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September 30, 2015

  • Day 66

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 30, 2015 16:16 UTC

    Our last day :(
    We spent the whole day writing our final blog post and saying good bye and thank you to all our supporters.
    At blacklane we had a meetup with interested people from the IT department and presented our achievements together with Team Ruby'n'Bugs.

    It was a great time - mission accomplished!

  • Days 64/65

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 30, 2015 16:12 UTC

    Maren was on a conference in Munich, called Bits and Pretzels. There were some nice talks from start-up founders and their success stories and failures. Recruiting developers seems also to be a big issue in that community ;) During networking Maren met some nice people that were interested in and diversity in tech.

    During the long time in the train she read in her book "Rails 4 test prescritptions".

    Julia presented the Diaspora project together with our mentor Lisa at Open Source bash. Besides she started writing our final blog post.

September 28, 2015

  • Day 63

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 28, 2015 05:39 UTC

    We both prepared the last parts of our presentation for the wrap up in the evening. Then Julia was on JS conf and Maren was reading in her Ruby-Book about deployment, eval methods and Rails.

    In the evening we enjoyed the wrap up and seeing so many familiar faces. It was great meeting our supervisor Verena in person.

September 25, 2015

  • Day 61 & 62

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 25, 2015 09:01 UTC

    Team Delta Quadrant is suuuuuuuper busy this last few days. It's wwwtf aka what the fest aka web tech fest in berlin and there are so many conferences and workshops happening. So on Wednesday Julia had to oversee a workshop she organized! The very very first NodeBots Event in Berlin ever! it was amazing! Also Maren worked on the Wrap Up Party Presentation.

    On Thursday Maren and Julia where together again at the reject.js Conference it was amazing! all the talks were fantastic! But Mariko Kosaka Talk on Knitting with Javascript and inventing her own Knitting Pattern DSL with Javascript called 64sts was most inspiraring to us both!

    Julia unexpectantly got offert the last remaining diversity ticket for the JSConfEU on Friday and Sunday! So much conferencing!!! :D \o/

September 22, 2015

  • Day 60

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 22, 2015 16:06 UTC

    Today was all about the future .. what will be coming next for Julia after her amazing RGSoC Experience.
    The day started with a video hangout with Jan from the hoodie team, since Julia will write her computer science bachelor theses about offline first development (she is super exited!)
    Then Julia went to the Thoughtworks Werkstatt Berlin for Lunch and a Q&A Session with Thoughtworks Employees after that the group of RailsGirls discussed their expiriences with job interview over coffee. And now Julia already has to take off again to get to the up.front meetup which will feature some amazing talks today e.g. Ola Gasidlo from the hoodie team will talk about the Service Worker

    Julia is also starting to enjoy writing about herself in the third person...

September 21, 2015

  • Day 59

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 21, 2015 15:03 UTC

    Maren is in Venice, so Julia is all by herself
    Julia read in her "Javascript, The Good Parts" Book and did some Javascript Code Challenges.
    She also spent some time organizing the first ever NodeBots Event in Berlin (happening on Wednesday).
    Tonight Julia will be coaching at a Nodeschool Event again!

September 18, 2015

  • Day 58

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 18, 2015 14:08 UTC

    We kept working on our open pull request and implemented the changes that one of the maintainers suggested. Some things were easy to accomplish, others not :)
    So we are still struggling with one change that makes the code much more DRY but requires changes in multiple classes.

  • Day 57

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 18, 2015 09:06 UTC

    We finished our tumblr export formatting method and felt pretty cool by implementing a more or less complicated regular expression ;)
    Then we made pull request and got some feedback for improvements (part of the feedback was, that we probably don't need that very cool regular expression - argh).

    In the afternoon Julia had a job interview (Yay!) and Maren read about databases in the Ruby book and worked a little bit on

September 17, 2015

  • Day 56

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 17, 2015 08:27 UTC

    We worked remotely because we were both feeling a little bit sick.
    We made some progress with the tests. But it is not so easy to create the objects in the test environment we need to test our new formatting method. Probably we should learn more about mocking.

    Also Maren read in the "Beginning Ruby" book about documentation, error handling, debugging, testing and benchmarking.
    Julia read about clojure in her new "7 languages in 7 weeks" book.
    We also ordered new books: "7 more languages in 7 weeks", "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know", "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions: Build a Healthy Codebase".

  • Day 55

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 17, 2015 08:20 UTC

    We worked on the diaspora export to tumblr and added the hyperlinking of the tags. Then we started writing tests for these new formats.

September 15, 2015

  • Day 54

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 15, 2015 09:21 UTC

    You never can learn enough about Regex so we decided to follow another tutorial from nodeschool.

    And then we had that idea during a lunch talk to help refugees (and helpers) gathering information about educational resources and the access to it aka computers and WIFI. So we (together with Thuy of team Ruby'nBugs) started brainstorming and building a small website based on Google Docs and tabletop.js which provides an infrastructure for crowdsourcing information and searching it.

    In the late afternoon we had a skype call with our supervisor. In the evening, Maren attended the Rubymonsters Learning Group and Julia coached at a nodeschool event.

September 14, 2015

  • Day 53

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 14, 2015 11:51 UTC

    We nearly worked all day with our coach Christophe. While Julia and he prepared Julias computer to work with postgres, Maren worked on the API and helped Digital Media Women to render the information of the API on their website (which included some work in PHP). Maren was pretty proud to have solved the issue nearly by herself :)

    Then we learned about Regular Expressions and worked through this tutorial.

    Besides we went with Christophe through the process of updating his diaspora pod to the newest release.

September 11, 2015

  • Day 52

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 11, 2015 12:02 UTC

    Finally we managed to solve the speakerinnen merge conflicts and merged the Pull Request of Team Techylite :)

    The last days of our work on the map implementation started (hopefully). We did some more small changes and edited the name of the Pull Request from [WIP] 5813 show geolocation on osm into 5813 show geolocation on osm -> WIP = work in progress is gone. Yay!

    We then worked on the export to tumblr and managed to convert every @mention into a link to the diaspora profile.

September 09, 2015

  • Day 51

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 9, 2015 15:36 UTC

    We spent some time with learning more about git. What is really the content of one commit? What is the difference between merging and rebasing? We had a skype call on this topic with our coach Andy and afterwards went through the first chapters of this git tutorial.

    Besides we refactored our code of our second large and open pull request on displaying maps. We finally got the ok to use the map tiles of the Heidelberg University! Hopefully the PR gets merged soon (because we spent again a lot of time rebasing it to the current develop branch).

    Julia booked her flights to Euruko in Salzburg! Yay!

  • Day 50

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 9, 2015 08:54 UTC

    Reading and merging (or better: trying to merge)
    * we tried again to merge Team Techylite's Pull Request on This time with the Github Desktop version. It kind of worked merging it but two things were crazy: the merging person was the author of the code and the app didn't work anymore. So we did a hard reset. New plan: Team Techylite makes a new pull request.
    * besides we read in the Ruby book of Peter Cooper and learned about Structs and the difference between load and require

September 07, 2015

  • Day 49

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 7, 2015 15:42 UTC

    Yay! Finally our first major Pull Request was merged into the project. With the next release podmins can create moderators to help working on reported posts and comments. Btw: did you know that your Github activity diagram only counts your activity when all your work is merged into the default branches of the project?

    We also wrote a reminder email to the university of Heidelberg to get the go for using their maptiles. This would make our second open pull request ready to merge.

    Besides we worked on prettifying the diaspora output to tumblr. Our focus was to convert every @mention into a link to the diaspora profile. Therefore we read all the code related to the export to tumblr and extracted the necessary information to compose the link .

    In the afternoon we had a call with our supervisor Verena :)

September 04, 2015

  • Day 48

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 4, 2015 15:28 UTC

    Today the day started with working on a pull request for Some tests were still not passing and we figured out together why this happened. Then we wanted to merge the pull request from Team Techylite but failed in solving all the merge conflicts :(

    For lunch we watched a video on Container Hacks with docker. In the afternoon we worked on the tumblr issue and wanted to try out a ruby specific tumblr gem that probably solves some of the existing problems. But we couldn't get to work it in the beginning because it was not compatible with other dependencies which are used in diaspora (diaspora already uses newer versions and the maintainer of the tumblr gem apparently doesn't accept a pull request to handle this problem). Then we decided to fork the gem in our own repository and merge the pull request, also managed to get it work. But now we get stuck again while implementing and restructuring the code. We hope that we'll magically get some ideas during the weekend ;)

    A very nice thing today: Team Ruby'n'Bugs moved in the blacklane office. Yay!

  • Day 47

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 4, 2015 12:01 UTC

    We didn't get any further with the chunking issue (but we got some feedback of the person who opened that issue a year ago - and probably he can have a look on it again on the weekend).

    So we decided to investigate another issue we are interested in: working on the outbound sharing to tumblr. We did some research on the tumblr API, on the code that already exists in diaspora to share with third party services and the structure of the objects that are currently exchanged. Here we put together the important information.

    In the afternoon, Maren had a radio interview on

September 02, 2015

  • Day 46

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 2, 2015 15:36 UTC

    We spent the whole day with smoking heads (do you say that in english?) and doing more research on the implementation of chunking for picture upload together with our coach Christophe. Apparently there is a big need to handle big file uploads with possibly slow internet connections. But apparently the need and the discussion in the Rails community is not so urgent. We found only a few gems that are not well maintained. Did we miss something? We tried to reach out via the slack helpdesk, the diaspora community and via twitter to find someone who already worked with chunking. Probably we'll get some more inspirations and experiences until tomorrow.

    Another agenda highlight: this evening we will meet our coach Andy.

  • Day 45

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at September 2, 2015 08:14 UTC

    We refactored some code in our feature to add a new moderator role and wrote some more specs.

    Besides we started our research concerning our third big issue we want to work on: to use chunking for uploading photos.

September 01, 2015

August 28, 2015

  • Day 43

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at August 28, 2015 14:45 UTC

    After the great day off we were at first a little bit hangoverish but got into work pretty fast.

    We worked on some feedback we got to our last pull request:
    * wrote a test for our report mailer
    * changed a method name
    * refactored some if condition into a guard clause

    The we met our coach Urs and talked about questions we collected over the last week:
    * guard clauses
    * role and rules management
    * beforefilter vs. beforeaction
    * how should we test the application controller
    * when to use double quoted strings instead of single quoted
    * how to learn new ruby and/or rails methods
    * how to use dash to get a better overview over documentations of gems and APIs

August 26, 2015

  • Day 42

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at August 26, 2015 15:34 UTC

    Yay! We got the perfect solution for our jasmine test problems and fixed the tests.

    Besides we rebased our map pull request which was pretty annoying since many things changed during the last weeks.
    Moreover we made our second pull request regarding the moderator role and now work through the comments on that :)

  • Day 41

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at August 26, 2015 14:23 UTC

    We gave us 20 min to make another research on the jasmine test problems - with no success. Then we decided to ask some other diaspora developer for help.

    After that we worked on our other issue to create a moderator role. There we had to solve the problem that a notification email should been sent to multiple recipients. It was no problem to send one email to multiple recipients but it was more complicated to send the same email separately to multiple recipients (which is necessary because people might have different language settings). After a while we managed to accomplish that task but without actually getting different languages.

August 24, 2015

  • Day 40

    Team Delta Quadrant [2015] — at August 24, 2015 15:52 UTC

    We were working again on our map implementation. This time we added the Tiles from Uni Heidelberg's OpenMapSurfer as a default maptileserver. After that we refactored our toggle() functions and started to try solving our Jasmine Test Issues. We tried and tried and tried....

    no succes :(