work sooo easy :D

    Woah, so much to write for a week(phew!) Catch you next week!

  • week 11 day 4

    Team Clojurians (re-frame) — at September 14, 2017 21:36 UTC

    • refactor pull request for category filter
      • use clojure.set operations
    • continue working on custom formatters
      • get first attempt working to render jsonml
    • play around with interceptors in re-frame sample application

  • Day #53

    Team Codeaholics (Nextcloud) — at September 14, 2017 20:55 UTC

    • After a discussion with our mentor we agreed on putting the star icon in the contact list overlaying the avatar on the top right and in the detail view next to the download and delete icons.
    • Reviewed a PR and also checking mergable PRs for the 2.0 release.
    • Read some technical articles.

  • Day 52

    Team Code Bears (diaspora*) — at September 14, 2017 20:38 UTC

    Today we decided to leave the worker tests behind for now and started working on the mailers. We successfully did a TDD cycle for the first part of this. Then we got a bit stuck on understanding one method, because the test keep telling us that needed to give one more argument. So we followed the path of the mailer, and found one method that needs one more argument. Now we need to find out how to pass this argument, since we are not calling the method directly. But it seems that we did some progress on the issue today. We also made a plan on all the steps that are missing to solve the issue.

  • Day 54, week 10

    Team Code_Hoppers (OpenFarm) — at September 14, 2017 18:53 UTC

    Today we decided to work on our conference plan. This involved creating a good campaign for the crowdfunding. We looked at different crowdfunding platforms and we settled on , we created a draft of the campaign and we hope to finish working on it ASAP so that we can share it for you all to help us attend the conference!

  • Day #56 - Breakthrough!!

    Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) — at September 14, 2017 18:15 UTC


    So, today after gaining all the knowledge from what we had read up yesterday, we sat together implementing all the steps one by one. We had to first ssh into Tessel. This process was successful in the first attempt. We then had install several packages for enabling the 3G dongle support. While doing so, some packages got installed in the first go but one of them was causing some problem. So, we approached the Tessel Community on their Github Repository itself. Since, we couldn't proceed further because the installation failed at the last step, we sent the rest of our time figuring out the possible error that could have been occurring.

    By the end of the day, we got an answer on the query raised by us bu one of the Tessel Steering Committee members. He suggested that we check the wifi connections to our Tessel board.

    Tomorrow, we have decided to consider looking at the wifi connection for Tessel once to rectify the problem.

    Till then, Adios.

  • Day 55 - Happy moments..

    Team Fusion (OpenDF) — at September 14, 2017 18:12 UTC

    Today we got the chance to hear some happy news and enjoyed some happy moments with both work and other events. πŸ˜€ So this is what happened.

    Things we did today:

    • We sent the completed draft of our 2nd blog post to our supervisor. βœ…
    • Sent a PR for our blog post. βœ… Did some last minute changes there too.
    • Started testing the search field tokenizer of the search bar. βœ… There was a failure when we were trying to append the selected tokens to the query. So tried to fix that.
    • Accepted a new conference offer. βœ… This was our 2nd offer. We are so happy! πŸ˜‡
    • Celebrated a winning moment of NBQSA 2017. βœ… So one of us is in the winners circle! πŸŽ‰

    Things to do tomorrow:

    • Continue to work on the test failure of the search field tokenizer.
    • Inform our team members about the team call.
    • Publish a new blog post for our own blog.
    • Learn more about Redux-saga.

  • Week 11 (Sep 11 - Sep 15) Status Update #4

    Team 200 OK (coala) — at September 14, 2017 16:58 UTC

    We had a call with all our coaches and they discussed good software engineering practices with us. We were still working on our slides for our conference talks today. We have never spoken at a conference of this magnitude so it is pretty nerve wracking.
    Later in the day, we studied for university exams which begin next week.

  • Day 53

    Team Victorious Secret (The Processing Foundation) — at September 14, 2017 16:36 UTC

    What we did today

    • Pair programming is so much fun! Saumya and I worked on Issue 266 together.
    • We were trying to add underline effect to the tabs using CSS pseudo classes.
    • We finally implemented it using border-bottom and adjusted margins.
    • We also worked on changing text color dynamically

    What next?

    • Finish Issue 266.

    Team Victorious Secret signs off for today!
    Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Day 60

    Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) — at September 14, 2017 16:30 UTC

    Dave showed us how to fix our unit tests checking min and max value of weight in - we were missing `model.cleanfields()` while raising ValidationError.

    With Derek, we practiced whiteboard dictionaries coding. In fact, it is quite hard to stand in front of people and not be able to google/copy syntax and come up with own ideas on spot. We learnt about dictionary iterations, dictionary comprehensions and sets.

    Later, we were a little bit working on project. We wrote another test that displays an error message when the user inserts negative or too high number into field weight. This test was not needed we found out 2 hours later :slightlysmilingface: Because the ValidationError has the message for MaxValueValidator and MinValueValidator already included in itself :slightlysmilingface: Then we created a new http method PATCH in Feedback for changing a given feedback and we wrote 6 api tests for PATCH - everything works \o/

  • Day 54 Pivotal London

    Team Pivotal London (Babel) — at September 14, 2017 15:47 UTC

    Today has been a very busy day. Following our mentoring hour, where we spoke to our mentors about software architecture , we focussed our morning on TDD practices and watched an amazing video by Matt Parker ( We had a TDD lunch talk which was really cool - we learnt about how the practices were implemented in to Pivotal practices. We also spent some time working on our presentation - which we have to have ready by Tuesday. We are spending our evening discussing Containers.

  • Day 51

    Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) — at September 14, 2017 12:25 UTC


    • talked to Jen on what I want to do today and when to meet tomorrow
    • looked through all my working branches and did some spring cleaning there
    • pulled changes from core app and updated our fork
    • migrated the test database RAILS_ENV=test rake db:drop db:create db:migrate
    • ran the tests of the whole core app (all green)
    • wrote a plan on what to do next in the download-issue
    • created a new branch in the google plugin and changed the controller and the routes in a way how I would understand it
    • wrote down questions I have about the download controller
    • added all things from the assets to the nextcloud plugin, but it still doesn't work
    • looked at the js files of admin backup

  • week 11 day 3

    Team Clojurians (re-frame) — at September 14, 2017 10:53 UTC

    • continue playing around with custom formatters in ClojureScript
    • preparing talk for the Clojure meetup and the RGSoC event at Mozilla next week
      • gather ideas about what to present
      • make screenshots and screencasts of re-frame trace before and after
      • create presentation
      • practice talk to figure out who talks about which slide
    • job interview!

September 13, 2017

  • Day 52

    Team Victorious Secret (The Processing Foundation) — at September 13, 2017 21:49 UTC

    What we did today

    • We met Cassie and Pilar for the final team meeting along with our coach Sachin Jani. We discussed about the progress that we have made and the things we have learned in React.
    • We fixed the issues with our blog post PR. It was finally merged! :D
    • Started working on the next part for issue 266 that is, highlighting tab on selection. Sachin Jani guided us on how to start with it.

    What next?

    • Highlight tab on selection for Issue 266.

    Team Victorious Secret signs off for today!
    Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Day #52

    Team Codeaholics (Nextcloud) — at September 13, 2017 21:47 UTC

    • Meeting call with our supervisor, mentor and our coaches.
    • Test of VCard parsing and compatibility with multiple clients.
    • Continued on the favorites contacts feature.

  • Day 51

    Team Code Bears (diaspora*) — at September 13, 2017 20:15 UTC

    Today we tried to understand in detail what the destroy method on a contact does. Our data model is sometimes quite confusing, since there are Users, and each user has a profile and a person. The person is the user viewed from the outside. So we had some confusion about what is a contact and what receiving and sharing means for each contact. We figured it out in the end more or less, but we will contact the community to make sure that we got it right. Next step then is the mailers.