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September 29, 2016

  • Can't believe it's going to end!

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 18:17 UTC

    What we did today

    • We had our monthly team call today with Russell (our mentor), Natalie (our supervisor) and our coaches. We discussed about how RGSoC has been really empowering for both of us and how we wish to pass on the baton to other girls in our community. That being said, both of us would still continue to work on VOC, as this project has been really close to our hearts, this being our first open source contribution.
    • We are currently working on the open PRs, and tying up the loose ends.

    What we plan to do tomorrow

    • Continue working on the open PRs
    • Start writing the blog post

  • Day 63) Joda's quest

    Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 15:47 UTC

    • standup meeting✅
    • all team call 11:00✅
    • really cool suprise Schnitzeljagd by our Absolventa Coaches 🌈 😀
    • presentation for party✅ -Continue working on our API tool:
    • add links somewhere (maybe a new column on the left) that lets people click on example endpoints ✅
    • work on styling✅

  • Day 62

    Team XYZ (Keystone) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 09:08 UTC

    Wow. Day 62! Can't believe we're writing that into the title field of this daily summary.

    In the morning we kept trying to figure out the last bits of our visualization task on our own and the afternoon was spent in the company of our amazing coach Josef, who took time on his day off to spend it with us in an intensive coaching session.

    We're now going to polish it all out to hopefully have it finished by the end of the day. Fingers crossed!

    Oh, and I almost forgot - we planned our little end of RGSoC party in Prague, so come join us if you're around!

    Here's a snippet of what we've talked about in our coaching session:

  • Day 62: D-1: Body and Fetch, woo! hoo!

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 07:00 UTC

    We’re having our end of summer party. We’re going to see thousands of swift birds fly into a chimney for the night! So excited. Things we did: Body Body mixin methods are now supported! Fetch Fetch method is now supported too! Malisa Spent the … Read more.

September 28, 2016

  • Day 61: D-2: Last video call ;(

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 23:45 UTC

    Our goodbye-blog post was published on the RGSoC blog! spoiler: fetch demo! :O

    Also, we had our very last team-wide video call! Boo hoo! Everyone (almost) teared up!

    Tonight we're going to Papers We Love PDX tonight!

    Things we did:

    • Body
      • Fixed up PR......the merge is just around the corner!
    • Test Curation
      • There are a lot more web platform tests than before, so I focused on the higher level summary of them.
      • Currently, I finished summarizing most tests except for those in fetch/api/basic!!


    • Test Curation
      • Finish summarizing!
    • Malisa
      • Figure out what to do next! I think I might try to help out with test curation and/or try to understand fetch better.

  • Tuesday, September 27th: Lunch and Learn at Pivotal

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 22:59 UTC

    We continued brainstorming and poking at issue #245. We feel like we're a bit stuck, so we've reached out to Coach Gavin for support. He was going to come over to Github to help us debug, but he had something come up and wasn't able to help pair program with our team.

    Instead, we decided to have lunch at Pivotal Labs with Tim Jarrat. There was a very moving talk about mental illness in the workplace, and how tech companies can go about being more inclusive and accommodating of tech workers with disabilities. Afterwards, there was an Ally workshop with Valerie Aurora , co-founder of Double Union and Open-Source contributor to the Linux Kernel. The Ally workshop talked about how tech workers with privilege can use their privilege to counteract bias that marginalized groups face. It was extremely informative and eye-opening. Our team was also fortunate enough to thank Valerie for all of the work she has done to make tech, specifically the world of Open Source, a more welcoming place for people who may feel othered.

  • Day 60 : busy bees

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 21:27 UTC

    today we didn't do that much ...I had finished my lectures late at college.
    -Still working on the generator.
    -We had our weekly call with our lovely supervisor Linda <3
    -We had the wrap-up call with Linda and our mentor and remote coach.
    We are really sad that the summer of code has come to an end and we haven't finished our project yet but we decided to try to continue working on it in our spare time.

  • Just three days to go :(

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 18:00 UTC

    We can't believe all of this is coming to an end this soon. :'(

    • We worked on the repr method today
    • Apart from that we continued working on visit_For
    • We also wrote down a few points for our upcoming blog post and looked for pictures of our amazing summer of code <3 (We tweeted about one very special picture as well. Check it out)

  • 28.09.2016 Day 62

    Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 15:46 UTC

    -Standup meeting ✅
    -Fix Johanna’s pull request using mergetool “meld”✅
    -optimize tests with Matt✅
    -(secret) create collage for Tam
    -Continue working on our API tool:
    link the explorer in the README✅
    Delete CORS Code from Pull request✅
    adding links with the endpoints✅
    working on showing the response of endpoint links on the same page WIP

  • Exploring File System API

    Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 13:44 UTC

    We have implemented a simple local storage session for our application with the File System API, but it doesn't allow us to save in folder system but by memory allocation. The indexing and retrieving power is great for beginners to backend like us, but the memory allocation is quite limited. We hope to explore a better solution for the back-end given our limited time.
    Also, we were testing our application internally against Web AIM Accessibility checklist and realize that our design needs some improvements. Testing it with Jaws as web app running on the browser today gave us another possibility of packing our app, but we are not sure which platform we should use to deploy our application, so we still try to complete the procedures of packaging it with electron for Windows and Linux

  • Day 60

    Team RubyCats (Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 09:22 UTC

    Tusday was bitter sweet.
    Happy to be home, unhappy everything what was so amazing for lat 3 months is about to end.
    Tried to keep up with daily routine with sick babies(Iza) and with being sick themselves(Kinga).
    We worked on our blogposts from conferences, Codemotion and Euruko.
    Learned about rails at() method and different methods like: reversed_merge, in?, wrap

  • Day 61

    Team XYZ (Keystone) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 09:05 UTC

    Stuck, stuck, stuck. We are still working on the visualization task, but we are still not completely happy about the result. So we planned a big coaching session for Wednesday and hopefully we can make it look nice with the help of our coaches. There is a bank holiday in CZ on Wednesday, so we are extra happy and grateful that the guys are willing to come and help us on their day off. We also finalized our plans for our RGSoC closing party - it's going to be on Thursday and we will post the details very soon.

  • Day 57-59

    Team RubyCats (Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 08:59 UTC

    On thursday we took a 11 am flight to Sofia.
    Euruko here we come.
    After we reached our hotel, we've met with Adam Niedzielski, who was so kind to share his accomodation with us for free!
    We started Euruko with pre-launch party.
    We will cover our Euruko days in a blogpost :)
    On monday we took a flight back to Warsaw, very sad that Euruko is over and that Summer of code is ending.
    We've met a lot of people, especially => Team Joda & Matz!

    meeting Team Joda

    meeting Matz


  • Day 61: D-2: Last video call ;(

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 07:00 UTC

    Our goodbye-blog post was published on the RGSoC blog! spoiler: fetch demo! :O Also, we had our very last team-wide video call! Boo hoo! Everyone (almost) teared up! Tonight we’re going to Papers We Love PDX tonight! Things we did: Body Fixed up PR……the merge is just around the … Read more.

  • Day 61

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 01:05 UTC

    Today we:

    • Reviewed the next issues to work after RGSoC;
    • Geisa continued studying about JS (and talked with a friend about Elm);
    • RubyConfBR: checked all the tips, links, materials from the talks. A lot of great things to work on Speakerinnen;
    • Prepared the talk for next friday and some exercises for the participants;
    • Read some articles and documentations about staging an app and production in Heroku;

  • Day 60: Only 3 days left! :(

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 28, 2016 00:13 UTC

    Things we did:

    • Body
      • Started fixing the Body implementation based on jdm's feedback
      • Filed issue #13465 related to allowing trait object in
      • Filed issue #13464 about rethrowing exceptions instead of clearing pending JS exceptions in Body's Json() method.
      • The error we were getting was due to having an error in the webidl! We should have used Primse<any> instead of Promise<JSON>.
      • Looked into form data crate for parsing Form Data. formdata::read_formdata requires a reader, and I'm not entirely sure how we can use this parser without stream or HttpReader.
    • General
      • We had lunch with Coach Stefan! :clap: We started thinking about what to do after this Friday when the summer of code is over...
      • We finished writing our end-of-summer blog post.
      • We went over the fetch method code to understand it better.
      • I wrote a blog post about Strange Loop (Jeena).
      • Tonight, we're going to Donut.js!

    Things we learned:

    • Trait object in Rust. Trait objects are the difference between fn foo(object: &Trait) (this is trait object) and fn foo<T: Trait>(object: &T). The former will result in the compiler generating less code, so the compile time will be faster. However, this puts a little more strain during run time, because it will have to check whether the parameter object implements the &Trait. The latter generates more code during compilation because it will create unique functions for each type that implements Trait. This saves time during run time because the functions for each type is already defined. As Josh said "classic tradeoff between time and space!"


    • Body
      • Continue fixing code for PR!
    • Test Curation
      • Go through the new tests, and categorize them.

September 27, 2016

  • Day 59 : Generators

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) [2016] — at September 27, 2016 23:11 UTC

    turning the gem into an engine turned out to be not such a great idea cause this means that the gem won't support Sintara anymore , so as an alternative solution we're creating generators but still the generators are not working in the dummy app .

    Adding more to the script of the talk of our conference and practicing the script and calculating our timing