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July 02, 2015

  • The second day!!!

    Team Hackrgirls [2015] — at July 2, 2015 18:47 UTC

    With the second day behind us, we are really getting on track. Here's what we did today:
    - started reading the code of impress js
    - learning git
    - poring over css transform guides

    Team Hackrgirls, signing out!

  • Second day - even more fun, and we see how we are getting better and better

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 2, 2015 18:12 UTC

    Stand up meeting with our coaches Andrew and Tzvety.
    Speaking with our coach Andrew about the daily tasks. Talking about migrations, development, test, production environments.
    Getting the tasks done, given by our mentor Andrew Havens
    Fixing some issues, connected with the migration process, working with Git.
    Pulling requests to the Project.
    Reading about routing, getting started with Rails app, other issues
    Drinking afternoon Somersby with the guys from TheOryx.
    Reading the Guides Rails tutorial

  • Day 1 - Today was amazing!

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 2, 2015 16:37 UTC

    In our first day, we have assigned us some tasks. We add our mentors to our Trello and created a private group with all the team. We review our knowledge and read a lot of documentation and about tests. We cloned the repository into our local environment. Angela is very anxious so she started coding … Read more.

  • Our Experience

    Team The Tremors [2015] — at July 2, 2015 16:31 UTC

    Hello everyone.... The Rails Girls Summer of code kicked off well yesterday with interactions from Anne Mwangi our Mentor and our coaches.
    We will be working on the RapidFTR project which is an android and web based application that assists in gathering and sharing of information about children in emergency situations so that they can be reunited with their families.

  • Our Summer of Code

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 2, 2015 15:04 UTC

    Hello world!We are Angela (@AngelaGuette) and Lina (@Linatodi), we are glad to be one of the sixteen teams of this year.We will be working in the Rubygems Adoption Center, where people could list gems that want a maintainer/someone new to help fix issues, cut releases, etc, and then assist in the … Read more.

  • RGSoC Day 2

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 2, 2015 14:54 UTC

    What we have done today:

    1. learn HAML by doing the beginners tutorial (

    2. how to create check-box with bootstrap switch (bootstrap-switch rails)

    3. create bootstrap toggle-switch button for changing status

    4. continue exploring OSEM app functions & usability

    5. hangout on irc client with mentors and get support

    6. hangout with coach on slack

    7. get-together the first time with the hackership organizers, coaches and students

  • Day 2

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 2, 2015 14:51 UTC

    The second day of work behind us. That was a day of reviews and learning new things as well!
    We prepare to make two apps to learn Rails in practice.

    Ania: Poring over Ruby on Rails Guides. A thorough review on Active Record Basics: Models, Migrations, Validations, Callbacks. Preparing for building my review app with basic Rails functions.

    Basia: I will be continuing one more complex app which I started some time ago with Łukasz. Today I was learning about service objects, singletons and concerns. A little bit more knowledge about system interactions.

  • Day 2 - Team Cheesy

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 2, 2015 14:30 UTC

    Day two was a lot about cleaning up the Git-mess we created in day one :) Thanks to the helpdesk and our coaches and Maud's Git-readyness, we got the app up and running again, at least on Maud's computer.

    - Inspecting code of teams app
    - Installing and learning about slim and sass
    - coaching session with Hans on how to front-end a Rails App
    - studying tutorials on the MVC model and Rails in general
    Maud: With help of coach Yorick on the secrets of Git, a helpful tip of Carsten and my visit to the #helpdesk channel, I managed to write a Mini Manual for Working With Our Fork without Maud Messing Things Up Again in a dedicated channel on Slack, called #reference, where we store persistent information. And I had my first live coaching session with Thijs, mainly about testing. Found out we are both huge fans of Don't Make Me Think -- which I would happily recommend to every Rails Girl!

  • First Update from Team Rubyherzlein!

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 2, 2015 14:15 UTC

    On our first day we got set up with two desks as the SoundCloud office in Berlin. We attended a stand-up meeting and a introductory presentation on the use of git and github. We set up our team twitter account, were presented to the whole SoundCloud office, learned that you can animate your own emojis on slack and started writing on a blogpost that will be up soon on our blog!

  • First Day: Getting Settled In

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 2, 2015 09:20 UTC

    • Got settled in, started setting things up, fixing our schedule and organising our workspace
    • Our first standup call with Hoodie! (This was really cool, it really made us feel part of their team and confirmed to us that we definitely want to pursue working with a team like this!) Clemens Helm, one of our coaches, joined us for this
    • Read Hoodie documentation
    • Organized weekly meetings with our mentors and coaches
    • Lots of questions fired at Ramon Huidobro, another of our coaches
    • Javascript for Rubyists introduction from yet another of our coaches, Aaron Cruz
    • Extremely enthusiastic brainstorming of ideas for our showcase app
    • Adorable bento box lunch
    • Got icecream and sweets
    • Programmed our slackbot (fun times are ahead!)
    • Had an interview with Andie Katschthaler, part of the team of the coworking space which is gracefully hosting us this summer
    • Various team photos taken for twitters and blogs
    • Got told about Javascript for Cats and almost died
    • Started a blog post on our first day for our team blog
    • Worked on our team introduction blog post

    (Currently fighting for the markdown to work...)

  • Team Melbourne · #D2

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 2, 2015 06:13 UTC

    · Attended 9am meeting @ Redbubble
    · Caught up on our social media feed and did some outreach
    · Edited css in our blog
    · Did the group photo with coaches
    · Photoshopped the group photo with more photoshopping to come for our coaches that couldn't be there (see blog)
    · Going through the ember.js docs
    · Going through exercises on eloquent javascript (the chessboard activity - see blog) - which is a fantastically written book.
    (more details on

    Other stuff worth commenting about today:
    · The airconditioner went on and it sounded like a rocket.
    · It's harder to photoshop open eyes on a photo than it looks.

  • Exercistas@NIRD

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 2, 2015 02:12 UTC

    Rails Girl Summer of Code 2015, we are finally here. The day started sweetly with donut twists and a flurry of messages about repos, blogs and twitter for our team, Exercistas, and our project (Hi Anika! Hi JZ!) We had our first stand-up which was actually a sit down. We discussed plans … Read more.

  • Exercistas@NIRD

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 2, 2015 02:12 UTC

    Rails Girl Summer of Code 2015, we are finally here. The day started sweetly with donut twists and a flurry of messages about repos, blogs and twitter for our team, Exercistas, and our project (Hi Anika! Hi JZ!) We had our first stand-up which was actually a sit down. We discussed plans … Read more.

  • What we did on our first day

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 2, 2015 00:37 UTC

    1. Joined dev gitter
    2. Set up team blog:
    3. Installed local copies of - ran into database issues TRIUMPHANTLY SOLVED with the help of our awesome mentor.
    4. Started on first project: populate a list of all languages on the welcome page
    5. Had celebratory frozen custard with the NIRD team

  • The first day

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 2, 2015 00:31 UTC

    • We had our first official standup
    • We configured the computer that we will be using for pairing with the required tools
    • At Crowd Interactive office we were introduced to the workers, and they showed us the office areas
    • We created a pairing github account
    • We cloned our blog and the livingstyleguide repositories on the pairing computer
    • We were replying and sending emails to the team before our kickoff hangout
    • We had our kickoff hangout with all the team members
    • We worked on a html and css template for listing articles in our blog

July 01, 2015

  • Team Melbourne · #D1

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 1, 2015 22:38 UTC

    Today in Australia (UTC+10):

    · Getting to know our coaching company
    · Setting up a text editor in the new computers our lovely coaching company have loaned us (thanks again guys!)
    · Getting a local instance of discourse working and being able to push from our local instance to the github repo. Using the guide - was indispensible in helping us set up an environment.
    · Doing our first daily log :-)
    · Did our team photo and embedded into this post using google drive. See instructions below.
    · Fighting with Team DEIGirls over GirlsCodersWars' last slice of cake #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour

  • First day of R'n'B team

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 1, 2015 22:21 UTC

    What we have done today:

    • find alternative co-working space to 'Supermarkt' which seems to have moved away/permanently closed
    • setup irc and meet online with our mentors
    • issue a pull request to OSEM app
    • update / install: Ruby, bundler, ImageMagik, MySQL
    • explore OSEM & get familiar with it by:
      • creating test conferences
      • registering as admin and attendee
      • testing: navigation, user experience, features
    • hangout with supervisor
    • hangout with OSEM team in irc channel & update them about our progress
    • research for improvement of bootstrap-switch toggle-button (attendee status: "absent", "present") -- Github issue #690
    • update Trello tickets of R'n'B team board

  • Starting with crypto mentors!

    Team RubyGirls Quito [2015] — at July 1, 2015 20:25 UTC

    First day was awesome!! We did these things:
    1. Create a wpblog, that could be found here: and a Twitter account. Follow us here @zeroknowledge9
    2. Set up irc through XChat. Issue a pull request to LEAP app.
    3. Check the installation of Ruby and Rails.
    4. Review basic knowledge of Git.
    5. Meeting with our amazing Crypto Mentors!
    6. Review basic plan ideas.
    7. Start investigating on Bitcoin.

    Keep nice and secure! Love cryptography!