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July 31, 2015

  • Alexa, give me a cat fact

    Team Exercistas (exercism) [2015] — at July 31, 2015 16:06 UTC

    • Learned that we will be giving a lightning talk at Madison+ Ruby
    • Prepared and practiced talk for tonight's MADEinSeattle Show & Tell meetup
    • Gave talk at MADEinSeattle, got useful feedback, heard about cool projects other people were working on!


    • more problems. Almost done!
    • researched singleton classes and how they affect the inheritance structure
    • took a look at the schema for the new exercism API


    • Read and followed tutorials on Sass/Scss , Bootstrap-Sass and Compass.
    • Got one step further on figuring out how all these are working with exercism.
    • updates to crowdfunding campaign
    • promoting crowdfunding campaign

  • New Task, new learning

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at July 31, 2015 12:00 UTC

    A new Friday, that started solving the problem that we had with the task about copy code: we could solved the problem and fix the tests, so we did a new commit to our pull-request related to this task. We needed to search more info in order to start the new task and for that we studied and read … Read more.

  • Team Melbourne · #D23

    Team Melbourne (Discourse: Advertising Plugin) [2015] — at July 31, 2015 06:30 UTC


    • Created the UI for the vision we have for our ad plugin, and a short roadmap on our next steps
    • Tried to make the every-Nth-post function work within the plugin w/o touching the core. Yesterday, we succeeded in getting ads to show in every Nth post whilst configuring the core of Discourse. However, we are creating a plugin so we should really be getting it to work within the core WITHOUT changing too much of the core. WE GOT AN ERROR, asking for help now
    • Attended a coding dojo of our coaching company's, which was pretty cool
    • Supervisor call with Sara, Jo and Adel! Thanks so much for attending the call.

  • Tasks mixture

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at July 31, 2015 02:49 UTC

    We had did many differents things today. Firstly, we continued solving some details in our blog with the image and positions. Since we had to attend the CSS and SMACSS course, now we know that we need refactor the CSS code:

    • We want to convert CSS to SASS (It is more clearly and useful).
    • We want to apply SMACSS rules in the page.
    • We need make the page responsive.

    We included code in Jekyll to use categories and include our daily logs. More Later, we started to investigate the new task: we have to add a search bar for we can search content, text and code examples, and we almost solved the problem with our previous task.

    To wrap up the day, we attended the CSS and SMACSS workshop.

    Has been a tired day, but we are really learning so much, and we are happy and satisfied because we are completing our tasks.

July 30, 2015

  • Finally we published in the Rails Railg Blog!

    Team Binary ( [2015] — at July 30, 2015 21:18 UTC

    Today was an exciting day, we were really nervous about publish our post the in the blog and had some doubts about upload an image but then our beloved supervisor, showed us the tutorial and all went well. Also we were still developing the function about 'mark/unmark a gem for adoption', we hope have this pr completed tomorrow. We hope that everyone read our blog!

  • Day 22

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) (Official Ruby Documentation Redesign) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 19:44 UTC

    Small discussion about our current activities and the progress we have done with our Coaches and mentors in Slack.
    Continued to Worked with Darkfish and Analysis of DarkFish Code.
    Created and configured files from Darkfish to new template and continue to explore more concepts in Darkfish
    Getting familiar and exploring in detail code standards from RDoc development.
    And parallely working in the Design Templates , Improvement of the template.
    Continue learning.
    Code development.

  • Team Tessie - Day 22

    Team Tessie (Hoodie) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 19:24 UTC

    Today Pilar travelled from Vienna to Berlin for Eurucamp, where she is going to meet several Hoodie people as well as LOADS of RGSoC people.

    This morning I joined in on the daily hoodie call and then got stuck into practicing some different types of HTML and CSS in the hopes of contributing to making the MFH app pretty when we get to that point! The things we are working on for the app are things that we both find difficult so while Pilar is away in Berlin, I am not going to skip ahead of her, but rather catch up in places where I am still somewhat of a beginner. Although having said that, I can already see the progress I have made in this area since the start of Summer of Code :D

    - travelled to Berlin by air (baaaaah airports, I like the flying just fine but airports - don't get me wrong we are super priviledged for being able to fly)
    - got to Potsdam and settled into the hotel (it was super nice, really beautiful!)
    - wanted to wander around but it started raining so we just went to the supermarket and laughed at things we didn't have back home (eg. "DIE limonade" floored me, I mean I get you might not be a big fan of lemonade, but no reason to tell it to go die! Also die is the german "the" with female gender... Also Maille mustard is crazy cheap here, what gives?)
    - went to the speakers dinner which was amazing! Had so many desserts... :< I shouldn't have but I did! We sat with Kinsey and Rebecca and were later joined by Txus and Erik. I was so touched that all these amazing people even bothered listening to a noob like myself. They were so wonderful and interesting, it was such a great evening! Erik almost talked Ramon into buying an Apple watch - seems like almost everybody had them! I'm really grateful for the speakers, they were so cool!

    worshipping the speakers

  • Rubyherzlein - July 30

    Team Rubyherzlein (SoundDrop) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 18:31 UTC

    Today we worked on the ⚡️talk that we will be giving tomorrow at the Rails Girls beginners' workshop! Then we added a couple of new features to the SoundDrop app, by fixing some API issues and adding select boxes with ruby! We had a meeting with our coach, and in the evening we went to two events at the SoundCloud office: RoleModels and Women Who Code.

  • Day 22: Paperclipped

    Team CodeBenders (RailsAdmin) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 17:31 UTC

    We used the paper clip gem to include images as attachments for the products in our e-commerce application. Introducing this has caused new problems for us - things are breaking on Heroku and we will need to change the way we seed data...
    After getting the upload to work, we spent the rest of the day reading about possible solutions for the same. Haven't been able to find any yet!

  • Day 21

    Team Delta Quadrant (Diaspora) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 16:45 UTC

    Our day was very much about preparing our presentation tomorrow at the Rails Girls workshop at eurucamp.

    Besides we worked on improving our map implementation on diaspora. This evening we will meet our coach Andy and ask him about gem integration, git amend and changes on db:schema.

  • Present presenter

    Team Cheesy (Rails Girls) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 16:30 UTC

    My teamie is on her way to the RailsGirls Workshop and Konferenz in Potsdam, and I stayed in Amsterdam to guard the (code) base. Our new Lesson Plan points the way, and make us focus on certain subjects. I like that! So I applied yesterday's lessons, read the documentation on Active Record associations, added "has many" and "belongs to" associations to my Sandbox app, and migrated foreign_keys into the models. All in all it helps me to recognize and follow those relationships in our Project's code. And why that is so hard.... I was tempted to do the fun part - writing the required methods to knot everything together in the Sandbox - but no! The Lesson Plans says: go study PresenterControllers and Views. Yes Plan, will do. But first: taco's.

  • Day 14

    Team Alster Hamburgers (Leap/Pixelated) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 15:27 UTC

    • Conference preparation: We worked on our lightning talk presentation and practiced a bit to make sure we stay within the time limit. Looking good - final rehearsal tomorrow morning and we'll be good to go!
    • CSS tutorials, learning more about HAML
    • Getting acquainted better with the LEAP code and tried changing some things in preparation for implementing our first user story
    • Excited for the conference! :)

  • Day 22nd

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts (RubyGameDev) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 13:32 UTC

    Morning stand up meeting and coffee with our coach Marta
    Our team has separated the tasks to do
    Sophia: working on the search form implementation
    Boryana: working on the jquery autocomplete for tags
    Reading tutorials about how to implement these features

  • Task mixture

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 12:00 UTC

    We had did many differents things today. Firstly, we continued solving some details in our blog with the image and positions. Since we had to attend the CSS and SMACSS course, now we know that we need refactor the CSS code: We want to convert CSS to SASS (It is more clearly and useful). We want to … Read more.

  • The first task.

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 12:00 UTC

    After of a great start and a week preparing ourselves, at last we had the courage to start writing our first lines of code for the Living Style Guide gem, as part of the Rails Girls Summer of Code program. What was our first task and contribution to Living Style Guide? It consisted of adding the … Read more.

  • Team Melbourne · #D22

    Team Melbourne (Discourse: Advertising Plugin) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 06:40 UTC

    • Getting ads between posts to work (post-bottom plugin outlet) - Great work Sarah!
    • Trialled existing dfp and adsense plugin into live site.
    • Used dfp to try and understand the needs of the dfp user
    • All team members now have access to dfp ad platform
    • Trying to still get the adsense code to work on ember components
    • Polishing up our wireframe for ad plugin user interface and documentation to send to Robin and coaches tomorrow.

  • A day full of emotions

    Team Fanxhe (livingstyleguide) [2015] — at July 30, 2015 02:37 UTC

    Wednesday, the day that we talked to our supervisor Katrin, of this way we started our day. We talked with to about all the work that we did the last week, how we feel about having published of our first blog post in our blog, the first post for the Rails Girls Blog and what we want to do and what are we are going to do this week.

    Nico, our mentor, explained to us what we have to solve in our last pull-request, and later during our standup we talked about how would we solve it and the tasks to complete today.
    Throughout the day, we sent to the Media and Content Chief our second post for our blog, we asked her to support us reviewing it. Also we updated our trello, and organized some of the next tasks.

    We almost finished the post for Rails Girls, but we have thought about adding something original…. Surprise, surprise.

    We studied more about Rails, Ruby, Markdown and JavaScript during the afternoon. We solved some problems with the google analytics configuration our blog, we reduced the size of the principal image and now our page is more light, and we added a new image too, this image is great news for us: we have a logo for the team !!

    The logo was made by our designer, a coworker at Crowd Interactive.
    Finally, we attended to the CSS and SMACSS course in our Coach Company: Crowd Interactive. You can see here:

July 29, 2015

  • Day 21

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) (Official Ruby Documentation Redesign) [2015] — at July 29, 2015 23:48 UTC

    Supervisor meeting today with the team
    Worked with Darkfish
    Analysis of DarkFish Code
    Created and configured files from Darkfish to new template
    Modified Rdoc code to include new configuration
    Compiled and generated new Rdoc to test
    Main template content configuration
    Generator setup to use new template configuration
    Modified rdoc integration