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September 27, 2016

  • Day 60 - Eureka!! A Breakthrough in Issue#676!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 19:59 UTC

    FINALLY, finally, FINAAAAALLLLLY! We have a breakthrough in Issue#676. After weeks of pondering over the tagging system, and trying to make the ng-tags-input customizable enough to be used in OpenFarm, we were able to achieve what we trying to do!!!

    What Was Done

    • Read and learned a lot about $scope and $watch in AngularJS
    • Learned about mutations in Rails. The services between a model and controller
    • Implemented a function for loading and saving tags


    • Improve the listing in the autocomplete
    • Customize the CSS of the autocomplete to match OF's color scheme
    • Remove some errors appearing on the console

    Yayayay! :D

  • Last week of RGSoC :(

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 18:03 UTC

    What we did today

    • We had our weekly call with our supervisor, Natalie today. We talked about what all issues to tackle this week.
    • We decided that we'll be wrapping up our open pull requests.
    • We also spoke to Russell about a few doubts we had regarding the implementation of the Complex datatype.

    What we plan to do tomorrow

    • Work a few methods of the Complex datatype
    • Work on the repr method

  • Code is in the air... and we are not giving up!

    Team LoadToCode (LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 17:34 UTC

    Nope, not us! Who? Us? Never!

    • Coding Challenge day 2: painful sometimes enlightening moments of working separately on a coding challenge (psst, I tell you that it's about creating a quiz with some questions... and then.. oh dear, it seems complicated)
    • Having coffee with one of our smart coaches: next challenge learning Sinatra

    Stay calm, stay confident & keep coding, trying and don't forget to ask for help aka ideas! <3

  • 27.09.2016 Day 61: Final countdown has begun !

    Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 15:50 UTC

    Had Session with Joe about application explorer✅
    Our external Api explorer was not working, because we were not getting the headers, so we decided to create an internal api -explorer to make the process faster
    Organize Last-Team Call ✅
    Continue working on the application explorer: Things to do:
    make the page layout and styling nicer ✅
    add a text description saying what this page is and what it's for✅
    Remind one of our coaches about appointment ✅

  • Day 63: Preparation for PyCon, RGK prep, PR on the way

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 14:54 UTC

    What we did Today

    ******* We working on getting a PR for issue 1768
    ******* Today we started thinking on how to make our final blog hilarious, thinking of the content and pics
    ******* We also went to the VISA office in preparation for the PyCon ZA 2016
    ******* We also reviewed Ruby on Rails principles in preparation for coaching RGK on Thursday


    ******* Make commits for issue 1768
    ******* Finish the VISA race

  • Day 60

    Team XYZ (Keystone) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 08:26 UTC

    We continued working on visualization task, and are able to pull out data for options although the format it renders in is not the best, so we still have to work on that. As a part of our React dive-deep learning, we have also scheduled a full-day React workshop with our coach Josef on Wednesday where we plan to build a small app and learn more about React-way of building web stuff. We are also planning to organize a "Good bye RGSoC" party together with our coaches and members of Women in Tech Prague meetup.

  • Day 60: D-3: Only 3 days until last day

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 07:00 UTC

    Things we did: Body Started fixing the Body implementation based on jdm’s feedback Filed issue #13465 related to allowing trait object in Filed issue #13464 about rethrowing exceptions instead of clearing pending JS exceptions in Body’s Json() method. The … Read more.

  • Sept 26th - Monday:

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 05:48 UTC

    Today we started to tackle Lektor issue #245, error handling for file attachments with '@' symbol. There's a larger issue about how file attachments are handled by Lektor. A user can't change the file names currently, so the file IDs need to be valid. We'll try to tackle this last issue, but we have limited time with our coaches. We tracked down the files and functions that we need to debug via the traceback messages on two different issues filed about file attachments. This reminds us that when filing issues that we need to give as much information as possible to a maintainer. We hypothesize that we'll need to either make changes either to the or the files. The addattachment() function raises a Bad Edit error in the and is_valid_id() triggers a boolean value to check if an id name is in a valid format. -
    We're debating where to do the check for for invalid symbols. The error was raised in the database b/c the @ is reserved symbol for a virtual marker. The error should have been raised by a different function likely during the file attachment process. We think we'll need to add a validation screen in add_attachment() and use is_valid_id() to raise the error. We're hoping to consult with coach Gavin tomorrow, and maybe he can give us his expert opinion on this approach.

    We started to prioritize the tasks we need to get done before the end of our grand adventure. Fingers crossed that we get it all done!

  • Day 60 - Our last week

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 01:17 UTC

    I'm back to Salvador, tired but really happy and full of new ideas.


    • Added our invitation to RGSoC's Announcements
    • Organized the photos and videos and notes to write the blog post about RubyConfBR;
    • Talk with some friends to confirm they participation at the Goodbye Party for next friday;


    • Hangout with Emma;
    • Call with our supervisor;
    • Finish the preparations for the party;

  • Day 59: D-4

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 00:17 UTC

    Things we did:

    • Body
      • Spent the morning (!!) rebasing Body on top of master (did it the hard way using rebase the first time, until Jeena suggested I just reset and cherry-pick my commits on top...the latter way had only a few merge conflicts as opposed to a LOT). And a little rewriting to get things to compile. Still need to implement the BodyTrait for More tests are passing now!! Yay :)
    • Fetch
      • Hmm, homu tests kept failing. Web platform tests related to cors/ and redirect/ seemed to fail intermittently, so we decided to skip those tests for now.
    • Package Data Algorithm
      • The parser for body when MIMEType is "multipart/form-data" is not clearly defined, so I decided to skip it for now.
    • General
      • We started writing our end-of-summer blog post. So sad!

    Things we learned:

    • git cherry-pick is sometimes easier than git rebase
    • git clean -f -d gets rid of untracked files and directories. I used this today right before a git reset.


    • Body
      • The JSON function still does not work. getting error: WebIDL.WebIDLError: error: Unresolved type '<unresolved scope>::JSON'
    • Test Curation
      • Go through the new tests, and categorize them.

September 26, 2016

  • Day 58 : few days left :(

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) [2016] — at September 26, 2016 21:54 UTC

    4 days left for the end of this wonderful summer .The 3 months have passed so quickly :( .We're really happy that we got the chance to be part of RGSoC 2016 <3
    Today after finishing our lectures at the college :
    -we continued working on the script of the conference.
    -we're working on a generator to do the job of saving the exceptions but it hasn't worked yet.
    -we searched for some Bootstrap dashboard templates to use them but we still have to finish the generator first.

  • PyCon Day 2

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at September 26, 2016 18:29 UTC

    We learned a lot about bytecode hacks yesterday and are more than ready to use these in our project as well :D
    We met three of our coaches, Anuvrat, Sambhav and Naman!
    Apart from this we also spoke to many people about our RGSoC project and even wanted to give a lightning talk about it, but since we were running short on time we weren't able to. We also spoke to PyLadies about starting a PyLadies Delhi chapter. :D

  • Day 60: 5 Dirty Dozens

    Team kindr3d (Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics) [2016] — at September 26, 2016 17:30 UTC

    The last week is on and there is so much we want to accomplish!


    • rendered categories and learned a bit about attribute binding
    • rendered last component and rough outline of top topics
    • tested all of the above
    • started looking into smooth updating of the parameters

    ToDO for the week

    • render buttons
    • figure out smooth updating of both rails and d3
    • handle empty data gracefully
    • handle today visits in a friendly way
    • style the interface
    • nail the polylines thingy

    Question for out Mentor

    • is there a way to track trust level updates?
    • is the current user stats are helpful and relevant?
    • should bound attributes in hbs be escaped?

  • Day 62: PR for issue 1758 ready to be merged

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) [2016] — at September 26, 2016 16:36 UTC

    What we did Today

    ******* Finally cracked the tests and all reviews and now PR for issue 1758 is ready to be merged
    ******* Continued working on issue 1768 and we shall make a PR this week
    ******* Prepared for this week's RGK
    ******* Had a call with the supervisor

    What we will next week

    ******* Continue working on isse 1768

  • Weekend at PyCon

    Team Fedex++ (PyDSA) [2016] — at September 26, 2016 15:26 UTC

    • Mansi attended Pycon India over the weekend (Sahar wasn't well).
    • Interacted with our Mentors and coaches
    • Truly inspired by keynote speakers like Andreas Muller.