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July 11, 2015

  • Day 8 - Gem controller

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 11, 2015 04:17 UTC

    Hello! Today we used the gems() method that we made in the API Client, but we have some limitations to test because we need a rubygems account with a lot of gems :( Now we will planing new tasks for the next week Yeii. Have a nice weekend Hugs

  • Today is Fryday and the body knows

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 11, 2015 01:06 UTC

    Our day have begun with a standup, after that we read more documentation about livingstyleguide gem’s and also we played with it.

    We learned new git commands solving different problems that presented to us.

    This morning we had good news :) , crowd gave us a gift, a codeschool account for each of us and we have chosen which courses to do.

    In the afternoon , we discussed about the tests we made these days, and after we began to do a course the codeschool

    We have answered a lot of questions for the company’s introduction e-mail.

    Lastly, Fridays are days of weekly-meeting and today we had have to present us front of our coworkers with microphone and everything.


July 10, 2015

  • Refactoring

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 10, 2015 23:37 UTC

    • Having trouble understanding how to integrate the different methods together
    • Sarah: struggling with vocabulary
    • Mixolidia: having trouble getting all features of exercism to run locally
    • Whiteboarding for next feature
    • Tutorials in the afternoon

  • #10

    Team Hackrgirls [2015] — at July 10, 2015 19:37 UTC

    • Had a meeting with our supervisor, Katrin
    • More brainstorming, browsing demos.
    • Found an ebook tutorial for impress js and started reading it

  • Cheesy Upstream

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 10, 2015 19:13 UTC

    O what a day! Roos' avatar intervention was merged last night. From this morning on, all SoC-teams can enjoy a far better Activity experience. And there is more. The (cheesy-ish) blogpost Roos wrote about us, was live at the end of the day. Perfect timing! Maud closed a fruitful week with a Pull Request for fake Job Offer seeds.

    I started today with coding, which, after some reviewing by the one and only Carsten, got shrunk to ONE line of code. That's the Ruby way! I got a better feel for FactoryGirl and the use of it in dev environment, discovered git show-branch command (and got lost in it). Got confused over a deceitfully simple looking issue, which I am supposed to solve.
    And giggled a lot over Roos' blogpost. And my one line of code.

  • Friday July 10th, 2015

    Team CocoaGems [2015] — at July 10, 2015 19:11 UTC

    Morning Scrum
    Session with our coach Rachel Myers about her experience entering the tech industry.
    Both of us read the 'Get of Your Horse and Stop Coding like a Cowboy'

    Karla :
    took a quick look at a
    finished reading chris pine's ch. 4 on More About Methods
    practiced using random number generation in RB using puts srand 1776 to return the same random number used in a sequence
    For example if we give rand an integer of 7 - the number generator will return 7 possible numbers from (0-6)
    lexicographical ordering : puts 'cats' < 'dog' and returns true because in dictionary order c comes before d thus its value is smaller.
    Worked on Chris Pines Methods and Flow control
    Revisited github-teacher/projectmanagement-cookbook for keeping track of our weekly milestones - Loren Allen Smith project

  • Day 8 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 10, 2015 19:01 UTC

    Some organization stuff:
    * morning standup with coaches
    * hangout with our supervisor, Magda
    * writing introducing our team to RGSoC blog

    * fixed validations for selection in form
    * added link button to creating form in my training app
    * my two first issues are done, yay!
    * learned about gitflow

    * I had to face with my coaches’ answers to my very big (too big) pull request
    now I know how important indentations are!
    now I know that convert all spaces to tabs isn’t good idea and can cause syntax problems in .yml files…
    I made some fixes (crumpled sticky notes) and I have at about 20 more to do… Yeah, it is this long list on picture :)

  • Friday July 10th, 2015

    Team CocoaGems [2015] — at July 10, 2015 18:30 UTC

    took a quick look at a
    finished reading chris pine's ch. 4 on More About Methods
    practiced using random number generation in RB using puts srand 1776 to return the same random number used in a sequence
    For example if we give rand an integer of 7 - the number generator will return 7 possible numbers from (0-6)

  • Day 8

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 10, 2015 18:06 UTC

    Friday hug to all! :D
    Faced a few issues while working with Git because of multiple Git accounts on a single machine. Spent some time understanding and resolving the same. Also decided on a workflow which involves us to start using branches instead of commiting to master straight away.

  • #Day 7

    Team Techylite [2015] — at July 10, 2015 17:30 UTC

    working with gem capybara with rspec
    testing validations
    data relationship
    testing views
    Background on Authentication
    using OmniAuth

  • Day number I don't remember - Postgres is the devil

    Team DEIGirls [2015] — at July 10, 2015 17:28 UTC

    This beautiful Friday we tried writing a diary in Lotus, got stuck in the database and spent the afternoon getting help from our coaches and mentors. Yes, the DB is working now! :D We also had a little chat with our supervisor about how things are going (good!).

  • Team Tessie - Day 8: Tessie on Tour! ....kinda

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 10, 2015 17:12 UTC

    Today we are working from Pilar's house which is just outside of Vienna. We brought two of our coaches with us today and set about to master CouchDB....or at least to understand it! (We also brought lots of sweets and treats, learning is always easier with Manner and Haribo...)

    After Igor coached Ramon for a bit, both of them were set up to help us with installing and getting started. Hurrah! We have made databases to play around with and get used to.

    We had our supervisor call today with Laura, who is standing in for Marcus while he is building sandcastles in Croatia. We chatted about what's going on so far, how our first week treated us, and what we have coming up for the next week.

    A while later we had a catch up call with Jan and Ola, our hoodie mentors, and three of our coaches - Igor, Ramon, and Aaron - joined us too! We all spoke about how we found the first week, what way we think we can improve things or what we loved about the week. We are on track with our project plan so far and we all decided that it doesn't need to be adjusted or changed. Yay!
    We took a Friday hug photo for RailsgirlsGÖ who tweeted their hugs at us a little earlier and then settled back in to get more CouchDB stored in our brains.


  • Day 8th - We already know how to proceed with tests

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 10, 2015 16:46 UTC

    Stand up meeting with our coach Tsvety about the daily tasks
    We have made our task for today, which Andrew Havens has given us yesterday evening.
    We have written the test about digest_subscribe and it works.
    We have practising with different tutorials and started to read about Active Record Associations, which we need for our next task.

    Have a nice weekend girls!

  • Day 7: EEEE! It's been a week!

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 10, 2015 16:23 UTC

    • sent in talks to conferences (both of us crossing fingers)
    • set up Kanban boards
    • read couch docs
    • watched o'reilly webcast
    • wrote Team Tessie blogs posts for team blog
    • Hoodie Standup
    • Tessiebucks designs
    • Team Bessie??!?
    • played around with PHPillow

  • Rubyherzlein - friday 10 rollercoaster

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 10, 2015 15:22 UTC

    we had a very exciting day.
    - 2h of coaching with our coding buddy Hannes: testing, testing, ping-pong pairing and a lot of homework!
    - 2h learning session with Will about language differences - compiled, interpreted, functional, objective orientated.
    - hula hoop training with Duana

  • Day 7 Rubyherzlein

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 10, 2015 15:01 UTC

    On Thursday we met with one of our mentors, Duana who is also product owner of our project. We had a session on the model view controller, how it works and started to look at the code in the SoundDrop app to get an overview of how it looks.
    We had our weekly meeting with our supervisor on Google hangout and talked about the iterations of the project, tracked our progress. The first week and a half may feel a bit slow going, but it was really nice to see that we are actually following the week-by week plan pretty accurately.

  • Day 7 - Darkfish and rdoc

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) [2015] — at July 10, 2015 12:57 UTC

    We looked into the rdoc and darkfish code and also verified the standards
    used for rdoc development. Learning by breaking things, restarting
    and doing things right.
    It is wonderful to have version control :-)

    We are concluding our review of web technologies (html, css).

  • Nitpicking

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 10, 2015 06:39 UTC

    • Went over Katrina's review of our pull request
    • How to deal with merging two methods, one of which is called in its current state in several places in the code
    • Struggled with private methods
    • Set up more informational interview
    • Signed up for a hackathon
    • Going to a resume review workshop today!

  • Team Melbourne · #D8

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 10, 2015 06:31 UTC

    It was a serious day.
    · Had our weekly meeting with Sara, and Adel was there to join us.
    · Head coach for Redbubble, Dane, sat down with us to explain the adsense.js.es6 file and injection code tactics in databases.
    · Managed to get the DFP ad onto the front page hardcoded. A good indicator that the tag provided works on Discourse.
    · But, hitting a wall right now because a DFP plugin and Adsense plugin already exist, the first not working but the latter is. How can we extend its functionality? Make it better? These are the 2 biggest platforms with most users.
    · For now, we've decided to start from the basics - get a DFP plugin to display 1 dummy ad box over the weekend/ early next week.

    PS: The plugin is usually 20-50 lines of code. Trust me, not as easy as it sounds.
    PPS: Seems like Fridays tend to be the most difficult of days...

  • Pull request and Gem model

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 10, 2015 04:15 UTC

    We did a new pull request today yay! For the next days we were planning according our Trello, the next steps of our application. We designed our Gem model and made changes on the api client.

  • A productive day

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 10, 2015 01:13 UTC

    We have begun the day with our daily standup and we did the plan for the rest day.

    According to the plan, our coach showed us the structure of a gem and also the livingstyleguide gem’s structure , now we understand it better :simple_smile: and we learned new git commands.


    After that we continued studying and researching about the livingstyleguide gem and tested it.

    Before, we went out for lunch we are played Nintendo64 (Super Smash Bros):)


    When we returned to the office, we asked questions about our doubts and our coach continued explaining the livingstyleguide gem’s source code.

    We finished the day studying and doing more tests.

    We are very happy because, we now understand better the structure of a gem and also the livingstyleguide gem’s structure.

July 09, 2015

  • Thursday 9th of July

    Team CocoaGems [2015] — at July 9, 2015 20:38 UTC

    - 2 hour long -Session with our external coach Nevyn Bengtsson about
    - Podfiles, Podspecs and integrating Pods in a Xcode project
    - The CocoaPods source code and Ruby
    -Had a mid day Scrum
    -Took a Restorative Yoga Class
    - How to fork CocoaPods and start working on smaller issues

    -Created more content for the About us section of
    Mini teach on : using suggestive feedbacks available on Google Docs such as : option + command + m

  • RGSoC Day 7: Hackathon

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 9, 2015 19:57 UTC

    Today we created some applications during Hackday. We have learnt a lot about JavaScript, but also used pHp and Rails to develop our hacks. We also learnt about how to create an add-on with SDK & cfx tools (Python) and implement it into our Firefox web browser. Everything ended with Demo and a beer.