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September 02, 2018

  • Day #50

    Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018] — at September 2, 2018 03:00 UTC

    Today we are continuing our search results improvement challenge! We are doing some UX changes and they are looking good. At the same time, we changed the method to use the natural language mode from Full-text search in order to test the results.

    It was a long week and a long Saturday, but things are working out. Next Monday is a holiday here. We are planning a meeting with our mentor to discuss all of this next week as well.

    Have a great weekend!

September 01, 2018

  • Day #49

    Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018] — at September 1, 2018 03:18 UTC

    Happy Friday, girls!

    Today Stรฉfanni attended the Open Source Summit North America from the Linux Foundation again. I couldn't go because I have to go to work! :(

    For the project, we decided to open a new PR (#3282) to move the work from #2547. Since this PR had been open for a long time we knew we would have to rebase the code, but we found it easier to open a new PR using the current master code.


August 31, 2018

  • Day 42

    Team Rubies (if me - mental health communication app) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 18:42 UTC

    Tasks completed today

    • We have to redo the whole admin panel of reports. The way that we implemented was not very efficient. We started working on this.
    • We finished #902 and sent out our fourth PR today ! :)
    • Resolved a lot of git conflicts and learnt about git. Due to the redoing of admin, out git got messed up.

    Things we learnt

    • I18n in Rails.
    • git squash .


    • Continue Report Feature.
    • Continue Blocking Feature.

  • Day 41 and 42

    Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 18:32 UTC


    • Handled most of the comments on the PR
    • Rahmeen had a detailed session on prettier with Akshita who helped her understand not only prettier but also other VS Code extentions
    • We received LGTM from coach Manish and are waiting for coach Divjot's response
    • We also started working on another issue raised by coach divjot on the first-timers-only-bot which after being addressed will make our first bot ready to be shipped! Yay! :D

  • Day - 45

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 18:20 UTC

    -Corrected the two failing results successfully
    -But the tests which pass locally are not passing in the servo build due to intermittent tests(we suspect this).
    -Started looking at the remaining implementation of relevant mutations

  • Day 45 - Recharge!

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 17:52 UTC


    • I spent the morning being interviewed for an award that I might get for GirlsCode (!), and I was talking about the diversity gap in tech and all the great work that RGSoC do as well!
    • I applied for a Vue.js workshop in September - because Dan Abramov (the creator of Redux) will be there
    • I went over the Front-end developer handbook to see what technologies I should learn next


    • more experimenting with routing (React router is great!) and mocking components


    • watching Byteconf (an online React conference) on Sunday
    • waiting for more details on the next story

  • Day 43: Practice and Travel

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 17:30 UTC

    • Today we did set up and tried two exercises at exercism which will help us grow our Ruby skills.
    • We are now on our way to Kisumu where we will be coaches at Girls Get Geeky happening over the weekend. It is about 8 hours drive from Nairobi.

  • Day 42

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 15:09 UTC

    Back to the basics

    We started the day with our daily standup. Our coaches recognized that we are struggling to understand the issue we are working on due our current understanding of the rails framework. Our coach Emily suggested that we go back to the basics and to spend the day learning about rails. We both spent the day reviewing different aspects of the Rails framework. We looked at how the MVC structure in rails works, generated controllers, and looked at routes.

    It was important to learn how to generate models and to underrstand how to create tables and columns in the migration file. The migration files in the Exercism codebase make more sense now.

    The important lesson for today was that sometimes you need a pause. Reviewing the basics was helpful to take a step back and gain some more understanding. Next week we will come back to our issue with a fresh perspective.

  • Day 43: Lime Green glamorous Praline Pecan Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 14:48 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    - Jessica worked on the enable function in the popover menu as well as the rename function. (issue #614)
    - She also fixed the styling issues on share addressbook and requested feedback via PR #615 - partial fix for issue #600
    - Arati worked on updating her branch vue-new-addressbook so that it incorporates the changes she made with the App maintainer during the conference and continue with issue #605


    Today we were back in the office at Absolventa, it was nice to catch up with our coaches there and swap conference stories (Kaja was at Euruko at the weekend) With the roadmap now in place and the deadline looming we have plenty to get on with! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Day 57

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at August 31, 2018 06:07 UTC


    • Attending Women in Tech Picnic
    • Online meeting with Diana to discuss roadmap and issues


    • Add PIMD issues to trello
    • work on issues
    • online meeting with Violeta to discuss roadmap and issues.

  • Day 38 (Aug 30, 2018)

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at August 31, 2018 04:58 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we completed the documentation work for the mini hackathon and will be uploading it tomorrow with markdown format. In the documentation, we wrote about the whole hackathon experience, the technical details of the device made (with Fritzing diagrams) and features we aim to implement in future in it.

    Till we meet again,

August 30, 2018

  • Day 44 - Javascriptin'

    Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 20:15 UTC


    • TodayI spent 4 hours at the GirlsCode daytime session: doing a lot of studying but also talking about our project and helping others (whether troubleshooting an internet connection, talking some React basics, helping with algorithms and discussing learning opportunities - bootcamps and such).
    • I got slightly fixated with our form's CSS so I've been looking at box shadows, background colour and reading on readability, HTML form conventions
    • the rest of the time was dedicated to the react router - how can we maintain the fast loading speed (and avoid unnecessary reloading)?
    • I've added a navbar to our app
    • Also, SVGs are just numbers - I've managed to build a 'back arrow' svg by just copying some stuff from the interwebs!


    • adding some mockup pages for testing the routing
    • Adding a clickable 'back arrow' svg that will allow the user to go back to the previous page
    • Creating a Register Person page based on the styling


    • discuss specific story requirements with Ivo

    It's almost September!! (followed by horror&scream emoji)

  • Day 42: Nil:nil class method error

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 20:06 UTC

    Have come across the annoying "undefined method nil NilClass" error. I assume the answer will probably yes. Well today we learnt how to handle the error using Rails' Null Object pattern. After reading a couple of blogs, we were able to understand how it works and opened a pr on the same. We are waiting for review from our mentor before moving forward.
    - Removed deprecation warnings in Rails 5 by making all factories to be dynamic.
    - Re-wrote the blog to include both of in the story.
    - Read about single responsibility class to back up the talk we watched yesterday on how to break monolithic apps

  • Day 41

    Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 19:55 UTC

    Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

    Today we had a meeting with our supervisor Sophia. We filled her in on what we have learned this summer and what we are currently working on. After this, we spent the rest of the day digging into various aspects that we need in order to solve the current issue we are working on. Lori spent the day figuring out the flow of the mentor dashboard and mailers by manually entering data through the rails console. It was a very useful way to see how the different components in the mailers and dashboard work. Amalia worked on understanding REST patterns in Rails and looking at how resourceful routes are structured in the codebase. Our sprint ends tomorrow and we hope to apply what we learned this week in order to close the issue. It can be tempting to rush to finish things, but having the patience to struggle through an issue makes the moment when you figure it out magical.

    This week has been challenging. We have learned many new concepts. There have been moments when concepts clicked and other moments that were filled with loops of confusion. One of the best things our coach David taught us this summer is that programming is like climbing a series of steep hills. Initially, you have quite a steep climb before you are able to do the smallest of things. However, you quickly adapt, you get better with practice, and still have the climb, but the climb gets easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Day 56

    DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 17:47 UTC

    Diana & Violeta

    • General Team meeting 18.30 with supervisor and mentor.
    • sharing experience about Project so far.
    • Tetiana helped to create a smooth work progress to solve issues on TRELLO:
    • Bright will start next week with new job, but will be available as a mentor.
    • Diana will add issues to TRELLO.
    • We got a new mentor for JavaScript

    Friday: Diana and Violeta meeting to discuss roadmap and issues.

  • Day 44

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 16:46 UTC

    Our PR got reviewed successfully today-
    - Our mentor explained the results of build fails on servo appveyor which was due to intermittent problems and not because of our changes. Some relief for us :)
    - We are investigating two failing tests in the currentSrc PR. Completing these 2 tests will complete the PR
    - We learnt about the window.location, pathname and origin functions which are used in the tests

  • Day 42: Unbecoming Navy Chocolate Chip Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 16:17 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    -Today we were back at the Nextcloud conference Hackweek to continue working with the App maintainer.
    - We continued with our list of issues and went through some of the finer points of how the app works in terms of using the virtual DOM.


    It was the last day of the conference and time to say bye to John our App maintainer and the other contributors. Still we look forward and hope to be invited to the next Nextcloud hackweek ๐Ÿ’™

  • Day 41: Deep Sky Blue Tranquil M&M's Popcorn

    Team Popcorn (Nextcloud) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 16:07 UTC

    Today's Progress:
    -Today we were back at the Nextcloud conference Hackweek to continue working with the App maintainer.
    - Arati made a Pull request for vue-import-progress merged! Fixing importDestination so that the correct address book is imported to, displaying the name in the import screen
    -Jessica started working on the styling issues for the share addressbook
    -we also started to create issues as part of the roadmap for our last month of RGSoC


    It's been really great to be able to work so close with the App Maintainer John and get in person help. Talking online can get confusing at time and this time together has been invaluable ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Day 41

    Team Rubies (if me - mental health communication app) [2018] — at August 30, 2018 15:13 UTC

    Tasks completed today

    • Fruitful meeting with Alvaro.
    • Fixed a few minor issues with report feature. Also, fixed a bug that was bothering us for past two weeks :D
    • Kept working on #902, Code of Conduct.

    Things we learnt

    • How to query Active Record.
    • About the DELETE api.
    • Lot about routing.
    • A weird fact. Check this out if you're an ROR enthusiast link_to delete not working !


    • Report feature. Keep adding small features.
    • Finish #920.

August 29, 2018

  • Day 41: Burnt the midnight oil

    Team Akaringular (EBWiki) [2018] — at August 29, 2018 20:59 UTC

    Today we finally managed to fix an Rspec issue that has been pending and failing for about three weeks yeeeey. :tada
    - Worked on making factories dynamic and also use gem Faker to generate random names.
    - Learnt on namespacing in routes while working on removing dynamic action from routes
    - Continued watching videos for Euroko Conf. Today we watched one by Kirsteen on how to break monolithic apps.

  • Day 43

    Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018] — at August 29, 2018 19:16 UTC

    We opened up another PR today.
    - It did not solve the appveyor problem, instead it has been leading to more failing tests. We are waiting for our mentor to give some feedback on it. It has been confusing to see these failing tests given that they are building and passing on our local systems :(
    - We started developing a part of another algorithm which is called "relevant mutations"!
    - We spent some time developing our UK visa application for the conference which we want to apply for through RGSoC :D

  • Day 37

    Team DelSquared [2018] — at August 29, 2018 18:54 UTC

    Hi All!

    Today we had a meeting with our mentor, Nick Hehr. This was our first face to face interaction with him and it was amazing! We decided goals for the next week and reviewed last week's work. We also started working on the blogpost for the hackathon last week.

    Till we meet again,