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August 26, 2016

  • Day 41 : Yeeyi our PR got merged :)

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) — at August 26, 2016 16:39 UTC


    ****Today one of our PRs, for issue #1867 got merged
    *** We still have some work to do in regards to the reviews from issue #1516. We had a lot of back and forth discussion with our mentor to clear out somethings. We are hopeful, that we our PR will be merged early next week.
    ******* We also started working on issue 1703.

    Next Week

    ****Finish issue #1516
    *** Make a PR for issue 1703.

  • Stalled for A While

    Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) — at August 26, 2016 15:52 UTC

    Today is actually the official end of our current sprint, but we still haven't really completed quite a number of features that we planned. This week we were both slowed down quite a lot due to our choice to pick up and try out some new technologies:
    - Shwetha: Node.js
    - Tu An: Material UI (& hence, ES6 'gorgeous' syntax shift)

    Done tasks:

    ✓ Fixed the format commands
    ✓ Ignored the babel & webpack config for in-progress work of UI Revamp
    ✓ Change "period" to "dot"
    ✓ Updated the key combination so Mac can trigger TTS as well
    ✓ Made a demo video for our current app

    TTDs for Buggy Chunks:

    ☐ Write if condition for suppressing "abort" in ruby client side when using windows
    ☐ Similarly, format file path correct for each OS
    ☐ Cut the text to chunks, each of which has < 300 characters to avoid Chrome's bug for its Speech Synthesis API
    ☐ Fix the error due to commands with ":xxx" option

    Upcoming tasks:

    ☐ Read out only 1 line where cursor is
    ☐ UI Revamp - need to decide if I want to fix the import vs require bug due to ES6 for using Material UI or just lead a simple life with bootstrap and basic CSS
    ☐ Save and load codes as buffers (json files) using FS module of node
    ☐ Record the music and save as conventional music file (tapping onto the osc magical server again)
    ☐ Continue to contact target audience through developers or NGOs so we can test our app once v1.0 is released

  • Day 40: Clearing in the clouds

    Team kindr3d (Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics) — at August 26, 2016 15:18 UTC

    After yesterday's failure things a looking up


    • integrated d3 into ember components, figured out how selector work
    • played a bit with ruby controllers and rendering data with handlebars
    • reading on plication controller class
    • research on json rendering


    • work with active record on one of our 4 components,
    • more on controllers and plan helper classes for different components elements (or not)

  • Day 41: 26.08.2016

    Team joda (SoundDrop) — at August 26, 2016 14:25 UTC

    meet mentors and Nynne at SoundCloud:
    look at JS refactoring we did during the week✅
    quick enhancements: move marker function to map.js, put it inside a loop (to create a marker for every drop) and fix coordinateList iteration => markers now shwoing, but without icon✅
    Power Hour @Absolventa (J. prestented the Ruby Kata she worked on yesterday✅
    talked about possible next step: add tagging feature + add new issue✅
    learned about using debugger in JS code (also with breakpoints in Chrome)✅
    continue reading in JS book✅

  • Day 41

    Team KaUlah (GitLab Community Edition) — at August 26, 2016 13:36 UTC

    Summary of the day:

    • fixed test errors to Ci Lint API, improved grammar
    • wrote new module and tests to GFM, and trying figure out how to solve Issue "Fold references to files in GFM"
    • checked how behave merge requests without source project and proposed solutions

  • Day 39: Stuck in a storm

    Team kindr3d (Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics) — at August 26, 2016 10:13 UTC

    Another sick day for one of us, so we spent the day working from home. Our talk with with Robin, although short and not super productive due to connection problems, was enough to reassure us after a somewhat frustrating day full of crashing browsers.


    • tried to setup testing environment for javascript components
    • tried to make d3 run inside ember component

  • 26th of August : Solving the deleting API problem.

    Team Rookies (Hoodie) — at August 26, 2016 07:52 UTC

    Now we can delete the existing app, when we click the ‘delete’ button. But if we go to the app list with go back button and try to delete the other app, we can not delete it. From the Gregor’s advice, we added ‘return’ app in remove API of the indexApi.js. And there were other problems too.

  • Day 38

    Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) — at August 26, 2016 00:47 UTC

    OSC commands

    No luck on searching for an OSC server-command that directly saves code, read up more about sonic-pi's saving algorithm. Dug through code to learn that they use a git commit to a local git repo to save contents of a buffer.

  • Github Education and Exploring Pyenv

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) — at August 26, 2016 00:39 UTC

    Today we had a surprise visit from our Career advisors from Hackbright Academy, Wendy Sacuzzo and Ximena Cervantes. They were having lunch with a fellow Githubber, Carol Smith, who is a Program Manager for Github Education. It was a wonderful surprise to meetup with old friends! In the process of doing so, we had made a new connection, Carol Smith. Our team had an impromptu meeting and spoke to Carol about our experiences breaking into the tech industry with experience in the humanities. Carol is spearheading an apprenticeship program at Github, so she sought our input as current Open Source fellows. Her and her team will contact us in the future so that we can strategize how to best implement an apprenticeship program at Github! How exciting!

    Moreover, Team Hackbrighters explored many avenues on how to go about installing Python 3 on our local development environments. We explored the avenue of having Python 3 live within a virtual environment within our laptops. We quickly experimented with having a virtualenvironment within We're also familiar with rbenv and rvm in the Ruby world, as well as nvm in the Node world. We did a google search and found this tool called pyenv. We've been exploring pyenv and have been trying to install it on our local machines, and it has been an interesting challenge.

  • Aug 24th Wedensday: Curiouser and curiouser....

    Team Hackbrighters (Lektor CMS) — at August 26, 2016 00:14 UTC

    Team Hackbrighters' latest Lektor mystery has been how to get our tests to run in Python 3. We finally got the hang of configuring Travis CI to install the dev environment needed to run out tests, but the build kept hanging when Travis tried to install the necessary modules under python 3. After some splunking into pytest docs, we learned a lot of pytest-plugins don't work with pytest 3.0. We first tried to change the travis.yml from updating pytest to simply installing pytest. But alas....

    Luckily for us, coach Gavin paid us a visit because he happened to be running errands in SF. He helped us hunt down the exact line that was failing in the plugin package. We tried installing different versions of pytest, and he showed us how to do a text substitution using the unix command sed -i /<line you want to change>/<new text./the-file-path-where-that-line-of-code-lives . With this line, the text substitution happens at runtime. A hotfix solution was our only way to resolve the problem with the problematic plugins because the github repository from whence they came wasn't setup to be install directly via git. The python 3 error we were throwing has actually been fixed in the github, but that version is not the version that lives on PyPi, where most python modules are made available for the python community. The hotfix won't be needed as soon as the new release of pytest-plugins gets released via pip install.

    As much as we wished that these hotfixes were the only magic incantations we needed, but alas...

    With our hotfix, all the still tests pass in Travis CI's python 2.7 environment, but py3 still fails. However, it fails but not because the modules don't install. Rather the modal popup box that confirms the pages were published fails. We're not exactly sure if we caught a legit error with lektor failing to publish under py3.5 or that the pytest-splinter plugin that we're using to drive the browser for our tests is failing. According to the pytest-plugin compatibility chart that we linked to, pytest-splinter is not compatible any version of python under pytest 2.9 or 3.0. But pytest-splinter in fact works for us in python 2.7 using both pytest 2.9 and 3.0. Curiouser and curiouser, yes?

  • Day 38: Dancing the Compilation Dance

    Team JaM (Servo) — at August 26, 2016 00:05 UTC

    Things we did:

    • Fetch
      • Set up the skeletons for Fetch. It was a tricky process. Fetch is defined in WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.webidl which is a newer addition to the spec and was not present in Servo. I had to add it to Servo, and WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope is not a interface object, so no bindings were created. The compiler told me that dom/ and dom/ had to implement Fetch(). So what we decided to do is have a script/ where the Fetch method will live, and have dom/ and dom/ delegate the Fetch method to script/
    • Response
      • Ended up having to replace instances of RawStatus (which takes a utf-8 encoded Cow-str) in Servo's codebase with (u16, Vec<u8>), which is not UTF-8-dependent. I spent the whole day re-building and finding new places in the codebase which were affected by this change, fixing, and re-building again! Finally the relevant test is passing though :)

    Things we learned:

    • Don't spend too much time trying to predict the repercussions of a change in your Rust code. (I do this a lot - Malisa) Often-times the Rust compiler will tell you what those repercussions are, and save you a lot of time, even though you might get surprised by some unexpected errors while building your project!


    • Fetch
      • It seems like a huge chunk of Fetch is already implemented in net/fetch/ Figure out how to wrap script/ around net/fetch.
    • Response
      • update tests, clean up code, and submit the PR already!
    • Miscellaneous
      • Publish a blog post about move, clone, and copy! (Jeena)
      • Before Josh goes on a vacation, ask him what we should work on next week.

August 25, 2016

  • Day 39 - KeystoneJS is in beta!

    Team XYZ (Keystone) — at August 25, 2016 22:24 UTC

    Today is a big day. The first beta version of Keystone was announced this morning and we are extremely excited and proud that we have had the opportunity to contribute to such an amazing project. Version 4.0.0 is also being released on Keystone creator Jed's birthday - happy birthday, Jed!

    Apart from being over the moon about the new release, we continued working on the Twitter field. We discovered (again) parts of the code that needed attention and we reworked them. We can see the field shaping up under our hands and we think we are very close to the point at which we can finally submit something.

  • Day 39 : WOHOOOOOO!

    Team Ruby's secret (Exception Notification) — at August 25, 2016 21:49 UTC

    today we did the following :

    1-manually testing the code .
    2-using rails method after we had found out that we were using a ruby method that didn't work.
    3-adding changes to all view files.

  • Day 39

    Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) — at August 25, 2016 21:36 UTC

    Today we a long session withh coach Brena to find and test solutions for #issue408. We talked about design and how to provide social media buttons for people recommend Speakerinnen :)

    We finally get two suggestions and sent them for our mentors analize.


    • Emma worked on a new issue 443
    • Geisa continued her readings (Clean Code)
    • Get the code for social sharing buttons

  • Day 40 : Made updates to PRs resolve issues from review

    Team Echo (qutebrowser) — at August 25, 2016 17:04 UTC


    ******* We pushed commits to resolve issues from PR review for issue #1516. The changes involved adding tests for the issue and making sure the parameters to yank are configurable. The commits are pending review by the mentor.
    ******* We also made a PR update for issue #1867 which is also pending review.


    ******* Get feedback from PR review.
    ******* If PRs get merged then we will begin working on issue #1768

  • getting the status updates on time again

    Team LoadToCode (LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp) — at August 25, 2016 16:38 UTC

    its thursday, this means weekend is close which means the next week is right infront of us which means status updates ON TIME since its my teampartners job then to update you guys wuhuu
    - marie is fighting with GIT
    - in coaching session we used Rails HELPERS the first time
    - we worked on our own ruby tasks, creating classes, loading files and all of that stuff

  • Day 40: Back to the RubyRoots (25.08.2016)

    Team joda (SoundDrop) — at August 25, 2016 15:59 UTC

    Today Johanna was by herself and after so much JS this week she was happy to code in Ruby and practice TDD in a pair programming session with Robin (thanks, I think I can finally get used to TDD!). Her effort was honored with 🍨 by Markus (thanks again!) and in the end she read a bit in the Head First JS book that she borrowed from Dayana (thanks again! :) )

  • Day 40

    Team KaUlah (GitLab Community Edition) — at August 25, 2016 14:12 UTC

    Summary of the day:

    • created class method to encapsulate exceptions, added unit tests
    • checkes if failed validation returns correct errors
    • trying to understand how to display links with markdown