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October 26, 2016

  • Secret Blog Post Revealed!

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at October 26, 2016 07:00 UTC

    In our last blog (wow, it’s already been almost a month!) we mentioned a sEcReT bLoG pOsT! Here is our series on implementing the new Doge API for those are interested in contributing to Servo!: Part 1: How to implement a new DOM API for Servo Part 2: How to test a DOM API for Servo Yesterday … Read more.

October 02, 2016

  • Day 63 - Winning Streak!

    Team Twitches (OpenFarm) [2016] — at October 2, 2016 20:37 UTC

    Right after the PR for Issue#772 was sent, PR for Issue#676 was sent as well! After a few hiccups (read version control screw-ups), our branch was finally up-to-date with the upstream master! So, yay!

October 01, 2016

  • Day 64 - last day

    Team XYZ (Keystone) [2016] — at October 1, 2016 14:00 UTC

    We started the day with the last call with our supervisor Sofia. We had a nice chat with her, talked about our progress during the summer, about our plans for the future, and we genuinely hope that we can stay in touch even after our RGSoC is over.

    Then we spent the rest of the day working on our second blog post, which is now live, and continued our work on the visualization task. We made some progress, but against our best hopes to finish it off, there is still some work to do. We updated our mentor Max with our progress and he suggested that we submit a WIP PR, which we will do, and next week we will pick it up again and keep coding.

    So this is it. Our last daily summary. But it's not the end - we met a lot of cool people with whom we hope to keep in touch, we learned loads of stuff that we can now build on, and we have two conferences planned in the coming months (in Berlin and in Paris), where we can hopefully meet some of our colleagues from other teams.

    Thank you, Rails Girls Summer of Code!

  • Day 66: Last Day

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) [2016] — at October 1, 2016 08:13 UTC

    What we did Today

    ******* Finished making our talk for Pycoza on contributing to open source.
    ******* We also prepared for the rails girls kampala training lesson for tomorrow.
    ******* We gave a talk about our rails girls summer of code experience.
    ******* We also had a time off with friends to reflect our summer of code.

    What will do next

    ******* Prepare our last blog..
    ******* Continue with rails girls kampala trainings

    We will continue contributing to qutebrowser and open source in general .We think the future presents limitless possibilities for us.

  • Day 63: Friday. Wait. It can't be over yet.

    Team MitPal(Ruby on Rails) (Open Source Event Manager) [2016] — at October 1, 2016 01:29 UTC

    This is our last day of RGSoC. Can we hit the rewind button please? I can't believe that it's really done. Today was a day for being thankful. Thankful for Rails Girls Summer of Code and all of the wonderful people who made it happen. Thankful to all of the teams who believed enough in a dream to spend 3 months of their lives chasing it. Thankful to all of the spouses, partners, families, and friends who encourage, soothed, listened, and pushed us toward our goals. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Today We:
    * Finished code challenge
    * Met with our coach
    For the Rest of Our Lives We Plan To:
    * Continue achieving our goals

  • Day 60: Last Day!

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at October 1, 2016 00:12 UTC

    Today is the last day of RGSoC. We are incredibly sad, and proud of our summer!

    Things we did:

    • Both of us worked on a secret blog post. It will be ready soon!

    Things we learned:

    A couple failing tests and their reasons:
    assert_equals: response type is basic expected "basic" but got "default"
    - our API for returning responses (ie. process_response) doesn't differentiate between the different types yet, so we need to make that possible to make those tests pass. Josh thinks that FetchMetadata will need to be changed.

    assert_equals: Content-Type is text/html; charset=utf-8 expected "text/html;charset=utf-8" but got "text/html; charset=utf-8"
    There's a lot of debate what to do with a space.


    • Keep learning.
    • Improve Fetch so that it passes more tests!

September 30, 2016

  • Day 62 : What a summer !

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 19:59 UTC

    We can't believe that the three months had passed so quickly , we still remember the small details of our very first day as if it were only yesterday .There will be something missing next weeks , our daily logs, our weekly calls with Linda <3 ..... but we're happy , I guess we made our first step in building our future .It was the strangest but definitely the best summer in my whole life .We only have one wish for RGSoC 2017 , we really hope to see more women getting into tech and more teams from Egypt applying to RGSoC to have an amazing summer as we did .

  • Day 61. The last one ;((((((

    Team RubyCats (Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 19:21 UTC

    Yesterday evening we had an ending call with our team. It was so weird to summarize our RGSoC. It just started and it's the end...? We haven't completed many things we wanted to. It seemed like it's not possible that 3 months already passed by.
    We have a feeling of emptiness now. It's like waking up from a wonderful dream and coming back to ordinary life :((
    We would like the RGSoC to last forever. We are going to continue working on Teams App after the RGSoC.

  • The last day is here

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 17:06 UTC

    It feels so weird writing the update for the last day. No more supervisor and team calls. No more excitement about the next big thing we are gonna pick up. No more Reminders to update your team log (Maybe good? :P)

    We had our team call yesterday and so today ends without a blast. But we didn't want it to.
    So, we sent in a PR with a huge amount of work (
    Seeing how much we loved working for VOC and working with Russell, who has been an absolute delight, we are going to continue working.
    We will also be holding a Intro To Open Source Session next week in our institute and would be spreading the word about RGSoC and VOC around us.
    We will be in constant touch with our coaches, our mentor and our supervisor because we absolutely loved them!!

    This is team l1ghtsab3r signing off!

  • The Last Day

    Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 14:51 UTC

    Today was our last day and it felt weird: Sort of like finishing school. We’re happy we have achieved this much, but are also sad leaving our code summer behind. We have learned a lot, but there is yet more to learn. We’re very thankful for all the help we have had and will continue learning and coding 😀

    Our last day : 😢
    Met with Tam and talked about our last contribution within Summer of Code✅
    Showed her the treasure hunt that Absolventa coaches prepared for us✅
    Talked about “The Future” - What comes next?✅
    Power Hower: Learned about Linter Rules✅ and about reactive programing✅
    Finished preparing talk for Goodbye Party✅
    Finished styling the API explorer✅

    We will miss all of the amazing people we met during RGSoC and hope to keep in Touch! To Infinity and beyond!!!

  • Day 63

    Team XYZ (Keystone) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 12:17 UTC

    Day 63. We continued working on our visualization task, because although we have done the main part of it, we would like to be able to submit some improvements that we came up with on the way. There is still some work to be done, but hopefully we will be able to finish it by the end of the programme.

    In the evening we had our end of RGSoC party with our coach Jano and a bunch of friends from our Women in Technology meetup group. Unfortunately Josef could not attend, because he got sick, but at least we have a good excuse to get together again for another small party with everyone. We discussed our experience during the Summer of Code and we also discussed the future of our meetups and what sort of activities we would like to do going forward.

  • Predicting what will happen today

    Team LoadToCode (LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 08:15 UTC

    So I am pretty sure that I would forget writing the status updates once we are celebrating the end of RGSoC...

    This is why, I am predicting the future and will write about our plan for the day

    • Starting with a retro call, with our supervisor on board (she came all her way from Oslo to Berlin), Sergio our Super-Ruby-hero, Remy our CSS-wizzard, and privacy-defenders & project mentors Varac and Azul
    • Planning a short demo at Soundcloud presenting our work (short demo, intense preparation, probably getting nervous beforehand)
    • Preparing some words of wisdom for a short input at the RGSoC farewell celebration

  • Day 62: LAST DAY!

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 07:00 UTC

    Today is the last day of RGSoC. We are incredibly sad, and proud of our summer! Things we did: Both of us worked on a secret blog post. It will be ready soon! Things we learned: A couple failing tests and their reasons: assert_equals: response type is basic expected "basic" but got … Read more.

  • Day 62

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 02:56 UTC

    I had a call with Mentor Anja today. It's really great to talk with her about Speakerinnen.

    Also, I watched some RubyConfBR's talks and read about Breakman gem.
    Tomorrow is our last day and the goodbye-party.

  • Day 61 :wrapping it up

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) [2016] — at September 30, 2016 00:24 UTC

    technically today is almost the last day of work and tomorrow we have our RGSoC ending celebration, so today was all about gathering what we've done , thinking about how we could've been done better , although we haven't done much , we certainly learned a lot , we have plans to learning more and contributing more . also , we kept working on our script for the talk of the conference

September 29, 2016

  • Day 62: D-2 Body and Fetch are here!

    Team JaM (Servo) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 22:36 UTC

    We're having our end of summer party. We're going to see thousands of swift birds fly into a chimney for the night! So excited.

    Things we did:

    • Body
    • Fetch
    • Malisa
      • Spent the morning categorizing fetch/api/basic tests. >90% of failing tests were due to fetch is not defined. The remaining two failures were due to assert_equals: Request.text() should decode data as UTF-8 and assert_equals: Response.text() should decode data as UTF-8 expected. In the afternoon fetch got merged into master, so I retested response and basic at that there is a lot of assert_equals: Request.text() should decode data as UTF-8 expected and assert_equals: Response's type is basic expected "basic" but got "default". Started trying to figure out what's wrong with body's text() Looked into request/request-consume.html and /basic/text-utf8.html....not sure how to fix!
    • Jeena
      • Started writing a blog post that is a secret yet!


    • Test Curation
      • Possibly update because fetch and body are now merged.

  • Time... where you at?

    Team LoadToCode (LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp) [2016] — at September 29, 2016 19:35 UTC

    This is going way too fast, we can barely keep track of all of this.

    • So we finished our coding challenge, stay tuned we gonna upload our work on our githubs here & here
    • We had our last lunch with our core coaches
    • We had 2 reviews with 2 different coaches, separately -> So useful and encouraging!
    • First real life meeting with our supervisor Alex who hast just arrived from Oslo \o/ Welcome in Berlin

    Tonight we are at Women Who Code Meetup in Berlin, and are meeting so many awesome & inspiring women we know from the internet :D