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August 26, 2017

August 24, 2017

  • Day 38 - Hot day :(

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 24, 2017 21:32 UTC

    Today we

    • Fix and fix some PR's reviews.
    • We Rethink a method that using into Controller, because was suggested use redirect_back, but don't work as should. (We'll rethink again tomorrow before merge our PR's).
    • We continue creating tests for some models.

August 23, 2017

  • Day 37

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 23, 2017 21:50 UTC

    Today we:

    • Started with a test issue (to detail more our tests)
    • Discussed some implementations with people that collaborate in teams app
    • Fix some PR's with suggestions

August 21, 2017

August 17, 2017

  • Day 34

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 17, 2017 23:52 UTC

    today we

    • Kept working on front end tasks for the final conference issue (it is getting really cool!).
    • Fixed our PR (the one about displaying old teams).
    • Learned a bit about SQL functions.

    puts “That’s all folks”

August 16, 2017

  • Day 33

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 16, 2017 21:20 UTC

    Today we:

    • We fixed latest PRs related to conferences feature, now we have to wait for reviews.
    • We submitted a new PR for a new issue started today - conference enhancement.
    • We discussed with our mentor about the new issues that should be created for Community Pages (our next step)

    That's all for today :3

August 15, 2017

August 14, 2017

  • Day 31

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 14, 2017 20:56 UTC

    Hey girls!

    We are really happy to see our conference feature in production.
    We have been working on it for a while and we hope everyone like it!
    So, today we:

    • Have two merged PR's (both related to the conference)
    • Started the last issue related to conference
    • Started to fix a PR related to the past teams
    • Had a call with our supervisor Inês

    That is all!

August 11, 2017

  • Day 30

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 11, 2017 20:27 UTC

    Today was a really good day!

    • We fixed 2 PR's
    • We submitted one new PR that was suggested by our supervisor.

    Really productive day! We are happy to see the conferences already in production...

August 10, 2017

  • Day 29 - Hot day :(

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 10, 2017 21:13 UTC

    Today We

    • Published a blog post talking about Finite State Machine, check it out: medium/@RailsGirlsGyn
    • Started work in Ines issue.
    • Fix bugs in our PRs


    I hope to see our PRs merged
    Meeting with supervisor Inês
    Work hard on Inês issue :)

    That's all folks!

  • Finite State Machine

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 10, 2017 14:14 UTC

    Sometimes we need to apply a state in some cases when we want to modify a status of an object. A basic example is water state: gaseous, liquid and solid and the events responsible for change it:Object: WaterEvent: FusionStates: From solid to liquidEvent: EvaporationStates: From liquid … Read more.

  • Day 28

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 10, 2017 01:34 UTC

    Today we:

    • had our conference PR merged
    • submitted one PR (conference related too)
    • fixed the PR submitted yesterday

    We did a lot! And tomorrow we hope to start a very cool issue related with past teams!
    Wait for it

August 08, 2017

August 07, 2017

  • Day 26

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 7, 2017 23:49 UTC

    Hey girls!
    Today our blog post was published!!! We just loved to see it, so nice!
    Besides that, we:
    - still, are fixing our life blocking PR (life is sad)
    -start a new issue
    Tomorrow we will keep with the same plan: fix the old PR and keep with the conference issues.
    That is all girls :D

August 04, 2017

August 03, 2017

  • Day 24

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 3, 2017 22:31 UTC

    Today we:

    • Continue to fix the PR because it's blocking us
    • We are writing our post for RGSoC blog
    • Juliana had some problems with your bank account, but it's all solved.

August 02, 2017

  • Day 23

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 2, 2017 21:51 UTC

    Hey you all!

    today we:

    • Fixed the PR with some nice suggestions
    • Started to work on another issue (related to conferences too)
    • Kept writing our blog post

    This week we will retrieve the blog post to present our team for all of you!

    We hope that the conference functionality became available soon!!
    We would love to see all of you using it!
    That is all for today.

August 01, 2017

  • Day 22

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at August 1, 2017 20:52 UTC

    Today we had a pleasant meeting with our dear supervisor Ines!
    Also, we:
    -started to write the blog post for RailsGirlsSoC - we have to deliver it on Friday.
    -finished the PR that was blocking us o/
    Tomorrow we probably will spend the day on PR fixes because our priority is to put it in production.

July 31, 2017

  • Day 21 - first month is over!

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 31, 2017 21:10 UTC

    Hello girls,

    Today we:

    • Talked with our mentors (Max and Carsten) about our next steps
    • Discussed with Max about another approach to model an issue
    • Start to refactor a PR

    Tomorrow we:

    • Will continue refactoring the PR Unfortunately, this PR is blocking the next ones... It is our priority right now to finish it so we can keep going to the next. =D That is all folks!

July 28, 2017

July 27, 2017

  • Day 19

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 27, 2017 20:54 UTC

    Today we:

    • Met at a coffee :D
    • Fix a PR
    • Worked in the next 2 functionality for conferences!
    • Start to think about an event that we want to promote :D

    Tomorrow we:

    • Hope to deliver the new PR
    • Will talk with Ines

    that is all!!

July 26, 2017

  • Day 18 - title.present?

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 26, 2017 22:36 UTC

    Today we've been working on some issues of the new functionality. We changed the relationship models a bit because there were more additional fields, today was a day of a lot of code changes, tomorrow will still be. We are working hard to finish everything as soon as possible. That's all, folks. :)

July 25, 2017

  • Day 17 - Finally PRs merged

    Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017] — at July 25, 2017 21:48 UTC

    Today our last PRs have finally been approved.
    We are now working on other related issues.
    We are at full steam to be able to deliver this new functionality by the end of this month.
    We look forward to seeing all our work in production.
    That's all folks!
    RGSoC 2017 <3