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July 21, 2015

  • New experience

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 21, 2015 03:16 UTC

    • Squashed a few git bugs, made sure all branches were up to date
    • Paired to work on the language info pages
    • Prepared for informational interview
    • Had an informational interview at Julep! Keep an eye out for a blog post
    • Sarah: Javascript algorithm practice
    • Mixolidia: Jasmine debugging with Renée
    • Met with Katrina to discuss the pull request process, our current work, and a roadmap for the next couple of month. Got some good ideas for extra features to add.

  • Pull request merged!

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 21, 2015 01:52 UTC

    Today our first pull request was merged in master! a login with Github. At the start of the day, we reviewed github and the commands 'rebase', 'squash' and learned about environment variables, later we started with the index action in the gems controller , tomorrow we will make some tests! Also with our coaches, we made a reunion to planning the week.

July 20, 2015

  • Day 14

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) [2015] — at July 20, 2015 23:25 UTC

    On the weekend we had a meeting with our coaches and discussed work strategies with GitHub and project task organization using Trello.

    Today we talked with our mentor regarding improvements of the design for the Ruby documentation, especially parts of the functionality and features
    that should be included.

    We closed another ticket on GitHub.

    We added a list of functionality and features that are important to be implemented and will improve the Ruby documentation.

    Project work with Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

  • Finishing up some business

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 20, 2015 19:08 UTC

    Roos: After a weekend recap with Maud, I finished up some business to be able to start fresh with Milestone 2 in a few days. Fought a bit with relative and absolute positioning in CSS, wrappers, responsiveness, trying to debug my new restructuring of the styles and folders of the app. Hopefully the new look will be up soon!
    Maud: Did you see you can browse pages now (e.g. in the Community tab)? My pagination PR was merged today! And then I found a bug :-)
    Spent some time on trying to solve the bug. I thought it was a simple thingy, but hey, it learned me a few new things.
    I really need more muscle flexing (as coach André would say) on RSpec. So I followed a tut @ CodeSchool, created an empty sandbox app, and ended the day with a Green-false_Green-Red-Green-Refactor cycle of my first ever RSpec test. Me happy!

  • Whoops this update was for Friday

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 20, 2015 17:52 UTC

    • Met with JZ, got advice about conferences and meetups
    • Paired to work on language template (info) pages
    • Squashed all commits
    • Pull request got merged!
    • Learned a valuable lesson about all commits disappearing once commits are squashed :(
    • Worked on a blog post

  • Day 14!

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 20, 2015 16:08 UTC

    Looking for options of deploying our Rails Admin demo app while our search for seed data continues. Spent a lot of time trying to deploy whatever we have on Heruko - but were not successful in doing so today.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

  • The beginning of an awesome week!

    Team DEIGirls [2015] — at July 20, 2015 16:07 UTC

    Today was study day! We've done some tutorials of CSS and we read stuff about rspec.
    We also corrected a small error in our diary app that was having big impact! Now it's online with a gorgeous 90's look!
    And we started to write our blog post!

  • Day 14 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 20, 2015 15:58 UTC

    A new week begun and the work is on. After morning standup with our coach we planned our work for today. Also we had a hangout with our mentor, Torsten.
    Anna: I succesfully installed Devise - a gem for user authentication. So the user authentication is ready. I also installed a mailcatcher to see if e-mails with reset password instruction are working. The main problem of the day was that I didn’t reset the app, so that I thought it wasn’t working properly, while it did. I manage to set the ssh key for my github repository so I no longer have to put my login and password while pushing files to github, yay.
    Starting to learn about Haml as I want to rewrite all views with it.
    Basia: my learning about service objects yielded good results today! I did my service object! It really works almost perfect! Now I need figure it out how to generate right errors messages. I did some small fixes as well, moved some logic from model to presenter. I have to admit that my model is really thin right now.

    Mondays are not bad when you do what you like! :)

  • A day full of errors #sigh!

    Team Techylite [2015] — at July 20, 2015 15:53 UTC

    what a day!
    Testing devise sign in using capybara
    Rspec and capyabra with devise and factory girl
    Testing speakerinnen files
    Hands on the translation of cucumber tests into rspec for the sign in feature

  • RGSoC Day 13

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 20, 2015 15:47 UTC

    What we have done today:

    • monday breakfast incl. weekly plan discussion
    • read documentation about action controller overview
    • wrote a small program to better understand the action mailer
    • pair programming to create after-save-callback & send-mailer (controller)
    • fought big issues & conflicts with rvm & rbenv due to different ruby versions in different environment => but YAY! with a lot of help and coaches (helpdesk and locally) we finally defeated the bug!!!!! thankkkkkk you!!!

  • Day 14

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at July 20, 2015 15:33 UTC

    Yay, we had a great start into the week because we could solve all our remaining problems. We met our coach Bastian who gave us an overview of backbone.js which helped us a lot to understand where to get our data and where to put our code.

    As we try to work test driven we learned more about Factory Girl with the help of our coach Urs. And finally our tests pass :)
    Besides we learned how to squash commits and had a short catch up with our supervisor. Everything is fine!

  • Day 6

    Team Alster Hamburgers [2015] — at July 20, 2015 15:24 UTC

    Practice Practice Practice! That's what we were doing today most of the time. Our funny Ruby-tutorial instructors taught us a lot about Conditionals and TDD, Modules, Blocks, Symbols and Structs. Our little game is finally starting to look behave like a real game because we got to know the awesome method rand() - now we can generate random numbers (isn't that awesome?).
    We also listened to a very informative podcast episode ( Erik and Folker talked about Pixelated, GNUpg and LEAP.

  • 14th day :)

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 20, 2015 14:01 UTC

    Well the beginning of the week started with review of our work:
    - what we have done 'till the moment
    - what we have understood
    - what we haven't understood
    - what we were supposed to know etc.
    After the morning stand up meeting and coffee with Andrew R., he gave us some exercises for the day and other tasks for the next day.
    You can read a lot, but practice is practice :) :) :) Have a nice day girls see you tomorrow ;)

  • Cheesy Rebase

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 20, 2015 07:25 UTC

    Threw in a few hours at the office over the weekend. Invented a git move that will be known from now on as "Cheesy Rebase", and learned about git soft reset and git stash. Added rubber duck emoticon to our team's Slack Channel, read bits & pieces about relational databases, RESTful routing and Rails resources. Decluttered my desk and my documentation, had a nice picknick at Amsterdam's Vondelpark, and slept a lot.

  • Team Melbourne · #D14

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 20, 2015 05:52 UTC

    Before noon:

    • Reconstructed our communication channels with remote coaches
    • Longest stand-up meeting this morning so far with redbubble coaches
    • Cleaned up github repo - now we only have 3 repos: main, road map and blog
    • Fewer repos, more pull requests / feature branches. Inactivate the rest.
    • Created a README for the main repo that will help coaches to Install discourse locally
    • Fixed up the images on blog
    • New Approach for updating private slack channel with coaches: rationale, background, what we're trying to achieve, links
    • Created new branch for old adsense plugin issue


    • Worked together on creating 2 new ad locations on Discourse. Very successful
    • Sketched out presentation flow for upcoming redbubble team presentation day
    • Spent 1 hour from 3.30-4.30 doing our own research
    • Will be attending an event at redbubble at 4.30

    This new developer-pair-working-side-by-side idea is really speeding up our progress!

July 19, 2015

July 18, 2015

  • 18th July

    Team Hackrgirls [2015] — at July 18, 2015 17:53 UTC

    Here's what we did:

    -standup meeting with coaches
    -created content for all slides
    -decided on slide positions
    -started html part

  • Weekends are for pussies ;)

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 18, 2015 10:47 UTC

    What better to spend a sunny Saturday then reading more about structuring your SASS-files in Rails-projects?
    Finished restructuring all styles and stylesheets so that everything is in order to start the Organizer Dashboard and some general restyling.
    Also, rubber-ducked by trying to explain Rails, Git and the RGSoC-teams app to my dad. Good fun :)

  • Fridays come Fridays go

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 18, 2015 09:29 UTC

    And what a great day. After a much needed slow start, Maud attacked the Atom Feed again. We did a front-end back-end investigation which was very useful for both of us! Worked on a mini Quick Start guide for the Readme. Decluttered the pagination configuration and wrote fake Status Updates with the Cheese Ipsum we found the day before ( . Roos dived deeper in css and made an awesome ribbon. You all will see some changes magically appear on your screen in the days to come. Which really is a motivating perk for working at the SoC app.

  • Gateaways!

    Team RubyGirls Quito [2015] — at July 18, 2015 06:02 UTC

    Today we have a busy day! We:
    1. Start reading on how to create a gateaway for Bitpagos for Active Merchant (as they were the methods chosen for implementing bitcoin).
    2. Finish another UNIX and Vim tutorial, that our coach gave us.
    3. Subscribe to the active_merchant google group and started a post on how to create gateway.
    4. Finish another lecture on algorithms and calculus.
    5. Have a lovely chat with Alex, the supervisor! :)
    6. Just for fun: started a course on "philosophy of mathematics"! :)

  • First task finished!!!

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 18, 2015 00:33 UTC

    In our 13th day, we worked in the same task to yesterday. We had some difficulties to resolve a problem with the hover task because we had to change the code to introduce and show the hint text.

    At 11:00 AM we had the standup and we tried to resolve the doubts about the task and about the problems we had

    We introduced and changed our javascript code, ruby code, and HTML and CSS code. Today was a really hard day.

    We have done more commits and pull-request and.... finally, we could finish our first task!! =) -->

    This week we learned so much:

    -The CSS and SASS properties: visibility,cursor, transparentize, hsla and rgba

    -In JavaScript like: Range, Nodes, getElementByClassName, getElementByTagName, querySelector, querySelectorAll, DOM, events, sum of arrays, etc..

    -In Ruby: Inject HTML, JavaScript, CSS and SASS blocks in ERB templates

    -New git commands.

    -A little bit of Rails.

July 17, 2015

  • Day 13

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 17, 2015 22:25 UTC

    Started adding helper text to our demo app! The visual enhancements are coming out well.
    Spent time searching for a data dump we can use to seed our database after modifying it a little according to our schema. Hopeful we will be able to find it over the weekend maybe or we will have to make our own.

  • A session of sha sha sha with a pinch of salt and cookies

    Team DEIGirls [2015] — at July 17, 2015 21:37 UTC

    On this hot Friday the day started with a call with one of our coaches, who helped us figure out what was wrong with our sessions (sessions are magic I tell 'ya!). Then we had a call with a mentor and a coach, where we got our next assignments (learn css and assets stuff, and improve our knowledge of TDD) and we were videobombed by an awesome random Australian guy (we love you dude!). We also dabbled in the world of security, trying to figure out the best way to encrypt our passwords (sha + salt or bcrypt - we went with the latter).
    We also had a very cookie talk with our magnificent and awesome supervisor :D

    (Yes, I know the dance style is cha cha cha and I very much enjoy dancing it. Almost as much as eating cookies.)

  • Gems and test

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 17, 2015 20:23 UTC

    Today we were making tests and fixes to our pull request, maybe today will merge in master! Also we will change the form to import the user's gems, so started today with the gem 'gems', to list all the gems in the index.