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August 08, 2016

  • Slow, but steady!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at August 8, 2016 18:17 UTC

    We have finished a couple of bool methods today. Will be sending a PR soon after fixing a few errors here and there.
    One of our PRs also got merged! Yayyy :D

    We are also choosing newer and more challenging issues to work on, now that we are familiar with the code base. Looking forward to the next few weeks :D

August 05, 2016

  • Discovered many new things!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at August 5, 2016 17:30 UTC

    Okay, so something really great happened! Both of us have received the Google APAC Anita Borg Scholarship! :D It has been such a great day and both of us are so overwhelmed! :')

    Work done

    1. Soumya is working on implementing the mul methods
    2. Srishti is working on implementing the bool methods

    We hope to start with understanding how the voc compiler works internally next week.

August 02, 2016

July 28, 2016

  • New dimensions - team l1ghtsab3r

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 28, 2016 20:45 UTC

    Today was an especially exciting day as Soumya was able to attend an event organized by Lean In India. The event's aim was to discuss the problems faced by women and inspire them to break the barriers. I talked about my experience with RGSoC and my experience with Google Code Jam For Women. I encouraged the women there to apply for these programs, solving their queries as to how to get started. Helping them in tackling issues faced by them in their colleges. I think the best session of the event was the mixer when I got to speak to so many women and talk to them about their experiences and mine.
    Facebook Page link
    All in all, I made some amazing friends :D

    As for our project, in a discussion with our mentor Chiang Fong Lee, we discovered an inconsistency in the way code has been written, The args for each method are not defined. Because of that, 5*6 works. However, 5.mul(6) won't work. We are sending in another PR making these changes in all the methods.

  • Day 16: Learning new things! :D

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 28, 2016 18:08 UTC

    We messed up one of our pull requests :| What happened was that we created a new branch from master, where we planned to implement methods for Boolean. But we didn't realise that our previous commits weren't merged, so those got in to the new branch as well. We spent the day figuring out how to resolve this as we wanted the branch to be for Boolean methods only.
    Apart from this, we also attended a "Girls In Tech" event nearby:
    It was a really fun opportunity to discuss and learn new things! The Lean In campaign in India was also officially launched here!! All in all it was a great day, full of learning. :D

July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

July 22, 2016

  • Day 12: Planning and Discussions!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 22, 2016 19:30 UTC

    Work done today:

    *Talked to Russell, our mentor today. We had been stuck in writing tests for quite some time now. He helped us to understand the entire flow pretty well.
    * Fixed the issues in our blog post
    * Got some headway in implementing String, Dict and List methods. (As mentioned earlier, we were stuck due to the lack of tests for quite some time now)

July 18, 2016

  • Day 11: About Birthdays, Blogs and Calls

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 18, 2016 19:31 UTC

    Day-11 (18 July, 2016)

    So, it was Srishti's birthday on Saturday! We went out with few of our friends and had loads of fun :D

    Things we covered today:

    • Had a really amazing call with Anuvrat, our coach. He instructed us on how to go about writing the tests. Apart from this, he also suggested several conferences we should attend and also explained to us, why we should be attending conferences at all. The call was really motivating \o/
    • We have worked on various suggestions mentioned on the pull requests of our blog post. We will be pushing the changes in some time :D
    • We have started working on the suggestions provided by Anuvrat for implementing the tests.

    All in all, it was an amazing start to the week :D

July 15, 2016

  • Day 10: Upcoming blog post! :D

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 15, 2016 00:30 UTC

    Day-10 (14 July, 2016)

    We spent our day today working on the blog and have come up with a little something that we hope all of you would enjoy. It should be up in a day or two.
    We also talked to our supervisor, Natalie about the conferences we want to attend. We are still deciding on which one to attend. So many choices!!! :D

    P.S.: We spent almost an hour in untangling a necklace, but oh boy! It was worth the effort xD

July 08, 2016

  • Day 06: Second PR merged :D

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 8, 2016 16:08 UTC

    Day-6 (08 July, 2016)

    Completed the following tasks

    1. Our second PR (Methods for Float) got merged today. Here's the link for reference.
    2. Work is ongoing on List and String methods. We hope to get some headway in the coming weekend.
    3. Read about Linter (A linter is a small program that checks code for stylistic or programming errors). We added an issue on GitHub for the same.
    4. We're also planning a call with Natalie (our supervisor), today. Really excited for it!

  • Day 05: Slow day!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 8, 2016 15:35 UTC

    Day-5(07 July, 2016)

    Completed the following tasks:

    • 2nd PR ready to be merged
    • Started on List methods
    • Started on String methods

    We got started on List and String methods. However, we realized that most of them do not have test cases. So, for these, we'll have to add test cases and the methods.
    Couldn't make much headway. We'll get started on writing the tests next. On a bright note, our 2nd PR is ready to be merged. Also, we'll be working on adding a linter on Travis.

    • Team l1ghtsab3r

July 06, 2016

  • Day 04: 1st PR merged!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 6, 2016 17:00 UTC

    Day-4 (06 July, 2016)

    Completed the following tasks:

    • Added Unary Operators for Bool including pos, neg, invert (PR Merged)
    • Added test cases for round
    • Improved modulo method for Float
    • Read the cpython implementation for contains

    Added test cases for float to test round half to even feature. This resulted in breaking the modulo function. Fixed the Float part of the modulo function.
    The Int part shows precision error due to implementation. However, same code copied in Int and Float. So, there's a need to modify both.
    Implemented the unary operators for Bool.

    New interesting thing learnt today:

    • Round can be implemented in many ways. Python uses the round half to even behaviour. i.e. round(4.5) = 4. round(3.5) = 4
    • Modulo is implemented differently for different language. Different language creators could not decide whether the final answer should have the sign of the dividend or the divisor, so every language makes it's own specification. Java uses the sign of the dividend. i.e 4.5 % -4.5 = 0.0. Python uses the sign of the divisor. i.e. 4. 5 % -4.5 = -0.0

    Tomorrow, we'll be tackling the precision error and the methods for List. A lot of tests for that seem to not have been implemented yet. We're planning to look into that as well.

    Had good interaction with coaches. Learnt a few things. All in all, a good day!

    • Team l1ghtsab3r

July 04, 2016

  • Day 03: Making some head-way!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 4, 2016 09:46 UTC

    Day-3 (05 July, 2016)

    Completed the following tasks:

    • round without ndigits method for float

    Completed the without ndigits part of round. Referred to CPython to
    see how exactly it works. Took fedback from mentors. For ndigits part,
    more research on implementation required. :/

    Tomorrow, we'll be tackling the

    • ndigits portion of Float
    • contains method of String
    • We would also be looking into the List and Dict datatypes.

    Team l1ghtsab3r

  • Day 02: Finally getting started on some coding

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 4, 2016 09:38 UTC

    Day-2 (04 July, 2016)

    Completed the following tasks:

    • ne method for float

    Finally, we started coding. We were able to finish the work listed above. We feel that we are still raw while writing code. Switching every line to the python datatype object and using it's method takes us a little time. We have to scout the datatypes and it's properly. Hopefully, a few days of work should help us out in this front and we should become more used to using these methods.
    For every method we work on, we first run a few tests of our own on python and see how the method behaves. If there are some aspects we are unable to understand we look at the cpython implementation of it. Once we are clear of the approach we wish to use, we start our coding. We then run some tests and make sure that there are no bugs left. Then just commit and push!

    Tomorrow, we'll be tackling these:

    • round method of Float
    • contains method of string.

    Team l1ghtsab3r

July 03, 2016

  • Day 1: RGSoC Kickoff!! :D

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at July 3, 2016 15:40 UTC

    Day-1 (01 July, 2016)

    We had an amazing time talking to all our coaches, our mentor and our supervisor on Kickoff day :D It was highly enriching and all of us got to know more about the project we'll be working on (i.e. pybee/VOC). We discussed a couple of issues we will be focusing on in the next week. Moreover, we spent the day setting up the project environment and getting the tests running. We did face a few problems in running the tests, but our coach, Sambhav helped us to resolve those issues.
    Apart from this we also set up our communication channel on Slack and a GitHub repo we will be using for keeping track of our progress.

    These are the methods we plan to implement by the end of next week:

    1. Float: ne, round, pow methods
    2. String: contains method
    3. Bool: neg, pos, invert methods
    4. Unimplemented methods in Dict
    5. Unimplemented methods in List
    6. Dir methods of each type

    P.S.: Really excited for the journey ahead :D