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July 29, 2015

  • Day 21 - Heroku deployment

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 29, 2015 18:55 UTC

    We spent most of our day today figuring out how to deploy our app on Heroku. Neither of us had done it before and we faced many more issues than we had expected.
    But in the process, we've learn't SO much!
    And .. Here it is :D

  • Day 21: To Anyone

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 29, 2015 18:25 UTC

    • godzilla rage over horrible things on twitter
    • daily standup which made things good again :D
    • did cool neat drawings that will show up at a eurucamp talk?!?
    • organized a rubyweek activity Maren from Team Delta Quadrant!
    • got auto time insertion to work on Chrono Tracker (wonderful beautiful name of our time tracking app - sounds suspiciously similar to Chrono Trigger?)
    • saving works on Chrono Tracker (for now...)
    • apparently months on JS are the worst thing ever. Ever.
    • cat tree!
    • Shelly left to St. Peter!
    • Pilar is packing for eurucamp!


  • Team Tessie Day 20

    Team Tessie [2015] — at July 29, 2015 18:24 UTC

    Tuesday happy Tuesday! or rather, regular Tuesday that involves getting lots of awesome work done, lots of half-price art supplies from across the road, and a lunchtime massage from sektor's massage guy.

    Today we got lots of our My First Hoodie app done together. Pilar made an awesome logo for it (as she always does, I am so jealous of her skills!!) , we made the skeleton of the app using hoodie, we introduced lots of little features, and we are super enthused about adding lots more.

    Using our newly acquired art supplies (I bought several sketchbooks) we drew up what we want the app to look like, and chunked out the steps we need to take.

  • Conferences, Talks, Hackathons, Tests & Oops

    Team Exercistas [2015] — at July 29, 2015 17:29 UTC

    Summary for Tuesday, July 29, 2015

    • Submitted Pull Request for our first RGSoC blog post
    • Discovered Sass and read up on it, yikes!
    • Planned crowd-sourcing campaign to fund our trip to Madison+ Ruby
    • Attended *.rb MeetUp and learned about: the many roads to becoming a professional software developer, best practices for informational graphics, Efficient CLI Usage and best practices for Minotaurs and Manatees in which mentors are minotaurs and mentees are manatees


    • Attended Hack the Dot
    • Worked on over 180 tutorials for testing in Ruby.

  • Wednesday July 29th, 2015 Algorithms Day with Jesse Toth!!

    Team CocoaGems [2015] — at July 29, 2015 17:19 UTC

    Morning Scrum
    Tutorial with Boris Bügling on the plugin CocoaPods label. We finished it today and released it to Ruby Gems :D
    Tutorial on Algorithms with coach Jesse Toth.
    We had a look at this resource from Woman who code:
    * We also had a look at the online version of the book Algorithm:
    * We did whiteboarding on writing a function in an iterative way and in an recursive way.
    * We scheduled the next meeting on more Algorithm in two weeks after we had some time to practice.

    Karla :

    Updated my Google Calendar to reflect the coaching sessions and the work that I am doing this week
    Replied and introduced myself to a Strange Loop Organizer
    Applying for Travel Grants to Strange Loop Conference in Missouri
    Had a Cork Session with Coach Samuel Giddins for Cork Project
    Read Why's Poignant Guide for a tiny bit


    Checked for flights to Strange Loop in St. Louise
    Shameless promotion of our Gem on twitter and in our slack channels
    Practiced Ruby on RubyMonk

  • Meetings and More Meetings

    Team Techylite [2015] — at July 29, 2015 16:46 UTC

    Team meeting(Just Esther and Resla )
    Team meeting with coach.
    Meeting our additional coach Eric. A local Ruby developer to give us quick help when our coach is not around :-)
    Translated two Cucumber Files to RSPEC.

  • Day 21 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 29, 2015 16:04 UTC

    Learning about RubyClerks architecture in progress. We learned about reopening the Classes in order to make some changes in the project - class_eval. We also got back to our training apps. Ania was trying to make possible to add multiple attachments to the objects, but something is still not working unfortunately :(
    Basia was trying to make some functionality using json but it doesn’t work yet.

  • RGSoC Day 20

    Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015] — at July 29, 2015 15:37 UTC

    What we have done today:

    • daily standup
    • workshop about ActiveRecords Models / MVC
    • read inherited code of OSEM templates & try to understand the associations/connections
    • read about database & migrations
    • rewrote migration & solve conflicts
    • consulted coaches

  • Day 13 - Getting closer and closer to REAL CODE (yay)

    Team Alster Hamburgers [2015] — at July 29, 2015 15:03 UTC

    • We had another session with coach Klaus on Rails and, specifically, the LEAP app to see if the files we identified are really the ones we should focus on (and to find out if we missed anything else that we might break if we change them)
    • We also estimated (based more on gut feeling than experience, so let's see how far off we were! :D) how long each story will take us. (For now, we said the first five stories will take 2.5 weeks. Are we too optimistic? Time will tell... soon!)
    • To get through the post-lunch slump, we worked more on kanban decorations: Now we also have a box that will hold all our completed items from the kanban board (and it will be opened at the end of the Summer of Code to look back on our progress).
    • We discovered this morning that we'll have to work with .haml files, so we spent some time with tutorials on HTML (Aya) and HAML (Anke)
    • We're all set for the upcoming conferences! And started thinking of our lightning talks. We also booked our spots for some cool Eurucamp activities on Yay!

    our new kanban box

  • Day 20 - To gem or not to gem

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at July 29, 2015 14:35 UTC

    Today we discussed our map implementation with some diaspora core developers and already implemented some changes.

    One of them was the implementation of the Javascript library leaflet.js either as a gem or as assets. The funny thing is, that we started implementing it as a gem on Day 17, then we faced some problems and switched to the other solution. Now we learned that in the diaspora project they prefer to use the gem because it decreases the repo bloat and nicely integrates into the usual dependency update routine.

    Furthermore we outsourced our map in an own subview.

    For lunch we met Nynne & Franzi from Team Rubyherzilein which was fun!

    Now we are sitting at St. Oberholz working on our talk for the Rails Girls workshop on friday.

  • Day 21st

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 29, 2015 13:54 UTC

    Discussing the current tasks with our coach Andrew
    Creating new branches for new features
    Fixing some code lines, which our mentor has advised to do
    Working on the implementing tags
    Working on the submit form
    Reading about JQuery

  • A day full of emotions

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 29, 2015 12:00 UTC

    Wednesday, the day that we talked to our supervisor Katrin, of this way we started our day. We talked with to about all the work that we did the last week, how we feel about having published of our first blog post in our blog, the first post for the Rails Girls Blog and what we want to do and what … Read more.

  • rubyherzlein - July 28

    Team Rubyherzlein [2015] — at July 29, 2015 10:45 UTC

    We had a really wonderful meeting with Kinsey Ann Durham, who is in town rom Denver for Eurucamp, where she will give a presentation n Sunday. Our conversation touched upon her commitment to creating diversity in tech and how her career path has lead to a board seat of Railsbridge. The rest of the day we worked on registering our SoundDrop app with the SoundCloud developer page. In the evening we went to Coach the Coaches! It was great. We are prepping for our participation as coaches in the friday Rails Girls beginners' workshop at Eurucamp!

  • Team Melbourne · #D21

    Team Melbourne [2015] — at July 29, 2015 06:52 UTC

    • Designed the User Interface for what we envision the plugin look like (using balsamiq) and ran through the idea with one of our Redbubble coaches who gave us good advice!
    • Fiddled around with creating drop-down boxes and realised that we needed more ember knowledge / might seek help from coaches if we can't figure it out
    • Fiddled around with ads every Nth post but to no avail. Plugin outlet does not render any ads. Asking Robin for help since this seems to be a problem with the plugin outlet?

    these are one of those days where we got a little bit of everything done, it's sort of like the foundations have been created, and all we need is that little step more for multiple breakthroughs!

  • Day 20th

    Team RailsGEnthusiasts [2015] — at July 29, 2015 06:26 UTC

    Morning strand up meeting with our coach Marta
    Q&A session
    Implementing search form
    Working on the tags implementation
    Learning about databases
    Doing tasks with databases
    Evening skype meeting with our mentor Andrew Havens on which we discussed the current and future tasks

  • Fixing pull requests

    Team Binary [2015] — at July 29, 2015 03:41 UTC

    Today Lina were fixing some code in her pull request, this pull request is very important because is the action of put a gem up for adoption. Angela finished today with 'listing the gems up for adoption' but is not a pull request yet because we are waiting the merge of Lina's branch. Also, we learned today about pagination, we used the gem "Kaminari" is pretty easy to configure!

  • 28 July

    Team Hackrgirls [2015] — at July 29, 2015 03:41 UTC

    Almost finished the demo. Had some trouble implementing the js api. Went through a lot of tutorials. Had lot of fun too!!

  • Hard work: we are learning so many things.

    Team Fanxhe [2015] — at July 29, 2015 00:33 UTC

    We published our first post yesterday at night, and for that reason we started the day with the daily standup to define and clarify the details to correct in our blog, and we determined in what we should be working today.
    After, we wrote some emails to the Living Style Guide’s Media and Content Chief, she gave us feedback about our first post.

    We translated the second post to English and we began to write the post for the Rails Girls blog. Also, we continued studying Rails, Ruby and Markdown.

    And finally, we attended the CSS and SMACSS course.

July 28, 2015

  • Day 20

    Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌) [2015] — at July 28, 2015 22:27 UTC

    Today we continued creating search view page.
    Continue modifying the landing page.
    Continue to discuss about new layouts.
    We have also started to use Trello to update Activity within our Teams which will be visible to Our COaches and Supervisors of our day to day activities.
    Ramya(I) had a personal call with the Organizers today.

  • I know, I know... nothing

    Team Cheesy [2015] — at July 28, 2015 18:45 UTC

    After our daily standup we followed up with coach André on our hard study subjects. Working on those took most of the day. The process on getting a better understanding of Ruby, Rails and our project seems to be inversely proportional with the amount of our Pull Requests. Haha, where will that bring us at the end of the summer.
    At the end of the day we met with with SUPERvisor Lieke, to bring her up to speed. Great to have all this support watching our wellbeing.

  • Day 20 - our blog is up!

    Team CodeBenders [2015] — at July 28, 2015 18:34 UTC

    Made a few more changes to our blog and sent out a PR for the same. It's finally up here. Hope you guys like it!
    Merged our views and data branches into master today. Started reading about the various ways in which one can write test cases for Rails apps.

  • Day 20 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

    Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015] — at July 28, 2015 18:23 UTC

    Day 20. Four weeks of learning behind us. Today we had a long call with our mentor, Torsten. He introduced us to his project, [RubyClerks]( First, we learned about the app and its functionalities. Then we looked into the app interior, cloned it to our locals and tried it out. We also planned our tasks for week.
    We will clone one of the existing engines - printing one and add it in other part of the application.