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July 22, 2015

  • Day 15

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at July 22, 2015 11:05 UTC

    That was our first day where we didn't work together because of two appointments during the day and such big distances in Berlin.

    This was a good time for Julia to learn more about Rails and talk to our coach Christophe about what we built recently.
    And for Maren to learn more about RSpec in the book "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions".

  • Tuesday begins with Tu.

    Team DEIGirls [2015] — at July 22, 2015 08:59 UTC

    Tu is you in Portuguese. Not sure where I was headed with this.
    So... On Tuesday we continued css tutorials and read some links given to us by the coaches about deployment (specifically, deploying assets on heroku - good name for a martial art - , and other ways to "take care" of assets wink wink).
    We also did some mysterious stuff (Inês made me write that) related with our blog post (so awesome, we are). You just have to wait 'till Monday.

  • Team Melbourne · #D16

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 22, 2015 05:29 UTC

    • Worked heavily for upcoming presentation. It actually served as a good revision for us to recap what we've done and remember how we got here - pretty awesome! This base presentation can be used for future talks, so it's good that we have this.
    • Hangout with remote coaches, updated them on communication revamps and where we're headed.
    • Discussed about outreach to schools.
    • Rehearsed for presentation and gave each other feedback.

  • Just Tuesday

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 22, 2015 03:19 UTC

    • Sarah: working on the Julep blog
    • Retro meeting/therapy session with Whitney
    • Started on our roadmap, listed basic ideas we discussed with Katrina
    • Went through the getting started process in detail, wrote down all the pain points
    • Brainstormed ideas in line with our original plans
    • Made lists of Github issues related to pain points/potential fixes
    • RGSoC blogging

  • A day of learnings.

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 22, 2015 00:52 UTC

    The day has started with tests of our code in internet explorer , we tested that the help text for copying doesn’t appear if browser doesn’t support the copy functionality, and we did it. =)
    When we finished it, our team had standup, and we defined the new tasks for today. After, we updated our pull-request description in GitHub, and we wrote to our mentor to communicate him that we finished the task and we had the pull-request ready for another review.

    Also, this morning, we started to use the pomodoro technique.

    We dedicated some time to do changes in the team blog, and we started to write the first blog-post about the task we finished today.
    Finally, we studied in CodeSchool, while we wait for review from our mentor, and soon we will know if we can continue with the next task.

July 21, 2015

  • 21 July

    Team Hackrgirls [2015] — at July 21, 2015 23:56 UTC

    Yet another day with loads of challenges
    Got stuck with the orientation part and few of the Java script codes seemed to be very tricky.
    Finally we could solve the bugs and we feel so happy about it :D
    Read few Java Script codes as well
    Planning to move forward with new design

  • Day 14 - List Gems

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 21, 2015 23:47 UTC

    Today we finished the list gems and the tests for this new action controller, after that, we made a pull request with this new function and now are reviewing the comments to our coaches for then, make fixes

  • List Gems

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 21, 2015 23:45 UTC

    Today we finished the list gems and the tests for this new action controller, after that, we made a pull request with this new function and now are reviewing the comments to our coaches for then, make fixes

  • Day 15 - Project work with Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) [2015] — at July 21, 2015 21:25 UTC

    We are currently working on the other design templates. We have started with the Landing Pages design .
    We did speak with our coaches and mentor today and received some tips regarding our design and going forward.
    We take the feedback from our Coaches and Mentor and make changes appropriately.
    They liked the initial work and gave us some very useful tips.
    We also continue to study Ruby and explore more concepts in details.
    Slack has been very useful, as it allows constant interaction with our Coaches and Mentors and they are always reachable to us to answer our queries and always suggest us new ideas and concepts

  • Day 15 :) :)

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 21, 2015 19:31 UTC

    We were finally able to seed data for 2 models
    Used the FFaker gem to generate fake data
    Learnt how to work with git patches
    Faced the dreaded rails pluralization issue. Fixed quickly, thanks to our coaches! ^_^

    More seeding tomorrow!

  • Day 15th

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 21, 2015 19:14 UTC

    Morning stand up meeting with our coaches Andrew and Marta
    Some clarifications about our tasks for the Project for Marta (she joined us today, so we`ve got 3 coaches already :))
    Q&A session with Andrew
    Creating posts, comments and tags from the rails console
    Making some tests
    Doing some coding exercises
    Q&A session with Marta

  • RGSoC Day 14

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 21, 2015 16:40 UTC

    What we have done today:

    • Daily stand-up.
    • Eternal fight with rake and rbenv issues.
    • Improved our send_emails controller to deliver mails only to certain recipients.
    • Created a basic view for comment_notification.
    • Hanging out with our coaches.
    • Done a workshop hosted by Wooga team: "An Intro to HTTP".

  • Isn't there any merge without a bug?

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 21, 2015 16:30 UTC

    You see that page here? Looks pretty hey? That's Team Cheesy's work woohoo! Created a bug of course, and fixed it as well.

    - did a lot of studying on front-end best practices and (CSS3 and Js) animations. F.e. this here:
    - discovering supervisor area of the app for the dashboard tomorrow
    - created some ideas for dashboards in general

    Searching-searching-searching-try-delete-try-delete In the end I wrote TWO words. Which solved 2/3 of my homemade bug. Even it turns out not to be the right solution, then I am still proud of the way I got there. Cheers!

  • Day 15 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 21, 2015 15:18 UTC

    The conference tickets raffle is on, yay! Today we chose conferences we want to attend and apply for it. We really want to go to Barcelona Ruby Conference in September and to Berlin’s GoTo Conference in December. Can’t wait the raffle’s results! :)
    * learned about Haml
    * rewrote all views in my training app from .erb to .haml
    * now I’ll write all new views in Haml as well
    * looked at Basia’s new-made Service Object, which is something new for me
    * learned how to add a feature to uploading pictures to my training app
    * also watched some Railscasts to complete my knowledge
    * learned about rails errors messages and flash messages
    * finished my service object! With all messages
    * compared slim and haml syntax (I use slim for few months and it should be easy to switch on haml)

  • Day 7

    Team Alster Hamburgers [2015] — at July 21, 2015 14:21 UTC

    The day started out early again: We had another 8am Ruby session with coach Anastasia to go through some of the questions we had from working through our tutorial (in which we're slowly approaching the end!). She shed some more light on classes, modules and structs, which was helpful.

    There were a few more useful meetings: Our weekly catch-up with our supervisor Adam and our daily standup, in which we made some plans on how to put together a good roadmap over the next days and have a few more study sessions with our coaches, to make sure our summer of code ends up productive.

    (Anke:) I also attended a ThoughtWork team's retrospective meeting to get ideas on how to run ours in the future. My main takeaways: It was very clearly structured and made sure to collect input from the entire group about what went well and what could be improved, and condense it all into action items.

    There was also a lesson learned yesterday evening: GitHub is very forgiving about markdown errors but the Rails Girls SoC blog will expose them without mercy. So even though we had triple-checked our submission, we had to quickly correct our links when our first blog post when online. Hey, some git practice is always good! :) And it was great to make our official team introduction on the blog.

    (Anke:) I tinkered with my Rails installation because after setting up something else, the LEAP web app would no longer start. It's working now, and I also learned that the browser cache can do odd things with storing one app's CSS file and then applying it to the next app you open, making it look... odd.

    Well, and of course there is always our online tutorial, which has now also taught us about hashes. Lots of new things there and shortcuts and tricks to be picked up on the side. We'll see if we will remember it all when we actually use our Ruby knowledge out in the wild! :)

    Busy day (or maybe just a wordy one?). We also entered the conference ticket raffle and are now finding it very hard to type while keeping all available fingers crossed so that we may end up in Dortmund or Potsdam soon... and we have mysterious Twitter issues: We can no longer post tweets without any obvious error messages. Which may be why all our communicative energy went into the daily log today.

  • Rubyherzlein - July 21st

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 21, 2015 13:09 UTC

    today we wrote the "start - blogpost" for the Rails Girls blog and took part in the raffle. what an incredible chance - thank you rails girls!!!Furtehr, we continued with our learning about databases. We created a little fake one (a file) plus a program for it on our own. was great to see it working!

  • Day 15: Can I pet sick cat? :<

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 21, 2015 12:40 UTC

    • Working at Shelly and Igor's with Ramon and Aaron!
    • Conference raffles *crossing fingers for BaRuCo*
    • Other conference stuff *quickly books train tickets for OTSconf*
    • Signing up for workshops!
    • Shelly fixed the curly bracket issue
    • I commented on an issue! *shyness level reduced by 2%*
    • Caught up on daily logs
    • Found way around hoodie repos (It's a crazy maze!)
    • Also Alex from Hoodie is super enthusiastic about Ember... Should we start learning it? It sounds fun ;)
    • We miss Ola but we hope she's having a good holiday!

  • Team Tessie Day 14

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 21, 2015 12:39 UTC

    Armed with our new knowledge from our JS in our PJs class, we delved into the code behind the Hoodie starter app.

    We each had our one on one calls with Jan to discuss our progress and what is coming up next.

    Our day was spent reading and making sure we understood what every line did. We also started to read up on the Hoodie modules and we had a tshirt dilemma. Or more specifically, Pilar did. "Standard" sizing of fitted shirts does not apply to anyone we know!

  • Day 12:

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 21, 2015 12:38 UTC

    This day started off as most do with our Hoodie standup. We worked from home once more because Shelly has a sick cat.

    We did a remote workshop with one of our coaches Aaron, which was super interesting! It was over the space of about three hours and covered...

    -Everything is Text

    -HTTP Requests

    -CouchDB (couchdb is harrddddd)


    -NPM Stuff

    Aaron is making an effort to take the magic out of a lot of the programming stuff (but not in an evil way!) He is making things really understandable for us and things feel much less confusing and abstract after he has explained all the things.

    We also had a look at some things with Ramon in the hopes of finishing our refactor.

  • Rubyherzlein Log Day 14 -July 20!

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 21, 2015 12:29 UTC

    The daily coaching session was focused on databases. We talked about SQL and the many database solutions, but open source and private. We started working on assignments with database questions, then spend much of the afternoon participating in a diversity photoshoot in the office! Franzi got sick and had to go to a doctor, Nynne stayed behind and attended the weekly SoundDrop evening meeting.

  • Two days of math!

    Team RubyGirls Quito [2015] — at July 21, 2015 04:17 UTC

    Today and on Sunday, we finished lovely maths sections:
    1. Finish the first section of logarithms course (about quick union).
    2. Finish the first section of calculus course (limits and functions).
    3. Create a repository about activemerchant.
    4. Understand online payment.
    5. Finish a really long rails tutorial.
    6. Pull request for active

    (Don't know why this shows up in italics)

  • Begin of the week :)

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 21, 2015 03:32 UTC

    We have begun our day with a standup, in it we talked about the feedback that our mentor gave us and we did a task plan.

    Before we started working we had to pull livingstyleguide latest changes, to do it we rebased our work on top of v2 branch, and resolved some conflicts, with merge tool with the help of our coaches.

    Latter we continued with our tasks:

    • Changed hard coded values by variables.
    • Removed console.log from javascript code.
    • We removed top and height of the hover span.
    • Fix broken tests.
    • Also, we did some changes to our code, to enable the copy functionality only when the browser supports it.