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July 29, 2016

  • 21: Safe Harbor

    Team kindr3d (Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics) — at July 29, 2016 20:33 UTC

    Today we decided to anchor a ship in the quiet bay of book reading, reflecting on the month of July and visiting museums. Surprisingly the last one was the most exhausting thing we did all month.


    • reading on JS data types
    • deeper look at JS (Eloquent JS)
    • talking with Max
    • short look at formation of existing report jsons in discourse

    To Do

    • working separately for a day and collecting questions and information for the next month

  • Day 20 : Never say never

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) — at July 29, 2016 19:45 UTC

    So today was about wrapping up all the stuff we had learned all over the week and actually making use of it in changing a couple of things in the code of the gem .We have learned that it is better to avoid putting too much logic in the view , so we have been working on removing some code from it , we have also researched the byebug gem in order to use it in our code and the last thing we're working on is implementing the test case .
    We are a little bit late so we are working tomorrow .
    note : Unfortunately , our coach is so busy so he haven't sent us the patch yet .

  • Day 21 : Blog merged and finalizing on PR.

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) — at July 29, 2016 17:46 UTC

    Tasks Accomplished

    ---- Today we got feedback of successful merge of our blog PR.
    ---- We also did some final work on issue #1395.
    ----We sent our mentor Florian an email to schedule a call to review our solution to issue #1395 before we make a PR

    Tasks for the next period
    ---- Have a call with our mentor to review our work on issue #1395.

  • Day 21 - Celebrate the end of the first month with merge request

    Team XYZ (Keystone) — at July 29, 2016 15:29 UTC

    Today after a pleasant call with our supervisor Sofia, we finally cracked the password validation API task, and after several amendments our PR was successfully merged to Keystone master. Oh well, we still have to document new feature for the next release so when the time comes, actual users can read how password complexity API works. But anyway we consider it a success and are ready to move on to the new tasks next month.

  • Day 21

    Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) — at July 29, 2016 15:08 UTC

    Digging through code

    Went through sonic-pi documentation and code. Attempted to pass arguments to the server but encountered several errors on ubuntu's release version. Switched to mac and running the server on it's release version is cleaner. Attempted to install from source on a mac but faced errors at the build-app stage like on ubuntu. Worked through some of them, including manually downloading but other makefile errors remain.

  • Day 21 - 29.07.2016

    Team joda (SoundDrop) — at July 29, 2016 14:20 UTC

    Stand-up meeting?✅
    Prepare the vcr power hour:✅
    How does vcr actually work, step by step, how does it use webmock ✅
    Power hour: Held our first talk ! Milestone! ✅
    Met Tam and showed her our PR, then merged it ✅
    Talked about rake tasks ✅

  • Day 28

    Team B'More Stunners (Bundler) — at July 29, 2016 12:49 UTC

    Today's Update:

    • Meeting with Supervisor and coaches to catch up on progress
    • Completed our first blog post about RGSoC experience
    • Reviewed/practiced concepts on Blocks and Procs(Ash)

  • Day 19 + 20

    RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( — at July 29, 2016 07:55 UTC

    We've done standup each morning.
    Ramya has been working intensively on issue #47
    Kylie has been working on issue #34, with a first frontend pull request on navigation colour changes going live 🎉
    Kylie met with UX/design coach Marc and went over colour and design with ideas for how to combine colours.
    We went out to dinner together at Fratelli Fresh - a local lovely Italian restaurant.
    We've chatted online with our supervisor Vi about our project plans.
    Our coach Tim gave a brownbag lunch lecture which we attended on technology that they're adopting.

  • Day 20 - Full steam ahead

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) — at July 29, 2016 02:53 UTC

    Deploy, continuos delivery, integration, it's not so simple. So we talked with developers about this topic and why they choose one or other solutions.
    Emma is rocking! Solved another issue. Geisa is working on the translation project.

    What we did
    1) Finishing the issue #396
    2) Study about language_list
    3) PR sent for prodution \o/
    4) More talk with coaches to clear up some questions.

    Tomorrow it's Geisa's BDay o/
    We are planning a happy hour with some friends at the hackerspace.

  • Day 19 - So much to learn

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) — at July 29, 2016 02:26 UTC

    1) Talk with others UX Designer about projects like Speakerinnen (translation)
    2) Study about deploy and solutions like Travis and Code Climate
    3) Review PRs
    4) Study about Rails Migrations

    5) started to solve the issue #396
    6) Study how to encrypt passwords using bcrypt
    7) Talk about Brazil expansion and spread Speakerinnen to brazilian community tech.

    8) Discuss about the next issues to solve

    Wow, so many things happening. Happy things :)
    We are so glad to being part of this.
    Thanks to everyone involved with RGSoC, our menthors, coaches and our lovely supervisor <3

  • Day 19: Headers API refinement

    Team JaM (Servo) — at July 29, 2016 01:07 UTC

    Things we did:

    • Headers API
      • Submitted PR#3 for review.
      • Addressed some of the feedback.
    • Studied some basic Rust concepts which have been tripping us up
    • Jeena:
      • Attended Edward Tufte’s course on presenting data and information
      • Will be making up the hours this weekend

    Things we learned:

    • Use Servo's convenient dom::bindings::error::{Error, ErrorResult, Fallible} when needed
    • More about Strings and references
    • The following does the same thing, but the second one is shorter:

    match self.header_list.borrow_mut().get_raw(&valid_name) {
    Some(v) => Ok(Some(ByteString::new(v[0].clone()))),
    None => Ok(None),

    The following code takes advantage of map for Option types.

    Ok(self.header_list.borrow().get_raw(&valid_name).map(|v| {


    • Headers:
      • File an issue against Fetch specification for special case where set-cookie is the header name.
    • Response:
      • If Headers is accepted, start working on Response.
    • Request:
      • Continue with constructor!

  • Day 13 - Talk with the mentors (Doubts cleared! :D )

    Team Fedex++ (PyDSA) — at July 29, 2016 00:57 UTC

    Today we had our most productive call with our mentors to clear out all the doubts so far.
    Piece of advice from them :

    • Start experimenting. As posted in the earlier logs, we realise that coming up with a design pattern for various data structures and algorithms is perhaps the most important task for us right now. Our mentors suggested that we start experimenting with those design patterns and make the code as usable as we can.
    • We also need to review our PRs and other’s PRs to understand the code
    • We need to now hold a meeting with our coaches to decide on the the visualisation app.

July 28, 2016

  • Day 18 - Amazed

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) — at July 28, 2016 23:27 UTC

    Some issues need a lot more enfort, so we stop and go to study: documents, guides, foruns and etcetera.
    Thinking about the great help we get from people around the web, sharing solutions and how-tos, we decide to document how we are solving the issues at our new blog (coming soon).

    And something really, really great happen. We're invited to take care of the Brazilian expansion of Speakerinnen. Amazing, uh?
    We are honored with this news. Rubymonstas are awesome, we admire them and now we'll be in charge of a project so important.
    * . *

  • Day 17 -

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) — at July 28, 2016 23:11 UTC

    Monday started with a lot tasks and more checks!
    Emma solved an issue and sent it another PR :)
    I (Geisa) talked with UX Designers to get some ideas for our project.

    We talked about find some local support with companies that use Ruby/Rails on their projects.
    It will be good to get in contact with our local community and reactivate Ruby community in our city.

  • July 28th: Building Bridges

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) — at July 28, 2016 22:18 UTC

    Our highlight of our day was a great impromptu seminar with Githubber Sam Lambert about distributed databases. He gave us an overview of how companies at the scale of millions of users face different problems than companies starting out. How to get fast access to your data (i.e. your Facebook profile) when it physically lives in data centers across the globe gets complicated pretty quickly. The little bits & bytes have to be physically moved across thousands of miles (and maybe across oceans); a hard drive is going to fail somewhere; a power outage is going to happen sometime, but people need to get their Facebook update or link posted always NOW. Looking at these problems requires thinking about "simple" solutions, but these "simple" solutions are never easy to build. They require lot of experience, and while most "good" engineers often solve complex problems with complex solutions, great engineers can solve complex problems elegantly and simply. And great engineers often (and do) write code that a junior engineer can read and appreciate. As with many things, simplicity is a hard thing to master. Sam really inspired us to grow as engineers with the aim of crafting code as elegant as the Golden Gate Bridge.

    We scheduled a meeting with our coach Gavin. He'll come and pair program with us tomorrow. He's found some bugs that we can fix on the backend. Lektor has a super eager and super skilled community. So once we've identified a bug we think we can fix, find where it's coming from in the code base, and research a possible fix, we find it's been fixed someplace on another branch. We're still working on building test coverage, but our coach Ramil suggested that we can focus in on a bug as a way into the code base. We started working on issue #179 and found out that someone may have already squashed it. But when we were going to give up on it. Ramil, however, noticed there still might be a problem with the proposed solution and encouraged us to work on a regex solution that improves the one that was given. We're really glad he's encouraging to keep iterating through a solution. Also, we're glad Gavin found unfiled bug problems that we may be able to claim immediately. We're looking at a common issue with getting involved with open source as a beginner. We're neither fast enough to claim and fix bugs nor yet skilled enough to propose features and build them out. We're really glad to have coaches who are willing to support us through this! We had pinged the Lektor community to see if any of the core contributors had any availability to do a line-by-line code walkthrough of the UI files or widgets. We look forward to hearing from the community!

    Seema taught us about the 3 three ways ES6 can declare variable with var, let, const. It's up to us to phantom why Javascript needs three ways to declare a variable, when all these way compile to var in ES5.

  • Day 19:Mission impossible

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) — at July 28, 2016 21:54 UTC

    As easy as our issue sounds , working on it is way harder ,we go through lots of difficulties and concepts we don't understand, We are still waiting for the patch to be sent .our coaches are still busy.
    We are understanding byebug more and more. We were planning to finalize all our work of the issue this week but we couldn't ,maybe we need more help.
    We must say that the Helpdesk helps us a lot, one thing we are sure of is that we are not giving up we're merging this PR as fast as we can.

  • Day 20 - Oh, the frustration.

    Team XYZ (Keystone) — at July 28, 2016 21:43 UTC

    Today we started our day just as we normally do. We pulled the fresh code from the upstream repo, merged the changes and continued our work on the invalid option check.
    What we need to do here is to throw an error whenever the developer uses a nonexistent option in the config.

    We already wrote a test for this, which successfully failed as expected, we had started working on the code, and today we wanted to move forward and reach some satisfactory, presentable point. However, as we tried to run the tests, we kept getting a vague error, and not even google was of any help. We decided to take a break from coding and dive into some study time, as we feel that we really need to learn a lot about objects, prototypes and inheritance in JavaScript, and also about module.exports in node.js.

    After an intense study session, we got back to coding and didn't get any further, so we decided to unleash the ultimate weapon: the hard reset.
    We scratched our work and restored our code in sync with the upstream repo, we ran the tests again - they still didn't work. But we knew for sure that they did yesterday!

    Luckily, we have a call scheduled with our mentor Max and with the Keystone.js creator Jed, so we are going to ask about this, to find out whether it is something we are doing wrong, or whether the tests are just temporarily broken. We are also going to discuss our next upcoming task (moving the Keystone documentation from a separate repo into the main one).

  • Wednesday, July 27th: Npm, Webpack, and #Earth-tones Panel at Slack

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) — at July 28, 2016 21:29 UTC

    Today Team Hackbrighters spent the majority of the day learning about webpack and npm commands. We explored npm flags/ setting, such as "npm i", "npm i --save", "npm i --save-dev". In addition, we learned about the two arguments webpack can take. The first argument of webpack is the location of the root file, while the second argument webpack takes is where you want to put your bundle file. We learned how complicated and intricate it is to set up. Team Hackbrighters learned about how dependencies are stored in package.json. This is like the equivalent of requirements.txt in Flask and the gemfile in Rails. Our team also continued Udemy React tutorial. We have started to read Lektor code as we follow along our Udemy React tutorial.

    We also pinged our mentors, in addition to both Davids who heavily contribute to Lektor, in order to get some help on Issue #179.
    We set up a time to meet with Ramil in person next week.

    Team Hackbrighters also attended an amazing #Earth-tones networking talk at Slack, which was a networking event aimed at including more people of color in tech. The speakers, including Ellen Pao, spoke about the difficulties surrounding the narrative of "Leaning-In". She spoke about how it's actually impossible to "lean-in" when you aren't even invited to the meeting where you "lean-in". How can one lean-in when you're not even in the room to do so? The narrative of "leaning-in" is problematic in so much as it pushes more unpaid labor onto minorities, and frames the discussion around what minorities can do to push back against bias, rather than what tech companies and higher-up executives themselves can do to eliminate biases. Ellen Pao was very moving, and highlighted that it's more difficult to be a minority in tech than it is to be a CEO of a tech company. The panelists also spoke about imposter-syndrome, and how many conferences and panels geared towards minorities in tech adopt this narrative of how imposter-syndrome is the problem of individuals not having enough confidence with themselves; the panelists at #Earth-tones heavily critiqued this view, and rather accented the idea that imposter-syndrome in of itself is a systemic side-effect of environments in tech communicating to minorities that they are not "enough". Our team, who is compromised of both women of color, felt very validated after attending #Earth-tones.

  • New dimensions - team l1ghtsab3r

    Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) — at July 28, 2016 20:45 UTC

    Today was an especially exciting day as Soumya was able to attend an event organized by Lean In India. The event's aim was to discuss the problems faced by women and inspire them to break the barriers. I talked about my experience with RGSoC and my experience with Google Code Jam For Women. I encouraged the women there to apply for these programs, solving their queries as to how to get started. Helping them in tackling issues faced by them in their colleges. I think the best session of the event was the mixer when I got to speak to so many women and talk to them about their experiences and mine.
    Facebook Page link
    All in all, I made some amazing friends :D

    As for our project, in a discussion with our mentor Chiang Fong Lee, we discovered an inconsistency in the way code has been written, The args for each method are not defined. Because of that, 5*6 works. However, 5.mul(6) won't work. We are sending in another PR making these changes in all the methods.

  • Day 20 : Corrected Issues with our Blog PR

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) — at July 28, 2016 19:06 UTC

    Tasks Accomplished

    ---- Today we corrected issues on our blog PR. Our PR failed because of windows line endings that made the PR not able to merge. We were advised to start afresh and create a new PR.We made another one and we are waiting for feedback tomorrow. We had a few bandwidth issues while pulling code afresh but we managed to get a work around.

    Tasks for the next period

    ---Contact our feedback from our mentor on our solution to issue #1395 and the tests for commands.

  • Day 20

    Team RubyCats (Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App) — at July 28, 2016 19:03 UTC

    Success! And exploration of new lands

    *finally finding solution for #413! Every tests passed! Yeah! Green is such a beautiful color!
    *exploring next tasks to do /#462 and #437/, discussing #462 features on Github, exploring and to prepare for working on #462, making a mind map for #462
    *choosing convenient dates for the next monthly call with supervisor, coaches and mentors